The unending twirl of the promotional calendar determines it's already Gamescom time! Warner Brothers will be in Germany with bells on, and two new characters to reveal in their DC Comics superhero fighting sequel: Injustice 2! The reveal will come tomorrow - and a teaser gives us a pretty good idea of who might be involved:

While DC Comics may be replete with animalist heroes and villains, we're going to rule out classic Firestorm villain Hyena, and reduce animal powered heroes Vixen and Beast Boy to outside chances for future pondering. No, this particular grinning pet has all the hallmarks of DC's laughing sweethearts: Harley Quinn & The Joker!

The timing certainly makes a lot of sense. Both characters have just made a splash at the box office, appearing in Warner Brothers' latest DC Comics live-action blockbuster: Suicide Squad.

DC Publisher Jim Lee is recently quoted as describing Harley Quinn as the "fourth pillar" of the DC Universe. We saw her iconic mallet in July, included with iconography on a promotional Injustice 2 t-shirt. She's a safe bet, but will Mr.J be in on the joke with her?

The deadly duo already got in on the movie tie-in act, jumping from big screen to small with content and challenges in Injustice Mobile [watch]. The Injustice Mobile skins feature likenesses based on actors Margot Robbie and Jared Leto. Marksman with a heart of gold Deadshot also joined the game.

Injustice 2 is growing an eclectic cast of icons found in a variety of DC and Warner Brother's multi-media projects! Supergirl is said to have special significance in the game, joining new additions Blue Beetle, Gorilla Grodd and Atrocitus.

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