It's just over a month until Injustice 2 is officially released for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! It may seem like a while, but the latest character spotlight trailer should make that time go quick as The Flash! Watch:

The Scarlet Speedster is back for another game, returning from the first Injustice to dispense defeat faster than you can say Rainbow Raider! In the latest trailer, Flash battles classic comic book nemesis Gorilla Grodd -- one of several Flash Rogues newly playable in the Injustice sequel!

The Flash still utilizes his trademark speed force to dominate the playing field, dishing out super-fast dash attacks and lightning quick combos just like the first game! He's also utilizing some of his most famous tricks from the comics, putting his opponents into a spin with whirlwind arms and a super move so fast -- he literally breaches time and space to smash his opponent into themselves!

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Injustice 2 officially arrives May 16th, with pre-order incentives offering Darkseid DLC and edition exclusive Premier Characters that include Professor Zoom aka; the Reverse Flash! Zoom is exclusive to the Ultimate Edition.

Flash will also have to contend with Captain Cold, Cheetah, Bane as well as newly added heroes Doctor Fate, Swamp Thing, Firestorm and more!