Word on the street is that they're some of the worst heroes around, and they're coming to Injustice: Gods Among Us Mobile! The stars of Warner Brothers' latest cinematic installment Suicide Squad will be yours to unlock as new character skins in the free-to-play mobile app! Watch the trailer below:

Deadshot delivers a brand new DC Comics character to playable roster, while existing villains Harley Quinn and Joker get a fresh coat of paint thanks to movie inspired skins with likenesses of stars Margot Robbie and Jared Leto!

Deadshot is eagle-eyed assassin Floyd Layton, whose penchant for never missing is defied only by the likes of nemesis Batman! Players can also look forward to new challenges and all new Suicide Squad themed rewards from all the major play modes soon!

Thanks to previously released content, Injustice Mobile will also let you match the cinematic squad ot Task Force X against the Dawn of Justice movie incarnations of: Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman! The DC Cinematic Universe fighting in the palm of your hand!

Fans will also likely be able to look forward to one or more of these characters finding their way into console versions of Injustice 2. The 2017 sequel has already teased the return of Harley Quinn, with many more characters still to be revealed!

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