It's been five years since the conlcusion of Injustice 2 was published by DC Comics, but the edgy alternate universe inspired by the NetherRealm Studios video game is about to make an unexpected comeback! The Road to Injustice will begin when a pivotal character from the original game crosses over from the current DC Universe. Read on for details:

Jonathan Kent never made an actual appearance in Injustice: Gods Among Us, but his presumed prenatal murder by The Joker, via pregnant mother Lois Lane, triggered the downfall of that universe and sent its heroes to war. Now the Son of Superman is battling into the multiverse, crossing over into the world of Injustice in the upcoming pages of Adventures of Superman: Jon Kent.

Injustice comics writer Tom Taylor continues the legacy from Superman: Son of Kal-El, which will see Jon Kent drawn into a battle to stop another rogue Superman -- Ultraman of Earth-3's Crime Syndicate -- from murdering Supermen across the multiverse. Check out Ultraman looming on the cover of the second issue below with art by Clayton Henry.

Taylor and DC Comics aren't giving away too many plot details yet, but in an interview for the announcement, the writer reveals the story will take place around the time of Injustice: Year 5 and the Injustice 2 video game, and will feature a big face-to-face meeting between Jon Kent and the Regime Superman, as well as Batman, Wonder Woman, and Damian Wayne -- who is his best friend in the main DCU.

Jon Kent is a relatively new character in the DC Universe, introduced in 2015, and rapidly aged from the small son of Superman and Lois Lane, to the high-flying young adult who was trapped on Earth-3 by Ultraman, while adventuring through space with his grandfather, Jor-El. There he served as a hero in the morally inverted universe, which first introduced its evil counterparts to the JLA in 1964's Justice League of America #29. A role he may somewhat reprise for his latest trip.

How long have you been wanting to bring Injustice into your Superman run?
Injustice for me is a very troubled time. I had so much fun on that book. Obviously, I was on it for years. I think I was originally hired for fifteen chapters, and I wrote over 150. But there's a lot about Injustice that that rubs me up the wrong way. I don't believe Superman, no matter what happens to him, can become that person. I don't believe Wonder Woman becomes that person. So, for me, it's a really interesting Elseworld, and throwing Jon Kent as sort of that beacon of hope and in a way, quite an innocent character and a character who wants the best for the world, throwing him into that world where his father has become a dictator gives us so much to play with.

Does this spell more from Injustice in video games? Gods Among Us marks its tenth anniversary this April, with rampant speculation surrounding a third installment of the game series, but only vague allusions from the developer.

Only time will tell if the comic serves as any kind of prelude to an Injustice return. Do you want to see more from NetherRealm's DC project? Share your thoughts in the comments below and explore more of the DC multiverse in the DC Universe Injustice forum.