Ties between the Injustice video game franchise, and Warner Brothers' burgeoning DC Extended Universe could be growing according to rumor mongering from HeroicHollywood!

Quoting HH; Comic Book Resources reports there are four prospective working titles for 2017's Justice League feature film, including the familiar Gods Among Us sub-title.

Scenes in this year's controversial Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice film have already drawn comparisons to Gods Among Us, hinting at a villainous turn for Superman in a world ruled by Darkseid.

The Man of Steel featured as a tyrannical overlord final boss, driven to suppress the people through a thin plot seen in NetherRealm Studios' 2013 foray into dedicated DC licensing.

With the second Injustice video game expected to be announced very soon [full story], the promotional relationship between DC's small and big screen stables has already been the subject of considerable speculation. Warner Brothers found notable success when breaking from the traditional film tie-in model for their Batman: Arkham series, but have spent recent years consolidating their properties in an increasingly co-dependent, film-focused corporate structure. This would be the first time games provided significant inspiration for the comic book based franchise.

Injustice featured two downloadable skins based on the first in Warners' ambitious film universe: Man of Steel Superman and General Zod.

Other rumored working titles for the Justice League film include: "Justice League: United", "Justice League: Angels and Demons" and "Justice League: Gods Among Men".

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