Sixteen of the toughest heroes and villains are set to duke it out in a tournament called Injustice Battle Arena! Fans voted - now the verdict is in! Watch as the result of Superman versus Sinestro plays out in Week 4's Superfight 1!

A yellow ring of fear provided no quarter from the awesome might of Superman, the man of steel.  In a battle staged in Kal-El's own Fortress of Solitude (with a short detour through the Phantom Zone), Sinestro was no match for truth, justice, and the American way!

Superman moves on to the next round, joining your Week 1, Week 2, & Week 3 winners: Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Joker, Aquaman & Green Lantern!
This brings an end to the first round of battles.  Stay tuned Monday for the first match of the quarterfinals of Battle Arena Superfights!

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