Premier Skins are the next phase in NetherRealm Studios' content strategy, increasing the playable roster by mapping basic character traits to existing models. Fans who purchase Injustice 2: Ultimate Edition will gain access to three new Premier Skin characters, including the Reverse-Flash!

The character render, releaed by Ed Boon, shows the Injustice 2 version isn't quite your father's Reverse-Flash. Clad in iconic yellow, the design sensibility smashes the plated NetherRealm aesthetic with black highlights introduced by The CW television show, where some fans will know him from.

For those who don't: Despite the name, Reverse-Flash doesn't run backwards, and he isn't unfathomably slow! Any trick The Flash can conceive for good -- this guy can reverse engineer for evil!

Also known as Professor Zoom: Eobard Thawne is a dissident from the future of the 25th century whose study of our era's hero allowed him to master speed powers similar to The Flash!

Known for his time travelling antics, and general corruption of The Speed Force; the villain known as Reverse-Flash has done everything from murder Flash's family, to getting plastic surgery to make himself look exactly like the man beneath the crimson cowl - Barry Allen!

Having debuted in The Flash #139 in 1963, he isn't one of the Silver Age Flash's oldest villains -- but he's certainly one of the most enduring!

Even when Barry Allen was thought dead after the universe-shattering Crisis on Infinite Earths, Professor Zoom returned to bedevil Green Lantern and Barry's nephew Wally West! When Barry escaped the Speed Force to return to the world of the living amidst the Final Crisis, his evil shadow was right behind him, generating a negative charge that threatened the lives of all speedsters!

You can still find him running around the Rebirth DC Universe, currently entangled in the mystery of the smiley face button! [Flash Fact: The button bares a striking resemblance to the one worn by The Comedian in Watchmen. It's all much more ominous than it sounds!].

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Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of Injustice 2 will both give fans access to the hotly anticipated Powergirl Premier Skin (for Supergirl). Only Ultimate Editions will contain Reverse-Flash and John Stewart (Green Lantern) with purchase. All pre-orders should receive download codes for playable bonus villain Darkseid.

Even if you haven't picked up one of the premium editions, you'll have plenty of rogues to battle when Injustice 2 arrives on May 16th! Gorilla Grodd, Captain Cold, Cheetah, Deadshot and many more join the playable roster on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One! Will you fight against them - or with?

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