We got our first look at Firestorm during the recent studio tour reveal with UpUpDownDown. Now see Injustice 2's newest hero in his own light in the official reveal trailer. Watch:

This incarnation of DC's Nuclear Man is indeed Jason Rusch, wielder of the Firestorm Matrix with internal guidance from brilliant scientist Professor Martin Stein! Together they combine as one body with two minds, carrying a torch of justice with the might of brain and brawn!

The new trailer also features Green Arrow and Catwoman as Firestorm's sparring partners - and an exciting cameo from Killer Croc during a stage transition move! Seen in Arkham Asylum in the first Injustice game, it seems Croc has found his way back to the sewers in the sequel!

Traditionalists will recognize design inspiration taken more so from CW TV shows than classic comics. The restrictions of the fighting game engine also seem to be focusing on flame over the more esoteric power of subverting subatomic structure.

Rumors persist that a Blackest Night Deathstorm skin could also be on its way to the finished game, giving players control over the dark fire of space-zombie Ronnie Raymond! Will the Injustice 2 gear system also allow fans to unlock puffy sleeves and a brighter yellow/red color palette? We can only hope!

Injustice 2 arrives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in three tiered editions starting May 16th! Register to transmogrify the DC Universe Injustice forum with your own nuclear opinions!