Black Manta could be the next super-villain on the download horizon for Injustice 2! Fans have reported spotting the name of Aquaman's classic comic book nemesis in an Xbox Marketplace teaser. Past teases have built expectation, but this could be the first confirmation for Fighter Pack 2!

Injustice Stinger: Xbox Marketplace Teases Black Manta in Screenshot via @PunisherGNR45

Fans who purchased Fighter Pack 1 know the alien Teen Titan Starfire is the next cab off the DLC rank. She's expected to round out the first trio in August, following the release of Red Hood in June, and most recent addition Sub-Zero, available since July 11th.

Black Manta has been widely anticipated since trailers teased the unique armored outline of the villain in silhouette. The first glimpse stood out in the Fighter Pack 1 trailer, with another silhouette appearing briefly on the Injustice 2 character select menu.

Black Manta will join a roster already brimming with a Society of Super-Villains, such as: Gorilla Grodd, Cheetah, Captain Cold, Scarecrow and more!

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