An unseasonal cold front is forecast for May as Captain Cold joins the fight in Injustice 2! The classic Flash villain is one of the new additions starring in his own trailer. Watch:

Leonard Snart was a two-bit crook who inadvertently invented a weapon capable of flash freezing moisture in the air. Using the power of the rapid chill, he turned his freeze gun against The Flash as one of his longest standing Rogues!

In the world of Injustice 2, The Rogues' ranks have been decimated by The Regime's aggressive approach to stamping out crime. The Regime are also responsible for the death of his sister, leading Captain Cold to take up arms against the heroes in a quest for vengeance!

The new trailer showcases all the inventive ways Captain Cold is turning ice into a deadly weapon in Injustice 2! Along with the usual arsenal of opponent freezing and ice slides, Snart is building ice walls, generating cool spots, and generally turning the battlefield into his own personal tundra of pain!

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Does the inclusion of Captain Cold mean there are plenty of ice assets for a guest appearance by NetherRealm standard Sub-Zero -- or does double the ice backfire on the Lin Kuei cryomancer?

Injustice 2 arrives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starring May 16th! Register to share your thoughts about Captain Cold, The Rogues, and all things DC on the Injustice forum!