We still don't know for sure what NetherRealm Studios' soon to be announced project is, but we're already getting the first character tease from master of puppets: Ed Boon!

The Twitter teasers returned with a new avatar, and now we're back on boot scooting territory with the first glimpse at a mystery character's appendage.

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A solid red boot design seems to favour the superhero aesthetic of DC Comics, further supporting the notion Injustice: Gods Among Us is headed for a 2017 sequel [full story]! Who does the boot suggest? Among the most popular fan guesses has been Atrocitus: rage fuelled Red Lantern who made a cameo appearance in the first Injustice. Also gaining traction is the often dishevelled, sometimes confused villain Bizarro.

With its unusual partially exposed toes, another possibility is a split red boot on the foot of a Doomsday mutated Superman. This would provide an alternate version of the morally corrupt Superman of the first Injustice. The Man of Steel underwent just such a transformation in DC Comics' 2014 story Superman: Doomed.

Doomed: The hero became his own worst nightmare in DC Comics' New 52.

Be it Earthbound or in distant space, the unidentified location has the trappings of a good old fashioned barroom - perfect brawling arena for the likes of Lobo. That may or may not explain the horizontal arrangement of furniture.

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