Injustice 2 was officially released less than three months prior, but that wouldn't stop the best players in the world converging on Las Vegas on July 16th. Their goal: Fighting supremacy, a share of the $58,800.00 prize pool, and the inaugural Injustice 2 Evo World Championship!

Dragon (Ryan Walker) had a seemless run to the final where he faced the returning flight of Canada's favourite HoneyBee: Tim Commandeur. It would be a rematch from the Winner's Bracket to decide the 2017 Championship -- conditions that gave HoneyBee a chance to redeem his previous loss in the Winner's Bracket final.

HoneyBee got everyone talking with his impressive return to the top of the competitive ranks, and his controlled use of The Flash. The fairy tale end wasn't to be, however. He greatly improved on the straight sets loss that sent him to the Loser's Bracket, but Dragon's Aquaman was too good in a 3-2 finish.

Notable by his absence was SonicFox (Dominique Mclean), whose stalwart status in the final of NetherRealm Studios fighting tournaments was upset by a one-two punch! HoneyBee sent the reigning Mortal Kombat XL Champion to the Loser's Bracket, where Semiij (Andrew Fontanez) scored an amazing elimination with his Catwoman! The result forced SonicFox to share 5th with Canada's Hayatei (Alexandre Dubé-Bilodeau).

2017 Evo Championship Grand Final:
Noble Dragon (Aquaman) d. cR HoneyBee (Aquaman, Flash) 3-2

Winners & Losers Bracket Finals:
cR HoneyBee (Flash) d. FOX Theo (Superman) 3-2
Noble Dragon (Aquaman) d. cR HoneyBee (Flash) 3-0

Winners Bracket Semi Finals:
cR HoneyBee (Flash) d. FOX SonicFox (Red Hood, Black Adam) 3-2
Noble Dragon (Poison Ivy, Aquaman) d. PG Hayatei (Robin) 3-2

Top 8 Losers Brackets:
FOX Theo (Superman) d. PG Hayatei (Batman, Robin) 3-0
Noble Semij (Catwoman) d. FOX SonicFox (Red Hood)
FOX Theo (Superman) d. T7G DR Gross (Green Lantern, Black Adam) 3-1
Noble Semiij (Catwoman) 3-0 d. NASR Tekken Master (Atrocitus, Brainiac, Black Adam) 3-0

2017 Evo Championship Final Top Sixteen:
1. Noble Dragon (Aquaman, Poison Ivy) 2. cR HoneyBee (Flash, Aquaman) 3. FOX Theo (Superman) 4. Noble Semiij (Catwoman) 5. PG Hayatei (Robin, Batman) 5. FOX SonicFox (Red Hood, Black Adam) 7. T7G DR Gross (Green Lantern, Black Adam) 7. NASR Tekken Master (Black Adam, Atrocitus, Brainiac) 9. Noble iLuusions 9. FOX Scar 9. Nubcakes 9. Slayer 13. StDx|2eZ 13. cR Biohazard 13. BxA Star Charger 13. A F0xy Grampa