The heroes and villains of Injustice 2 are deep in the heart of Germany, where Warner Brothers and NetherRealm Studios are in attendance for Gamescom! So are the fine folks at IGN, who've shared an uninterrupted 17 minutes of gameplay you can watch right now:

Gamescom kicked off with the unveiling of Harley Quinn and Deadshot - two of the "worst heroes ever" from Suicide Squad.

Only the former was on full display in gameplay demos, returning from 2013's Injustice: Gods Among Us with a revamped move set replete with all new tricks and gimmicks! Harley's positively batty with a range of bludgeoning, dynamite special moves, including the new ability to summong pet hyenas.

Fans of different eras of Harley Quinn and other characters can also look forward to mixing and matching different attire through the Injustice 2 armor system. Quinn can be seen with variations of her t-shirt and shorts, two-tone harlequin pants and suit, and classic jester hat in a variety of combinations! Fans will also be pleased to note graphical improvements in the rendering of the face.

Gamescom gameplay also shows off July's Comic-Con additions: Blue Beetle and Wonder Woman! The Jamie Reyes incarnation of the hero brings an alien arsenal of moves, while Wonder Woman commands with sword and shield against DCU prime-villain Gorilla Grodd!

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