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RE: Friday the 13th video game in development
06/11/2018 10:12 PM EST
Mick-Lucifer Wrote:
- Legal Claim Brings an Indefinite End to New ‘Friday the 13th: The Game’ Content

We’ve now been forced to accept that the lawsuit makes future content for the game, including alternate play modes, new playable Jasons and Counselors, and new maps, unfeasible now or in the future. Although the listed content types will be affected, we remain committed to launching dedicated servers on our console platforms and providing the continued maintenance and bug fixing important to supporting our fan base.

So what does this mean exactly? There will be no additional content added to Friday the 13th: The Game. This includes “Uber Jason”, The Grendel Map, Jason Kill Packs, Clothing, Emotes and new Counselors.

More in the article. Bummer!

Yeah, I just read about this. I am a bit confused about how this would stop them from adding new play modes, though. The content like “Uber Jason”, new maps, even kills, I can understand. But strictly gameplay related modes?

You work with what you got...not what you hope for.