While Mortal Kombat got things started with a hotly contested third straight Evo Championship [full story] -- Injustice: Gods Among Us reserved a titanic two day stretch for its Evo debut!

Officially released just three months prior; Injustice would ride a wave of relevance into its first Evo World Championship. A bulging bracket of 148 players would compete for mastery over the DC Universe, with several international players making the trek to the Las Vegas major! JustinXavier (Justin Rutherford) represented the United Kingdom; Ricardo Carvalho represented Brazil; EM Jinx (Alan Franscisco Garza Leal) represented Mexico; HeadButtPeru (Gustavo Balvin) represented Peru; and a triple threat of Emumaki (Daisuke Mimaki), Jeo (Jieo Ikenuma) & Tomo (T M) carried Japanese interests into the tournament. Injustice was notably NetherRealm Studios' return to the fighting game mecca, released in Japan in June [full story].

Sadly, none of the international interests were able to crack a field dominated by the United States! Emumaki had a strong showing with a 3-2 record that included being bumped out of the Winners list by Tom Brady and his infamous Aquaman. HAZ Never Goin Pro would finish Japan's rising star, but not before he dealt a repeat defeat to Napalm 88 in the Losers Bracket. The United Kingdom's JustinXavier went one better with a 4-2 result. He was beaten twice by Jkun Unleashed!

In the end, it would come down to a mix of the familiar and the encroaching Gods Among Us insurgents. Mortal Kombat finalists DJT and REO returned to the Top 8, but it was DJT who once again flew into the Grand Final, albeit with two dramatic time limit wins against NYChris G.

KDZ put an end to the hopes of Blind Ducky & mfslayer909 to make the Grand Final, but would win few fans with his choice of an ever dominant Superman. In the end, boos rang out as The Man of Steel earned KDZ a straight sets 3-0 against DJT.

MK Champion Crazy DJT 88 meets VxG EMP KDZ in the Evo Championship Final!

2013 Injustice Evo World Championship Top Eight:
1. VxG EMP KDZ (Superman)
2. Crazy DJT 88 (Green Lantern, Doomsday)
3. AGE NYChrisG (Green Arrow)
4. EGP FLK MF Slayer909 (Superman)
5. RDK Godspeed (Aquaman, Black Adam)
5. EMPR Theo (Superman)
7. VxG EMP REO (Batman)
7. PR Balrog (Killer Frost)

Once again, Mortal Kombat Online congratulates all the finalists in NetherRealm Studios' second Evo Championship series! We fully expect Injustice will continue to have no trouble finding a place in the competitive scene. With any luck, Mortal Kombat will remain right there beside it, as well.

Evo 2013 was also the scene where Martian Manhunter was revealed as the first post-Season Pass DLC character! Follow that story for a trailer, including the induction of a new, popularly requested Green Lantern skin!

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