No holds barred combat may have the Justice League divided by philosophy, but will ensure the JLA are well and truly dead with an exclusive Injustice: Gods Among Us pre-order bonus based on Blackest Night!

Fans ordering the game for PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 will be able to take control of Blackest Night Batman -- an exclusive DLC alternate skin. The Deutsch bonus also includes Zombie Mode: an extra campaign that transforms the Injustice cast into battle damaged, undead versions of themselves [pictured above].

Blackest Night was the comic book mega-event of 2009, responsible for one of DC Comics' most popular series of the modern era. Bursting forth from the pages of Green Lantern, the epic saga told of the prophecized rise of an unstoppable Black Lantern Corps intent on extinguishing life in the known universe!

The event saw many memorable deceased characters rise from the grave to become Black Lantern versions of themselves. It also saw many of the still living icons affected, either as a result of their previous flirtations with death (Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Arrow...), or by their recruitment into the various Lantern Corps of the emotional spectrum. The undead Black Lanterns were secretly agents of Nekron: an avatar entity of the universe before life, with a hold over death.

Ironically, Batman was not actually among the heroes transformed into a Black Lantern. Believed dead as a result of an encounter with Darkseid [see; Final Crisis]; Bruce Wayne had been hurled back through the ages by the New Gods' "Omega Sanction." Forced to live and die in previous eras, Batman experienced 'the death that is life,' while one of many failed genetic experiments took the place of his mortal remains. It was this imperfect clone that was resurrected briefly as the Black Lantern Batman during the Blackest Night event [pictured below].

The emotional response provoked by confrontations with undead Black Lanterns was key to the battle with the living. With a backstory predicated by a very personal death [spoilers] -- Injustice has some interesting fodder for a tale of Blackest Night!

Store exclusive bonuses inspired by Red Son and Arkham City offer alternate options to consumers around the world [full story]. There is no information regarding Amazon bonuses in other regions at the time of this story. The Blackest Night pre-order bonus was originally reported by

Packed-in bonuses can also be found in the limited Battle Edition and Collector's Edition. They offer an official PDP Fight Stick and Batman v Wonder Woman Statue, respectively. For info on all the top stories, join the discussion in the DC Universe Injustice forum!