IGN has released their own version of a hands-on preview of Mortal Kombat's first trip into "next generation" gaming, as they cover MK: Armageddon for the Wii. While not much new is revealed, IGN gives early positive previews for the game, citing it to be very sound and responsive, offering little to no criticism. The actual mechanics for performing special moves using the Wiimote is explained in some detail.

That being true, Armageddon is fundamentally changed on Wii because of the remote-enhanced control scheme and it is, at the very least, worth exploring. Now that we've had some time with it, we're our skepticism about the product has melted away. A new gesture-based system replaces D-Pad/analog stick and button presses altogether. Maneuvers are now done by holding the B-trigger, quickly making a gesture, and then releasing. Simple. And you know what? It actually works. Midway has kept the gestures easy so that anybody can pick them up - accessibility was a primary goal for the developer, which ultimately wants even novice players to pull off fatalities. So, to throw a fireball, you might merely hold B-trigger, and make a motion from the right to the left and back again. Or, a swiping motion up and then down again. Or an underhanded half-circle. Or an over-handed half-circle. And it's really not much more complicated than that.

More importantly, IGN has posted a wealth of new gameplay videos, including a must-see Wii controller tutorial. In this video, instructions on how to perform the special moves are given. The movements correspond to the realistic actions the characters would make. For example, Scorpion's spear is performed by moving away and the towards an opponent. His summon hellfire is performed by moving the controller up and then down. Finally, his backflip kick is performed by making a lower half-circle motion towards your opponent. All moves require that you hold the B button down to execute them, so no unwanted mistakes occur.

To view the rest of the preview, click here. To go directly to the videos section, click here. The tutorial is located on page two, following the six new gameplay videos also posted.

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