Deathstroke is the latest playable character confirmed for Injustice: Gods Among Us - the DC Comics fighter that pits hero and villain against one another in hand-to-hand (or weapon) combat!

In case you missed yesterday's debut trailer, or just have a bewildered cultural aversion to moving pictures -- here's some hi-def screenshots of The Terminator in action! These are some hefty pics, so slow connections need not apply.

Deathstroke is Slade Wilson -- the engineered product of a government program to create perfect super-soldiers. By harnessing the potential of 90% of his brain, Deathstroke possesses a range of super-human skills, deadliest among them his tactical clarity and ability to execute attacks in live combat!

The conflicted villain first appeared in New Teen Titans #2 (1980), where he would be an arch-nemesis for the team that included Nightwing and Cyborg. In later years, Deathstroke would become a regular nemesis to the entire DC Universe, establishing intense feuds with Batman, Catwoman and Green Arrow. So potent are his enhanced reflexes, healing abilities and fighting skills, that Deathstroke has not only proven to be Batman's equal, but also bested the entire Justice League!

Courtesy of DC Comics' 2011 line-wide reboot, Deathstroke is once again starring in his own monthly series. He's also a major attraction for fans of The CW's new live-action series, Arrow. Injustice marks the mercenary's video game return from NetherRealm Studios' previous work in Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.

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