If you've been wondering how The Joker bounces back from that encounter with Superman -- the punchline lies ahead in a new Harley Quinn trailer from Xbox!

Flirtations with crime fighting come to the fore in Injustice: Gods Among Us where a mourning Harley Quinn has turned vigilante on the streets of Gotham City! She's flipped the switch and having a helluva time doing it, at least until the Ex turns up to spoil the broth!

You'd think the Joker's favourite gal would be smitten all over again when he makes a return from the grave, but this isn't Harley's Clown Prince Charming and the romance sure as heck isn't there!

True to the old addage, it seems the simplest explanation is the right one: Joker's dice with death has been solved through the ol' miracle of parallel universe counterparts.

Signs of inter-dimensional influence first emerged in February, with character design artwork labelled "Alternate Earth V" [full story]. Injustice has since racked up a few more parallel versions of characters, using skins to represent the alternate realities of Superman: Red Son, Flashpoint & Arkham City. On the subject -- keep your eyes peeled for an Arkham inspired special cameo by Scarecrow in the trailer!

The question begs: is the story of Injustice: Gods Among Us a simple battle between good and evil, or is this set to spiral out into a Crisis of Multiple Earths? Get more of the backstory from the Death of Metropolis trailer and join the speculation on the DC Universe Injustice forum!