DLC Predictions/wishlist
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DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/26/2017 08:02 PM EDT
Seeing as how we may have most, (if not all) of the roster revealed, curious to see who everyone wants for DLC or who you think NRS/WB will include:

1. Sub-zero
2. Spawn
3. Midnighter
4. Vibe
5. Dr. Manhattan
6. Booster Gold
7. Katana
8. Vixen
9. Etrigan

Reverse Flash
CW Flash,
CW Supergirl
Owlman (Batman)
Grid (Cyborg)
Deathstorm (Firestorm)
Superwoman ( ww)
Mr. Freeze (Cold)
Shazam (Adam)
Sarah Lance
Ted Kord
Solovar ( grodd)
Rebirth Wally
New Superman
Simon Baz GL
YJ Blue Beetle
Tim Drake
New 52 Ivy
Artemis (Ww)
Momoa Aquaman
Gadot WW
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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/26/2017 09:23 PM EDT
DLC Possibilities
- Red Hood
- Starfire
- Black Manta
- Constantine
- Etrigan
- Rorschach
- Sub-Zero
- Spawn

Alternate Skin Possibilities
- Reverse Flash (Already Confirmed)
- Power Girl (Already Confirmed)
- John Stewart GL (Already Confirmed)
- Bizarro
- Mr. Freeze
- Black Beetle
- Deathstorm
- Wally West Flash
- Red Arrow
- Owlman
- Terry McGinnis Batman
- Tim Drake Robin
- Shazam
- Deathstroke
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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/26/2017 10:09 PM EDT
Seeing as how my knowledge of comic book characters is fairly shallow, I'm not gonna be of much help here.

An MK character is a given. I'd personally prefer Sub Zero as he's co-face of the MK franchise and in past iterations has bordered on God hood. He could more than hold his own. Shao Kahn or Shang Tsung would be acceptable substitutes.

Spawn is another one that has to happen. Talks of Spawn started bubbling up around MKX release when Todd Macfarlane spoke of a closing window on a use agreement of his character. Could he have spoke too soon, and Injustice 2 was Spawn's intended target the entire time? We shall see.

Red Hood and Starfire will almost certainly be DLC. There is Tremor levels of fervor with both characters(particularly aggressive amongst Starfire fans). I would be absolutely shocked if they aren't included.

I'd personally prefer Rorschach or the Comedian over Dr Manhattan if a Watchmen character does indeed make it in. More personal preference than anything.

Black Hand. First member of the Black Lantern Corps and a better reason for the Joker and Scarecrow's returns other than "they from teh otter universeses!".

Constantine. Another highly sought after choice.

My waaay outta left field choice...a Marvel character. Marvel seems to be hell bent on getting their IP out to as many developers as possible including Travelers tales and their Lego series, owned by WB. Now I hear you saying, "but Marvel vs Capcom is a thing this year!" Very true, but it's been strongly rumored that the game will feature NO X Men characters. Motherfucking WOLVERINE FOR THE WIN! Again, a left field guess that is doubtful at best. But damn it, if this goes down, props will be owed.

Clayface. His gameplay writes itself. He would be such a cool brute character.

Well...that's 9. Better than I thought I'd do.

Bizarro for premier skin. Mr Freeze too.

You work with what you got...not what you hope for.

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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/26/2017 11:15 PM EDT
1. Sub-Zero
2. Spawn
3. Red Hood
4. Beast Boy
5. Rorschach
6. John Constantine
7. Starfire
8. Booster Gold
9. Vixen

Reverse Flash
John Stewart
CW Flash
CW Green Arrow
CW Supergirl
Batman (Justice League Movie)
Wonder Woman (Justice League Movie)
Superman (Justice League Movie)
Aquaman (Justice League Movie)
Deathstroke (Deadshot)
Superwoman ( Wonder Woman)
Mr. Freeze (Captain Cold)
Shazam (Black Adam)
Solovar (Gorilla Grodd)
Black Manta (Aquaman)
Night Owl (Batman)
Bizzaro (Superman)
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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/27/2017 04:27 AM EDT
I removed some of my favourites that had no chance of making it into the game.

1. Red Tornado
2. Despero
3. Red Hood
4. Plastic Man
5. Icon
6. Vandal Savage
7. Metal Men
8. Black Lightning or Static
9. Booster Gold

Red Arrow or Arsenal
Kyle Rayner
... here's your Subzero, now plain zero.
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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/28/2017 08:38 AM EDT
See, this is where I start to feel bad. I hated the idea of losing roster spots (especially DLC!!!!) to guest characters in MKX. But with a franchise I'm not so invested in but still really want to play, I'm HOPING for guest characters.

My list:

Please these two^^^

John Constantine

Twitter~Facebook~Youtube~~~~~PSN: Casselman/LockUpYourBones
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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/30/2017 03:28 AM EDT
All I want is Jefferson Pierce

It said wishlist right?
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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
03/30/2017 07:20 AM EDT
I really want Earth 3 premium skins. Earth 3 is basically what if the Justice League were villainous?
Ultraman (Supes)
Owlman (Bats)
SuperWoman (Wondie)
Johnny Quick (Flash)
Power Ring (GL)
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RE: DLC Predictions/wishlist
04/25/2017 04:43 PM EDT
Clayface gotta be DLC, although he should have been on Main Roster.
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