Injustice: Gods Among Us began when Superman thrust his hand through Joker's chest -- but why let facts get in the way of a funny story? The Clown Prince of Crime returns for the sequel in the latest character reveal trailer. Watch:

Joker's death played a catalytic role in defining the world of Injustice: his death - the turning point that began Superman's tyrannical rule as leader of The Regime. Despite the significance of his demise, nobdoy really seemed to mind the iconic villain's appearance on the playable roster of the first game. So why so serious now?...

There are some interesting differences in the appearance of Injustice 2's Joker, whose fashion, face and jawline deviate distinctly from the iconic ghastly grin. Could these be clues to a new man behind the maniac? Intro dialogue with Robin (Damian Wayne) flirt with the possibility that former Boy Wonder Jason Todd may've had a villainous turn, much as he did in 2001 Frank Miller sequel, The Dark Knight Strikes Again.

There's also the same 'Get Out of Murder' card played by the first game, which relied on a handy dandy parallel universe to supply iconic characters, living or dead. It might seem an easy way out, but fans of Mortal Kombat know death is usually a temporary, minor inconvenience in NetherRealm Studios games. It's all just a big joke!

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This Joker is every bit as deadly as the one you know and love. With an arsenal of noxious gas bombs, guns, knives, joy buzzer, and a general sunny disposition -- Joker is ready to pummel, maim and electrocute any who stand against him! With hair by Ledger, fashion by Leto, and a crowbar right out of A Death In The Family -- there's something for everybody when Injustice 2 arrives May 16th!

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