They may have been eliminated in Injustice Battle Arena, but that doesn't mean the party's over for fans of Bane and Harley Quinn!

The fine folks from NetherRealm Studios have distributed a collection of images, new and old, detailing the design work that's gone in to both primary outfits, and "Alternate Earth V" costumes.

The new images give context to that previously released Bane screenshot, described as the aforementioned "Alternate Earth" variant. The same design can be seen in more vivid detail [pictured above], along with a higher resolution version of the primary outfit concept design, released earlier this month.

Harley Quinn gets a tasteful treatment in this first-look at her "Alternate Earth" attire. The pants and jacket keep the character removed from her iconically classic harlequin bodysuit, but will please those looking for a more practical aesthetic, just the same.

With the outfits put into new context, the question is now whether or not a parallel version of the DC Universe will come into play as a New Regime dominates the Earth in Injustice: Gods Among Us.

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