Batgirl Concept Art. Click for more.All eyes may be on the next Mortal Kombat, but the boffins at NetherRealm Studios haven't given up on Injustice: Gods Among Us just yet!

A new hotfix for PlayStation 3 & Xbox 360 has addressed on-going concerns effecting glitches on Batgirl.

  • Batgirl can no longer leave an invisible bola attached to the opponent.
  • True combos started from a push block no longer do damage.

According to the official website: the team are "investigating" the problem for PC and PlayStation 4 platforms. The update comes four months ahead of Injustice's second year at the Evo World Championship [full story].

Is this fix just what Dr. Fate ordered? Did they miss something else? Share your thoughts about the update on the DC Universe Injustice forum!