Injustice 2 isn't officially available until Tuesday, May 16th -- but as often happens, some discs have begun to trickle out early to fans across the globe. As a result, we now know six Premier Skins await in the DC Comics fighting game sequel!

GameSpot reports news of the Premier Skin selection via Peruvian fan @brunodelVillar., who shared screenshots from his copy.

Along with announced Ultimate Edition bonuses Reverse-Flash (Flash), Powergirl (Supergirl) and John Stewart (Green Lantern), there are three more swap-out characters: Mr. Freeze (Captain Cold), Jay Garrick (Flash) and Vixen (Cheetah).

Taking advantage of the similarities between superhero abilities, Premier Skins map new characters to existing playable models to expand the DC roster! Ultimate Edition gets you three options out of the box, with in-game micro transactions selling bonus content as you play.

Each Premier character will unlock an all new costume design and voice acting, hopefully capturing the personality differences of each new hero, or villain! [Note: Downloadable characters in Fighter Pack 1 will have all of this, plus all new moves and gear options.]

While most of the revealed characters make effective use of gameplay options already available, Vixen fans may be disappointed to learn she'll share a moveset with Cheetah, rather than arriving as a fully formed downloadable content character.

Remembered as one of the last standing heroes during the Justice League Detroit era; Vixen has become a star of animation and live-action via The CW. Drawing her powers from harnessing Earth's morphogenic field; Vixen can mimick the abilities of any animal on the planet -- not just felines! The net result means Cheetah's speed and slash style will leave Vixen significantly lacking on animalistic attacks!

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