MK Online proudly attended Wizard World 2005 in Chicago over the last several days. This was first mentioned here back in our interview with JazWares, who unfortunately, ended up being unable to attend. However, there was still much Mortal Kombat-related activity at the show.

As you can tell from one of the pictures, some comic book dealers were selling Mortal Kombat comics - the Malibu series from 1993.

There was also a video game tournament, sponsored by GameStop. "The Ultimate Video Game Challenge" actually used the GameCube port of Mortal Kombat: Deception, sporting Goro and Shao Kahn, and had several other games - such as Halo 2 and Tekken 5. For each game there, six tournaments were held in all - for all three days, they ran two tournaments a day - with the first place winner getting a $50 GameStop card and the 2nd and 3rd place winners each getting $25 GameStop cards. Our congratulations to MK Online forum reader BigTRS for coming in first place most of the time. (I myself actually came in first place the rest of the time.)

We weren't able to attend the tournament for all three days, though - on Wizard World's second day, there was a panel for the Epic Battles Trading Card Game - Midway, CapCom, BlockBuster Video, Udon Comics, and of course, Score Entertainment were all there. Among the announcements made were a list of all the characters (posted here soon!), a list of all the rules of the game, the fact that there will be Tekken and DarkStalkers cards added to the mix of Mortal Kombat and Street Fighter, and of course the release date - in as little as 2 weeks from now, BlockBuster's everywhere will be stocking these cards. Also interesting to note, it was on BlockBuster's recommendation that Udon was chosen to handle the artwork for the Mortal Kombat cards, as Udon had impressed everyone already with their artwork on the Street Fighter controllers and comic books.

Score Entertainment also held a tournament for Epic Battles, in the special room set aside for trading card games, the winner of which was entitled to a $25 check and a set of three Street Fighter controllers (sadly, the MK controllers were noticably absent here).
Please remember the artwork for the cards - while Udon has done an amazing job - are not final yet and are just samples of what the finished product may look like.