Injustice sequel or Mortal Kombat 11? Polygon may have answered the question thanks a reader tip with the first look at a new promotional poster for Injustice 2.

The poster features Batman and The Flash in all-new designs that continue NetherRealm Studios' unique take on the classic characters. There are evident aesthetic influences going both ways between the burgeoning DC Extended Universe films. Parts of Batman's bulkier armored suit have green lighting - a possible Kryptonite defense? Other upgrades for a unique threat presenting in Injustice 2, from Earth - or beyond?

The tagline "Every Battle Defines You" is reminiscent of often repeated mantra from the Christopher Nolan directed Batman Begins, with moral implications that may imply further distortion of the once incorruptible Justice League.

The poster has been issued to Gamstop stores as part of a pre-order offer. A similar poster leak spoiled the announcement of Mortal Kombat X in late May, 2014 [full story]. An official announcement is expected sometime before E3.

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