The battlelines between The Regime and The Resistance have been drawn once again in Injustice 2 -- but this time there are new players on both sides! Check out the new Kryptonian on the block in the latest trailer:

Supergirl is one of the exciting new additions to the Injustice 2 playable roster. The cousin of Superman, she was sent to Earth to avoid the destruction of the planet Krypton - but her pod was waylaid. Arriving after her cousin, Kara Zor-El joined the fight for truth, justice and everlasting hope. What happens when that hope becomes corrupt?

The third Shattered Alliances story trailer spotlights the House of El and the arrival of Supergirl. She battles anti-hero Black Adam in the trailer, confirming his return from the last installment of the game.

Will Supergirl be the influence to bring Superman back to the light? Will she choose the oppressive path of his Regime, or fight alongside Batman and his insurgency?

In Injustice 2, every battle defines you! Supergirl is the cover hero for Digital Deluxe editions of the game available May 16th. See her in action in the official gameplay trailer and learn more about the Shattered Alliance in Superman and Regime trailers. Share your thoughts about these topics and more on the DC Universe Injustice forum!