Injustice 2 has just received an update for June, and while its primary function has been to improve the overall gaming experience -- it's also updated the Character Select Screen with upcoming downloadable character Red Hood, and fresh teases for future characters!

EventHubs have featured a screenshot of the select screen [above], replete with silhouette placeholders for revealed Fighter Pack 1 characters Sub-Zero and Starfire, as well as six more mystery characters!

The distinct outlines of Black Manta and Mortal Kombat icon Raiden are easily spotted, much as they were in the Fighter Pack 1 trailer. A specifically diminutive figure seems to suggest iconic Justice League hero Atom!

Silver Age science hero Ray Palmer developed a method for shrinking himself after studying the properties of a white dwarf star. As Atom, he can condense his mass to deliver super-strong blows as a man of a few inches, enter small spaces as the size of an insect, or disappear from sight to ride the atoms of light and matter! Atom appeared in the Injustice comic tie-in, helping defeat Superman by entering his brain with a shard of kryptonite. He is an ally to Batman and the other resistence fighters.

The other silhouettes are more ambiguous, eliciting fan guesses of Enchantress, Circe, Katana, Huntress, Lady Shiva, Clayface and many more! Red Hood becomes the first downloadable addition from Fighter Pack 1 - this month!

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