It's good to be bad -- or at least, that's what the latest trailer for Injustice 2 would have you believe! Captain Cold, Bane and Scarecrow officially join the fight in the newest preview. Watch:>/p<

Injustice is right there in the title, and there will be plenty of playable villains for players to take control of - or beat into submission - in Injustice 2! Gorilla Grodd shares the spotlight in the latest trailer, showcasing his telepathic and ape attacks!

Captain Cold comes to play representing The Rogues - bad guys with a special dislike for The Flash and their own code of conduct. The ice gun wielding bad guy delivers an artctic swirly to Superman in the trailer, resembling the TV version, more than your beloved comic classic.

Batman villains Bane and Scarecrow also have new looks for the Injustice video game. Bane's trimmed down and armored up to throw hands and drop kicks. Scarecrow is more inhuman than ever before, wielding a sickle and chain to inspire fear in his opponents. Is he alive or dead? Questions abound as we count down to NetherRealm Studios' next big fighter!

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Fear not! There'll be plenty of heroes to fight for truth and justice when Injustice 2 ships May 16th! Supergirl, Doctor Fate, Blue Beetle, Firestorm and more join the battle alongside Batman, Wonder Woman and Superman!

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