Midway Games announced today that Unreal Championship 2 has gone Gold, and is set to hit store shelves on Monday, April 18th exclusive to the Microsoft Xbox video game system. Mortal Kombat Online has followed this game since our Summer Gamers Day Coverage last year, when it was announced that Raiden would be making a special appearance with his unique move sets and abilities from the Mortal Kombat realm. From the press release:
The publishing & development tandem of Midway and Epic Studios have joined forces to take FPS gaming to an entirely new level by combining melee combat with proven 1st and new 3rd person FPS mechanics in its latest blockbuster endeavor, Unreal Championship 2. The highly anticipated sequel amplifies the explosive action fans have become familiar with when playing Unreal games complete with a full arsenal of new and classic ranged weapons for you to use at your disposal; plus new acrobatic, agility-based moves that will have you jumping and dodging for your life while fighting for the Ascension Rites and/or fighting against the world on Xbox Liveâ„¢!

To read the press release in its entirety, click here.