It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
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It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/07/2006 12:45 PM EDT
Just so you guys know, this stuff only concerns storyline sequences and nothing else. UPDATE: Ok, it's complete now!

A battle raged at the end of the first tournament. The warriors of Earthrealm were facing their greatest challenge – Mortal Kombat.

Johnny Cage, Sonya, and Sub-Zero fight against Reptile, Kano, and Scorpion. Liu Kang helps when he can, but ultimately his goal is to beat Shang Tsung. He fights off his Masked Guards and even Shang Tsung. It looks as if Shang Tsung is about to win, but a masked guard steps in and swings on him. It’s Kung Lao! Baraka and a Tarkatan attack him, but Kung Lao fends them off and finds himself in the fight. Liu Kang eventually beats Shang Tsung, but then Goro emerges. Goro manages to beat them all up, but then Shang Tsung creates a portal. He enters it, and Goro, Kano, Scorpion, Baraka, and Reptile all enter it. Raiden appears and says, “Shang Tsung is destroying the island! Get out! We must return to the Wu Shi Academy!” Sonya, Sub-Zero, and Johnny Cage are about to go, but Liu Kang and Kung Lao fall beneath the island...
They land in Goro’s lair. Upon landing, Raiden joins them. Raiden: You have won your first Mortal Kombat tournament. Earth has been spared but Shang Tsung is a poor loser. This is Goro’s lair. It is one of Shang Tsung’s traps. You must find your way off the island before it crumbles into the sea. Make your way to the Wu Shi Academy! With that he disappeared, and some Oni appeared from the shadows! Ambushing them.... Kung Lao: Liu Kang! Behind you! They kept moving on until they reached a bridge. Cage: Up here! Liu Kang: cage! Cage: This is the way off the island! HE uppercutted an Oni into the spikes below and ran off, with the monks in pursuit. Upon coming onto the bridge, they ran into Reptile. Liu Kang: It is another of Shang Tsung’s servants. Reptile: growls I do not serve Shang Tsung! With that, he disappeared, allowing the monks to go forth. On their way they encountered an Oni Warlod whom they managed to defeat, and eventually reached the portal to Earthrealm.
The narrator speaks as we head into the Wu Shi Academy inside China...
“Long ago in the magic realm of Outworld, Shao Kahn hungered for power, for strength, for all things dark and arcane. The blood he spilled in his brutal conquest of Outworld is impossible to measure or even imagine, as was his hunger. Once all he could see was under his control, Shao Kahn turned his attention to Earth. But the Elder Gods had created a mystical tournament to protect Earth known as Mortal Kombat. Shao Kahn could only lay claim to Earth if his champions were victorious in the tournament. Thus far, Earth’s warriors have triumphed, saving Earth, but some fights only require a lone victory and all can be lost with a single defeat.”

In the Wu Shi Academy, Raiden and many Shaolin monks stand before the champions – Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Johnny Cage, and Kung Lao. One monk holds medals to reward them with.

Raiden: You have ensured peace for Earth once again this day. But there is no power in the medals apart from knowledge you must carry into every battle – that no one is a champion alone. If one of us is in chains, none of us are free. If even one succeeds, the victory is ours.

He approaches Liu Kang and hands him a medal around his neck.

Raiden: Liu Kang, you have defeated the sorcerer Shang Tsung. You have saved this realm as your forefathers did from his evil. You are Earthrealm’s champion and hero.

Liu Kang: Thank you, master Raiden.

Kung Lao: (under his breath as he watches) When next the tournament is fought, it will be my ancestors that are honored.

Raiden moves onto Sonya. He hangs a medal around her neck as she bows.

Raiden: Sonya Blade, you were a warrior before the tournament began, but here you have been tested and triumphed against enemies beyond Earth’s measure.

Sonya: Thank you, master Raiden.

Raiden: I know you have your chief officers to report to, but know that you will always have friends here, and warriors willing to help you in your future missions.

Sonya: (salutes) Sir!

Raiden moves onto Johnny Cage.

Raiden: johnny Cage –

Cage: Lay it on me, Raiden.

Raiden looks mildly miffed as he reaches for his medal. As he reaches....

Kung Lao: (whispers) Bow, you idiot!

Cage does as he receives his medal.

Raiden: Despite your natural shortcomings, you have proven yourself a valuable ally against Shang Tsung. You have the respect of myself and the Shaolin order.

Cage bows, and Raiden moves onto Kung Lao, already bowing. Raiden gives him his medal.

Kung Lao: Master.

Raiden: Ah, Kung Lao. Family honor is not won in a single day. It is won all the days of a life. It is won in fidelity and faithfulness. It is achieved through perseverance. There is not a warrior here that would have survived had you not warned them of the traps in Goro’s lair. Your family has been honored, your friends honor you as well.

Kung Lao looks to find Cage, Sonya, and Liu Kang smiling at him, echoing Raiden’s words.

Raiden: For the moment, you have earned rest. Enjoy the peace you will find walking these grounds.

The monks cheer as cherry blossoms rain upon them....but far off in the distance. Baraka and his Tarkata troops are readying up catapults to fire inflamed spike balls at the Academy. Upon his signal, they fire! The balls kill monks and destroy the temples. Then, the Tarkatans invade the temple itself, killing monks left and right. Immediately, Cage, Sonya, Liu Kang, and Kung Lao leap into action!

Raiden: These Outworld abominations are poison to our world! Even their blood and rotting bones are like acid to this realm! You must send them back to where they came from! Defend the academy!
And so that battle began! During the ordeal, Sonya found a dead monk. Sonya: No, not again! She saw a reeling monk coming towards her, but then Baraka came and killed it. Sonya: This isn’t right! We defeated you! She struggled with him, but in the end Baraka knocked her unconscious. He then took her body back to Outworld through a portal. Meanwhile, with the help of Johnny Cage, they managed to put the Tarkatans out and save the temple. Cage: They’re coming in through the front gate! We gotta get around to the back! But they ran into some Tarkata, whom they defeated. Cage: Keep moving! We have to get to the back! They did, but there were more Tarkata, they defeated them. Cage: It’s an ambush! Fend them off while I open the gate! They did that, and once they did Cage called out to them Cage: Good! Now come around the center and help me close the gate there! They did, protecting Cage while he opened the gate. Cage: Now, get a sword from the armory to release the rear defenses! They do, and pour out lava on any approaching Tarkata! Cage: Now keep moving! The other Academy needs your help! While Cage stayed behind to deal with the remaining Tarkata, the monks went to another part of the temple to release the water pumps to put out the fires. Meanwhile.... Shang Tsung: Raiden. Raiden: Shang Tsung? You defy the Elder Gods? You are violating the rules of Mortal Kombat, you traitor! They then rushed at eachother....causing an explosion. In time, the Tarkatans were beaten back, but there were noticeable casualties. Johnny Cage: They took Sonya and killed I don’t know how many monks! Kung Lao: Should my family feel honored now?
What they didn’t know was that the whole time Johnny Cage wasn’t there. It was Shang Tsung impersonating him. He hid in a safe place, and then transformed back, where he watched the two monks spar. In time, Raiden approached them during their exercises.

Raiden: Do you trust me?

The monks nodded yes.

Raiden: Listen to my words as you continue your exercises for you will need to remember them later. Shang Tsung is not defeated as we had hoped. I faced him while you fought the attacking mutants. More, I believe he now defies the Elder Gods themselves. Baraka could not have come with a legion of mutant scum had Shang Tsung not been aiding him. With his defeat in the Mortal Kombat tournament, he will be anxious to prove himself superior to you and take his vengeance. This will make him reckless and more dangerous than ever.

During the sparring, Kung Lao kicks Liu Kang and he reels. Raiden sighs in sympathy.

Raiden: I had hoped you would have time to heal your wounds in the tournament, but I was gravely mistaken. You must go to Outworld. We must take the battle there if we are to save Earthrealm.

Liu Kang: I’m weary from the tournament, but rest is a luxury afforded only to the dead. Of course I will go to Outworld.

Raiden: And what of you, Kung Lao? What do you say?

Kung Lao: Of course.

Raiden: Take the portal to Outworld.

The two monks go to do so, with Raiden staring at them from the back....a familiar green tint in his eyes, hmmm....eventually, they all make it to the portal.

Liu Kang: The portal to Outworld.

Raiden: There may be a warning.

Kung Lao: A warning?

Raiden: All magic carries warnings, Kung Lao. We must be cautious.

Liu Kang: But isn’t this Shang Tsung’s magic? How can we trust his warnings?

Raiden: I know how Shang Tsung thinks. I will not have as much power in Outworld. But here I have the power to make the way safe.

Raiden then electrocutes the portal.

Raiden: If I had let you enter before you’d have been pulled inside out. This is what I can offer you in the conflict to come.

They all entered the portal......and moments later, Johnny Cage followed them in.

They emerged in The Portals of Outworld.

Kung Lao: Master Raiden, if I am to die here, then it will be for the honor of my family.

Raiden: Very well.

Kung Lao: And I believe that I will be of great assistance to Liu Kang. After all, your magics are too limited in Outworld.

Raiden: That is correct, Kung Lao, but I can still give you my knowledge of this place. I will try to hide my prescence from Shang Tsung. I dare not attract his attention and therefore endanger you.

Liu Kang: Yes, master Raiden.

Raiden: And should you encounter Sonya Blade in this realm, be cautious. This place changes even the most humble of warriors. She may no longer be a friend.

They took the portal to a monastery in Outworld. Upon stepping on the steps of this tower, a woman awaited them.

Kitana: Come, mortals! Come face the princess of Outworld and die!

They followed her into the temple but Raiden soon stopped them.

Raiden: I believe your prescence here is still a mystery to Shang Tsung, but you cannot defeat him alone. There is an ally here who may be of aid to you. Her name is Kitana.

Kung Lao: Kitana?

Raiden: She is a native of Outworld and a powerful ally against those who threaten Earth.

Kung Lao: Can we trust anyone who comes from this place? You said that if we –

Raiden: This realm was not always as you see it now. It was once a realm of indescribable beauty and purity. This world was corrupted by secret evil alliances. Be careful that the same does not happen to you. You must guard your heart sometimes even from your allies.

With that, they continued to go through the temple, where Kitana kept taunting them.

Kitana: Yes! Follow, little one. Follow me to damnation!

More following.

Kitana: Try to keep up, mortals! Do not be late to your own funeral! Hahahaha!

In the end, they finally caught up to her, where she beat them back with her skill.

Liu Kang: You’re beautiful! Who are you?

Kitana: I am Kitana, the loyal daughter of Shao Kahn, the eternal emperor of Outworld. And you are enemies of this realm, and therefore my enemies too!

Kung Lao: Isn’t she supposed to be helping us?

Then the two fought her, eventually overpowering her.

Kitana: This is not over, mortals!

She then escaped through a portal, and then Raiden appeared to stop them.

Raiden: She is under a spell. She is being controlled. You must release her from the spell and set her free.

They followed her into the portal. Kitana tries to hold them off but they make it past her and beat her into a certain place where she seems....calmer...

Kitana: What? Oh...

She seems to be trapped and a machine comes up and before the monks can access it, Jade and Mileena appear out of portals and beat them back. They go up against the three assassins, but eventually they manage to set Kitana free.

Kitana: Finally, I am free. But quickly, the others will not let me go without a fight. Oh...

She slips into unconsciousness, and Jade and Mileena are left to fight them. In the end, both are eradicated and Jade is killed by having Mileena’s sais put in her eyes.

Kitana is getting up.

Liu Kang: Here, let me help you.

Kitana: Thank you. Who are you?

Liu Kang: I am Liu Kang. I come from Earthrealm. This is Kung Lao. We are here to stop Shang Tsung from attacking Earth.

Kitana: Shang Tsung? It is not Shang Tsung that wants Earth.

Liu Kang: Not Shang Tsung?

During the conversation, Kung Lao had been examining Mileena and Jade.

Kung Lao: Ugh! You better take a look at this. One of them is dead. The other one is only stunned.

Kitana: Jade? You killed her! She was my best friend and you killed her! Don’t touch me! I should destroy you for killing Jade!

Liu Kang: She tried to kill us. I am....sorry. You-you were under a spell of some sort. You were trying to kill us.

Kitana: Where am I? How did I get here?

Kung Lao: Maybe this one can explain...and don’t look under the veil.

Mileena: Let me go!

Liu Kang: Explain yourself!

Mileena: Jade was my – Kitana’s best friend until Jade was forced by Shao Kahn to hunt her down and bring her back to him. We were given a spel to control her.

Kung Lao: Shao Kahn? Isn’t that your father?

Kitana: I do not blame you for this, Jade. I blame the man who forces me to call him father. The one who killed my true father and stole his throne. I blame Shao Kahn for what he did to my mother.

Liu Kang : what is it?

Kitana: I am remembering a lot now. Where’s Reptile?

Kung Lao: Who?

Kitana: Reptile. If Mileena is here, so is Reptile. They are inseperable. I am certain that they have both been charged with hunting me down.

At that moment, Mileena knocks them out, takes her sais and exits through a portal.

Kitana: I cannot let her escape!

Liu Kang: Wait!

Kung Lao: There is more to this than we know.

Liu Kang: Raiden would tell us if there was.

Kung Lao: You need to think about more of what is happening and less of this girl you just rescued.

They then begin to walk off. And then Raiden appears once more.

Liu Kang: Master Raiden! Kung Lao: Raiden. Raiden: Kung Lao, Liu Kang. I have discovered that Shang Tsung has somehow used the Elder Gods’ magic boundaries to make Outworld vulnerable. Kung Lao: I do not understand. Raiden: You can weaken him by winning victories against Shang Tsung’s assassins. It means that your every battle here affects Shang Tsung’s power directly. You must fight until one of you is victorious. It is the only way to save Earth. Liu Kang: We will be in competition wth eachother then! Raiden: Shang Tsung’s power will be divided between you. That will make him vulnerable and incapable of attacking Earth. Liu Kang: Raiden, who is Shao Kahn? Where’s Kitana? Raiden: He is not to be concerned with. Kitana is still regaining her memory and trying to understand the effects of the magic she was cursed with. You two must concern yourselves with saving Earthrealm. Through the portals, you will find more battles, more ways to weaken Shang Tsung.

Soon after, Liu Kang and Kung Lao went to the portals and upon going there, they saw Reptile in the distance, who went into another portal. Kung Lao: It is Reptile. We find him, maybe we find your girlfriend. Liu Kang: Kitana is not my girlfriend. She may help us, remember? Kung Lao: So what do we do? Liu Kang: This is what Raiden was talking about. If we defeat Reptile, Shang Tsung will be that much weake- Kung Lao: No, I will defeat Reptile. You can watch. That is what Raiden was talking about. As they went, they did not know Johnny Cage was atop a mountain, watching out for them. Upon coming into the portal, they came into the Living Forest.

Liu Kang: This place is enormous.

Kung Lao: I’m still trying to make sense out of what Kitana told us.

Liu Kang: Do you see Reptile?

Kung Lao: No.

Liu Kang: You check over there.

They went through the Living Forest and found their way into a snake-shaped chamber. Upon going inside they found that Reptile ambushed them with a large snake (his pet). They managed to fool the snake into killing itself, but Reptile went right after them. However, he would be defeated. At that moment, Raiden appeared again.

Raiden: You killed Reptile. This is very good.

Liu Kang: Master, why do you say that?

Raiden: You are feeding the Soul Tombs. This is all we hoped for.

Kung Lao: How is this going to save Earthrealm? I thought we were here to stop Shang Tsung. I –

Liu Kang: Yes, master Raiden.

Raiden disappeared and they left. As they escaped the Living Forest, Raiden approached them individually while the other was distracted.

Liu Kang: Master Raiden.

Raiden: I fear, Liu Kang, that Kung Lao no matter how much he deserves to honor his ancestors, is becoming a liability to the tournament.

Liu Kang: Master Raiden-

Raiden: It is this place. The spirits swimming in the air searching for souls to nest in. You are the Mortal Kombat champion. You will need to remember who you are if you are going to defeat Shang Tsung. The Soul Tombs are a source of Shang Tsung’s power. You must destroy them. I can trust only you, you are the champion of Mortal Kombat. You alone are strong enough to resist the corruption of this realm.

Liu Kang: Yes, Master Raiden.

Later on, Raiden approached Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: Something is wrong, I knew it.

Raiden: Trust your instincts, Kung Lao. Trust what you know. Your ancestors will guide you. The Soul Tombs are a source of Shang Tsung’s power.

In the end, the two warriors made it back to the Portal where Raiden greeted them once more.

Raiden: People of Earthrealm often ask what purpose does suffering serve. Here, it serves a terrible and awful purpose. When someone perishes here, their soul and essence are collected and transported to a place known as the Soul Tombs. These tombs are a source of Shang Tsung’s power. The Black Dragon merencaries came to rescue their leader Kano, but were swept up in Shang Tsung’s manipulations just like we were.

Kung Lao: Master Raiden –

Raiden: Shang Tsung did not have the power to defeat you in Earthrealm, but here he hopes to reverse your victory in Mortal Kombat and take Earthrealm through your defeat.

Kung Lao: So Shang Tsung gets stronger everytime we combat? And even more powerful everytime we win? Do we stop fighting? Stop killing?

Raiden: No, your journey must move forward but there is a deep entry of souls that adds to Shang Tsung’s strength. Go and destroy this Soul Tomb and Shang Tsung will begin to lose his power.

So the monks went to another portal to the Soul Tombs. They infiltrated the place and eventually found Shang Tsung himself – using the souls to restore his youth!

Liu Kang: Shang Tsung!

As soon as he became young, he thrashed them both.

Shang Tsung: You waste my time. Your souls aren’t even worthy additions to my power. Kill them!

He then disappeared, leaving Shadow Priests to deal with them, but they were dealt with instead. And they quickly destroyed the Soul Tombs. They began to go through the Tombs some more, and instead came up against an Orochi Hellbeast. They fought it and got deeper into the dungeouns, where they eventually found Baraka torturing captured monks. The two monks went up against him and eventually Baraka found himself destroyed by the very souls inhabitating the place.

Kung Lao: I wish Raiden would’ve warned us. If it is not hellbeasts, it is Baraka.
*Raiden appears*
Liu Kang: We have done just as you’ve suggested, master Raiden.

Raiden: I see.

Then, he disappeared. Then the two monks saw two of the souls fighting.

Kung Lao: I think this place is getting to Raiden.

Liu Kang: Look!

Kung Lao: Who!? that me?

LK ancestor: You have failed to win the Mortal Kombat tournament! Take your place as my servant!

KL ancestor: I should’ve won! I’ve been cheated!

LK ancestor: You are a fool to defy honor!

KL ancestor: Honor is the very thing I fight for!

Liu Kang: That is not you. Remember what Raiden said? They are our ancestors.

Kung Lao: Raiden said triumphs and failures. I wonder what happened.

The souls disappear.

Kung Lao: What was that all about?

Liu Kang: I do not know, but I got the feeling that this is something Raiden wanted us to see.

Kung Lao: I hope you are not telling me to trust in what I do not know again.

Liu Kang: No, we’re part of an ancient mystery, that is all.

After that, they left the Portal. Upon searching for another victory, they found Kitana and Mileena! They were fighting!

Kitana: I will not let you tell my father that he no longer controls me, Mileena! He’s a monster! Everthing he touches becomes like you!

They fight, and Mileena ends up winning. She then runs off quickly.

Liu Kang: Where is she going?

Kitana: To the Wastelands! To seek help from Goro!

Kung Lao: The wasteland?? Get help to do what?

Kitana: To kill me, you idiot, and then to kill you!

Liu Kang: Why does she hate you so much?

Kitana: She’s my clone. As long as I’m alive, it is impossible for her to be me – a soulles husk. If I die, my soul and identity or the man who calls me daughter becomes hers. Shao Kahn has spells that will allowe her to claim my very existence.

Then she runs off.

Liu Kang: Then we have to stop Mileena before that can happen.

Kung Lao: I knew you were going to say that.

They then travel to the Wastelands where they arrive n the midst of a gang war between the Black and Red Dragon. While moving through it, they came upon a cage where they found a man inside – Kabal of the Black Dragon. They set him free.

Kabal: My thanks, warriors.

Liu Kang: We are here to stop Shang Tsung. Will you help us?

Kabal: I’m sorry, I can’t. My clan needs me, and they must know that we have been betrayed by one of our own. But know that I too am opposed to Shang Tsung and everything that is wrong in this place. Know that the enemy of your enemy is your friend. Thank you.

Kabal then began to walk away, but before he did...he left his hookswords behind.

Kung Lao: I love doing something for nothing.

Raiden: Do not be a fool, Kung Lao. Nothing is done for no reason. We are here to secure freedom for Earthrealm and for this realm as well!

As they travel through it, they come up against ice.

Kung Lao: You know what they say about a cold day in hell. This is it?

Kung Lao breaks it out and they see Sub-Zero.

Sub-Zero: Whoever you are, it matters little. I have learned to call everyone enemy.

The monks fight against Sub-Zero and win. Kung Lao gives him his infamous scar across the eye by slicing his face with his hat. He is about to kill him, but Liu Kang stops him.

Sub-Zero: Why did you do that?

Kung Lao: YES. Why DID you do that?

Liu Kang: Sub-Zero is dead. He died after the Mortal Kombat tournament. Raiden told us Scorpion killed him. So who are you?

Sub-Zero: The man you saw die was my brother. And I am not even certain he is truly dead. I came here to avenge him and believe that he may still yet live in one form or another. I’ve been told that if I can find some vestage of his power, I may find him.

Liu Kang: Why think everyone is an enemy?

Sub-Zero: Everyone in this realm is an enemy. Even those that I once called friend and allies on Earth now hunt me and want to kil me. Why have you come to the Wasteland>

Kung Lao: To rescue his girlfriend.

Liu Kang: For the last tme, she is not my girlfriend. We are here to stop Shang Tsung. There’s a warrior named Kitana, an ally, she is in danger from her clone Mileena and a creature known as Goro.

Sub-Zero: Hmmm, I know of Goro. They say that he cannot be beaten in combat. Still, he has not faced me. Your friend, this ally, does not stand a chance against him. I see now that I may have been wrong about you. You could have killed me, and you did not.

Liu Kang: I heard the Red Dragon clan speak about another prisoner they had. I think they might’ve been talking about Kitana.

Sub-Zero: If they had her, you will need to go further in the wastelands and cross the Sea of Blood. The souls of those who die here are put to purposes – the bodies are added to this lake of damnation.

Kung Lao: How do we cross it?

Sub-Zero: There is an old boat near here. I could repair it for you. I will take you there and face Goro.

Sub-Zero then freezes a boat and makes it accessible across the Sea of Blood. They then head to a chamber where they all infiltrate the place, but before they can get further – Scorpion appears!

Sub-Zero: Scorpion!!

But when he sees the monks, he disappears back into a portal.

Sub-Zero: He killed my brother! I cannot go with you now. If our paths cross again or if I find Goro, I will keep my word. You cannot help me! Go! Scorpion has escaped to the Netherealm!

Sub-Zero goes through the portal.

Kung Lao: he was never here at all.

They go further into these chambers, but then hear a voice.

Goro: It would have been better for you to have died in my lair.

Liu Kang: I know that voice! It is Goro!

Indeed it is. Goro appears right in front of them ready for battle.

Kung Lao: Wasn’t Sub-Zero supposed to take care of this?

They fight Goro and eventually beat him, but then right as he’s about to be finished...Johnny Cage appears and does the job for them!

Liu Kang: You should’ve let me take down Goro! I am the Mortal Kombat champion! I am Earthrealm’s champion!

Kung Lao & Cage: What?

Liu Kang: I think you had better start doing what I tell you!

Kung Lao: Do you have any idea what you are talking about?

Liu Kang: Only what Raiden should’ve told you a long time ago. You should not turn your back on me, Kung Lao!

Liu Kang moves to attack him, but then Cage hits Liu Kang and he disippates....into Shang Tsung!?

Cage: Nice try, Shang Tsung.

Shang Tsung then disppears....and Liu Kang appears.

Kung Lao: I am not so certain I want you anywhere near me.

Liu Kang: This is exactly what Shang Tsung desires.

Cage: Listen, Shang Tsung is trying to turn us against eachother. Back at the Academy, he was impersonating me. He could morph into anyone he wants. I didn’t know it was Shang Tsung at the time. I tried to warn you, and then I realized if he could look like me, he could look like either of you two as well. So I followed you through the portal and waited and watched.

Kung Lao: So, how long has Shang Tsung been posing as Liu Kang?

Liu Kang: I think it was when we were separated while fighting Goro.

Kung Lao: I suppose that means we still habve to rescue Kitana.

Cage: A girl? Is she hot?

At that moment, Raiden appears again.

Raiden: You will find Kitana elsewhere. I have something else for Johnny Cage to do. Follow me.

So, Cage saunters off with Raiden and the monks go back to the portals.

Raiden: Shang Tsung’s defeat is close, but there is more defense you will need to stop him. You will find this key to Shang Tsung’s defeat in the Netherealm. That entry to that realm is in the portals.

And so Liu Kang and Kung Lao go to the Netherealm. As soon as they enter, Raiden appears.

Liu Kang: Raiden, how is it that we can enter and survive in the Netherealm? I thought only evil or tainted souls could enter this realm.

Raiden: What do you think has happened to your souls everytime you’ve killed whle on your quest? Your souls have become tainted. You must be strong enough not to let that control you.

Then he disappears.

Kung Lao: You know, Raiden should not be able to do that.

Liu Kang: What?

Kung Lao: I thought he could not be allowed into this world.

And so they rush through the Netherealm, and as they come across, they find Noob Saibot lurking around.

Liu Kang: Who is that!?

And Sub-Zero is there too! He goes to blows with Noob and ends up winning. Noob continues to run away. They attempt to run after, but –

Sub-Zero: Don’t take another step, or I’ll stop you myself!

Liu Kang: Sub-Zero, what happened to Scorpion?

Kung Lao: I thought you were after him.

Sub-Zero: I was. Scorpion is still here, but I will not allow you to face Noob Saibot.

Liu Kang: Noob Saibot?

Kung Lao: For all we know, this could be Shang Tsung. He’s trying to stop us from getting the key to sav Earth.

Sub-Zero: Do no worry. He does not serve Shang Tsung. He is possessed by one of the Elder Gods. There is more than just Shang Tsung’s attempt to invade Earthrealm. The gods are involved.

Liu Kang: How do you know Noob Saibot is not a part of this?

Sub-Zero: Because, I.....I think he is my brother. If you want to defeat Shang Tsung, defeat Scorpion.

Kung Lao: Where is he?

Sub-Zero: The Netherealm is infinite in size, but Scorpion will find you if you are in this realm.

Liu Kang: If your brother is possessed, how can you help him? He’ll most likely try to kill you again.

Sub-Zero: I will find a way to free him.

Kung Lao: That could take a long time.

Sub-Zero: As long as it takes. Finding Scorpion should not be as hard. He wants to kill you.

Then Sub-Zero leaves them. And as they go through more Netherealm, Scorpion appears to them!

Scorpion: Care to spill your blood!?

In the end, however, the monks manage to beat him both in one form, and in the form of “inferno Scorpion.” In the end, he is dragged under the lava by Netherealm souls. They then leave and go back to the portal, where Raiden awaits them.

Raiden: You have all you need to defeat Shang Tsung and save Earthrealm. There is a portal over there that will take you to a place where Shang Tsung will be at his most vulnerable.

Kung Lao is on his way, but Raiden holds Liu Kang back.

Raiden: I am uncertain about Kung Lao. He seems different, strange.

Liu Kang: Johnny Cage told me that Shang Tsung was impersonating him. Do you think he is now masquerading as Kung Lao?

Raiden: I had not considered that possibility. Be on your guard, that is all. There is a door that will lead you to the Foundry. You must find it to defeat Shang Tsung.

And so the monks enter this Foundry. While moving through it, they split up. And as Kung Lao goes his own way, all of a sudden a GUN is pointed at him.

Kung Lao: What!?

No worries, though. It’s an African-American man, a soldier named Jax.

Kung Lao: That is not going to do you much good here....or against me.

Jax: It’s you, Kung Lao. Raiden told me you’d be here soon.

Kung Lao: Raiden?

Jax: He’s been guiding me through this place...I’ve been sent to rescue Agent Sonya Blade.

Kung Lao: Sonya Blade is here?

Jax: That’s what Raiden says. You know him better than me.

Kung Lao: how long have you been here?

Jax: I don’t know. Time is different in this realm. It feels like weeks.

Kung Lao: And Raiden has been with you the entire time?

Jax: Pretty much. He says he has little power here. The best he can do is see pieces of the future and act like a guide. I have to keep going. I’ve been sent from Earth to rescue Sonya.

And so he is on his way. The monks keep moving. They elude more beasts and soldiers and eventually make their way to Kahn’s Arena from the Foundry. They found Cage and Kitana as prisoners! As they enter....

Kung Lao: I am concerned about Raiden, Liu Kang. I am not certain we can trust him.

Liu Kang: (to himself) Raiden was right, this is not Kung Lao. This is Shang Tsung. This is my chance! (to Kung Lao) I will not be fooled again, Shang Tsung!

Kung Lao: WHAT!?

Liu Kang attacks him, and as soon as Kung Lao recovers they take their fighting stances. But before they can, Raiden appears!

Raiden: Listen to me, you are not to fight eachother! Shang Tsung has deluded you! He has been tricking you into feeding him soul after soul! You have been empowering him! He has been masquerading –

But before he can finish his sentence, someone blasts him away! It is the Emperor Shao Kahn.

Liu Kang: Raiden? Master? Shang Tsung?

Shao Kahn: You insult me, flea. I am Shao Kahn! I will be your deaths. Follow if you want to defeat Shang Tsung. Follow me if you want to die at my hands.

He then starts to go....but before they do, they speak with the prisoners.

Cage: I can get out when I want to. I’m just resting.

Kitana: Thank god you’re here! Kahn has trapped us all! You must defeat Kahn to save us! I think I saw some other prisoners taken down that hallway. Oh no! They heard us! Here come the guards!

Indeed some guards come, but they are dispatched. They then go down to a dungeoun, where they find Jax struggling to move a machine to open the cages to free Sonya and Kano.

Jax: Damn old world tech. Haven’t they ever heard of ????

Eventually he does manage to open the cages. Sonya immediately collapses upon her freedom.

Jax: Sonya, you’re gonna be OK. I’ll get you out of here.

Kano: Not so fast, grunt. She’s my prize! You’re going nowhere with it!

He attacks Jax.

Jax: You just messed up big time, buddy! Who?

He notices the monks, who take their fighting stances. At that moment, they all fight Kano. In the end, they win, and Jax knocks Kano into his cell, where he is crushed to death by a compactor.

Jax: Man, Kano was tougher than he looked. Thanks, guys.

Sonya: Yeah, thanks. Although I nearly had everything under control.

Liu Kang: It was my honor to be of help to you.

Kung Lao: Yes, it was no problem. But now we must go and face Shao Kahn.

Jax: Really, I wish we could stay and help. But I’ve got to get her back to the base for treatment.

Liu Kang: You fight with honor and you care for your friends. I could not ask for more than that. Go in peace.

Jax: Hey, hit us up when you get back to Earthrealm.

At that moment, he presses on a machine that opens a portal.

Jax: Come on, girl. Let’s get you home.

Sonya: Girl? You’re lucky I can’t take you down right here.

She goes through, but before he does –

Jax: Oh yeah, if I can’t stay to help, maybe this will come in handy.

He hands them some health, and disappears through a portal....

And thus the monks go to face Shao Kahn in the arena.

Kung Lao: What happened to Raiden?

Shao Kahn: Silence! Your prescence here is unwanted! Uninvited! But like all who come to this realm, you serve me whether you are aware of it or not.

Kung Lao: No, we don’t!

Liu Kang: Where is our master Raiden!?

Shao Kahn: Ah, your master. You know his voice so well yet know him almost not at all. Your master’s here. He wants to see you. He has another lesson for you.

At that moment, Raiden appears.

Liu Kang: Master Raiden, the –

But Raiden is smiling at them....and then hits both monks with his staff.

Liu Kang: He is possessed! Shao Kahn is controlling him! Whatever hold Shao Kahn has on you, master, fight it!

Raiden: Thank you. Thank you for serving me so well.

He is about to hit Liu Kang with the staff, when Kung Lao hits him off, and Raiden dissipates into....Shang Tsung!!?

Kung Lao: Shang Tsung!?

Shang Tsung: TO be myself again! It is only right that this victory be mine and mine alone!

Liu Kang: We just destroyed your Soul Tombs! You should not be this strong!

Shang Tsung: Is that what your master Raiden told you to do!? Hahahahahaha!

And so the monks battle against Shang Tsung. They defeat him, and snap his neck. He disappears as souls are released from his body.

Shao Kahn: As I said, all within this realm serve my will, even those that seek to betray me.

Liu Kang: I do not understand.

Shao Kahn: Shang Tsung impersonated your master Raiden and led you on a quest for power. The more you killed, the more powerful he became. He meant to use this power against me to become the supreme ruler of Outworld.....Now, what am I to do with you?

The crowd starts chanting, “Kintaro! Kintaro!”

Shao Kahn: My people have spoken! And a king must, if every once every millenia or so, listen to the will of his people.

At that moment, Kintaro steps into the ring with a roar! The monks battle Kintaro, and eventually tear him limb from limb.

Shao Kahn: There is something in you that makes me feel like a conqueror again!

Liu Kang: Our friends! Where are our friends!?

Shao Kahn: You can earn their freedom. Defeat me and they will be freed.
The crowd begins to chant, “Kahn! Kahn!” The emperor roars as he leaps into the ring.

Liu Kang: How can we defeat you!?

A mysterious voice: The Elder Gods will help you...

At that moment, Kung Lao attacks but Shao Kahn blocks and holds him up. At that moment, Raiden, Cage, and Kitana come up onto the arena!

Liu Kang: We have saved our friends! The ones you captured! Your plans of conquering are over!

Shao Kahn tosses Kung Lao aside.

Shao Kahn: Earthrealm will be mine. It will fall as easily as Kung Lao!

Kung Lao: It’s about time....

The monks fight the emperor. During the process, Kahn throws a hammer at them and they deflect it back, shattering his helmet and revealing his face. They keep on fighting until – they defeat him! At that moment, Raiden electrifies Shao Kahn, turning him to stone. Liu Kang and Kung Lao then jump into the air, kick down at the statue, shattering it. Kahn’s soul comes together from the remains and floats away. The people begin to cheer.

Cage: So, who won? Liu Kang or Kung Lao?

Liu Kang: Kung Lao.

Kung Lao: Liu Kang.

The two monks bow to eachother.

Liu Kang: What now, master Raiden?

Raiden: Shao Kahn has been destroyed. You have brought life and prosperity not only for Earth, but for this realm as well, my warriors. And you have freed the spirits of your ancestors from their inability to lay their lives down for eachother and work together.

Kitana saunters up to Liu Kang.

Kitana: You fought bravely, Liu Kang.

Liu Kang: Thank you, Kitana. So what happens now?

Kitana: I will try to rebuild this realm according to my true father’s wishes.

Liu Kang: I meant between us.

Kitana: Whoever said anything about there being an “us”?

Cage: She’s hot.....and she picks Liu Kang over me? What’s wrong with this picture? Hmm, maybe I have time to find that clone of her’s somebody mentioned.

Meanwhile, Kung Lao asks Raiden...

Kung Lao: Did I really free my ancestors?

Raiden: This was the plan of the Elder Gods, Kung Lao. This was the reason you were allowed to follow the enemy’s plots. What the enemy means for evil a greater force will always turn for good. You have freed the past and future. Well done, champion of Mortal Kombat.

Kung Lao bows.

Raiden: Now come! It is time to return home!

Raiden walks off, and Liu Kang, Kung Lao, Cage, and Kitana follow behind him. The people continue to cheer as they surround them. But unbeknownst to them all, the sorcerer Quan Chi was among the spectators. He kneels down and picks up an amulet from the floor....Shinnok’s Amulet.....and he laughs in victory....
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/07/2006 01:25 PM EDT
I think I'we allready read this somewhere...
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/07/2006 01:30 PM EDT
Aw, WHAT!? Ya mean I did ths for nothing? Man......I don't come to this forum often, that's why.

I was gonna tackle the MKD Konquest script next, but that's impossible since you're not allowed to pause during dialogue. Maybe someone has a hex dump? I know I saw one somewhere, but it's disappeared.

Hopefully no one's done this before. I ain't seen one.
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/07/2006 01:43 PM EDT
I don't think anyone's ever posted the actual script of the game, but I did post a summery of the storyline here a few months back.

It's fairly accurate, though admittedly sarcastic in tone.
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/07/2006 03:44 PM EDT
Well, whatever may be the case, it's here. And I was happy to do it.

Fuck, if only I could get ahold of the MKD Konquest script. Big-time story FAQ in the making - the more detail, the better.
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/13/2006 08:08 AM EDT
PsychoFight Wrote:
Aw, WHAT!? Ya mean I did ths for nothing? Man......I don't come to this forum often, that's why.

I was gonna tackle the MKD Konquest script next, but that's impossible since you're not allowed to pause during dialogue. Maybe someone has a hex dump? I know I saw one somewhere, but it's disappeared.

Hopefully no one's done this before. I ain't seen one.

its not impossible... it would just take forever... I wrote down the scene where shujinko meets and trains with havik for a comic i made and it took me a while... i had to listen as closely as i could and keep quiting, and going back into konquest...... yeh
btw, great script, i didnt exactly read the full thing but it was good what i read, there was one or two words you got wrong tho :P.... mehglasses
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/13/2006 11:45 AM EDT
PsychoFight Wrote:
Aw, WHAT!? Ya mean I did ths for nothing? Man......I don't come to this forum often, that's why.
Hopefully no one's done this before. I ain't seen one.

You just said you dont come here often? If you dont, then how in the world is your visits number so high? I visit the homepage about 2 (or more) times a day and my visits are only ~300 !!!
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/14/2006 03:14 PM EDT
I meant I don;t come to the MKSM forum alot.
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RE: It was a long time in the making, but I finally did it - the MKSM script
10/16/2006 10:11 AM EDT
sorry...I missunderstand the word 'often'....
98% of the Internet population has a Myspace. If you're part of the 2% that doesn't have one, copy and paste this into your sig.
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