Midway Posts Render of Scorpion in MK: Shaolin Monks!
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RE: Midway Posts Render of Scorpion in MK: Shaolin Monks!
08/27/2005 02:06 AM EDT
I may not be TOO fond of the shoulder pads but I have always hated the Ninja costumes from MKDA and MKDe. They made them look too bulky, flashy and less like ninja. My personal favorites have always been MK 1 and 2. Simple and elegant designs for EVERYONE. Midway may have raped MK1 and 2 by screwing with the costumes of an already established time period in the series, but I can forgive it simply because these are now all my third favorite character designs. They DO have hints of MK1 and 2 in them, and they arent OVERLY gaudy and are nowhere near the unsightly eyesores that the last 2 MKs' costumes have been. I love em and I cant wait to pick up my copy of MKSM along with the Action Figures (I preordered at EBgames)
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