Batman and Bane are going head-to-head in the Injustice Battle Arena in the first week of Superfights! To thank the fans for their wave of votes and to warm-up for the first full length feature fight, the official Injustice Facebook account has released a new screenshot teaser!

Recreating the unforgettable climax of 1993's Knightfall storyline -- Bane executes a devastating backbreaker on The Dark Knight Detective!

The backbreaker super-move is just one of the arsenal of power attacks Bane will feature when Injustice: Gods Among Us arrives for home consoles in April. Whether or not he delivers the finishing blow in the Injustice Battle Arena depends on you! The final votes will be tallied Friday -- when we'll see just what happens when these two Gotham rivals fight to the finish!

Wonder Woman and Harley Quinn feature in the second Superfight of Week 1. Tell us who you're voting for on the forums! There you can discuss all the major stories, like that Bane Concept Art! The next Battle Arena fight takes place Monday.