In their own twisted psyche, every villain believes they are the hero of their own story. In the world of Injustice 2, that fact is never more evident than in the corrupt heart of Superman! His Regime will attemp to rise again when he's unchained in May. Get a glimpse of this harrowing future in the latest trailer Shattered Alliances! Watch:

This dark vision of Superman was defeated in the first Injustice, but will again be unleashed by the heroes who beaten him in the face of a greater threat. Will this Man of Steel's cold, rigid approach to total justice be enough to save humanity -- or damn it all over again?

The trailer is the first glimpse of newly unveiled Titan turned Justice League hero Cyborg! He joins a massive cast of super heroes and villains whose customization options mean every battle defines you - the player!

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Injustice 2 arrives for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in three editions starting May 16th [">full story]! Control classic icons like Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash, as well as cool new additions like Swamp Thing, Black Canary and Cheetah!

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