Hmmm, lets have a 'How to get out of school early thread for yall kids.
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03/09/2004 12:44 AM EST
Annoy the teachers & other authority figures to hell until they kick you and your classmates (or just you) out of school.

Hey, it worked for us plenty of times, ESPECIALLY during senior year.
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03/09/2004 10:40 AM EST

sonicherosfan Wrote:
ok i think this thread should be close has it could be a danger to kids who read these topic and post and could have a lawsuit by letting users provide information and little kids might not be so mature and actually act some of those thing out even though they might have not been intended of such thing.If is smart they would delete this topic from the furom cause it wouldnt look good if it did get a lawsuit and happen to be a website for a mortal kombat video game which wouldnt look good for midway and other mortal kombat fans.Don't flame me cause some ppl might not be as smart to not really do stuff has already mention in this topic ,cause everyone takes stuff their own way and even though you might have been joking they might do it.I know some of you are kidding(or atleast i hope you are about some stuff that was already said)but i am just looking out for other ppl.

Just saying,cause a topic like this and a middle schooler sees it or early high schooler sees it.There going to look at it and check it out,just letting you all know.

I think someone is in a serious need for Maddox.
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