With the unveiling of Fighter Pack 2, the identities of six downloadable Injustice 2 characters have now been revealed. Nine are expected in total, implied by silhouetted teasers in the first Fighter Pack trailer. Thanks to further in-game silhouette teases, we can safely speculate the identity of at least one upcoming character: The diminutive figure of Atom is unmistakable.

That leaves just two characters unaccounted for and one question for fans to ponder over the coming months: Will there be a third Mortal Kombat character? A case can be made:

The Shadow Knows!: One mystery man and woman remain unaccounted for.

The Injustice sequel has already expanded upon the best selling guest appearance of Scorpion, doubling the kombatants and the DLC character count of the first game!

In FP1, Sub-Zero was a widely expected follow-up to the ninja spectre of the first game. Storm god Raiden was an early forecast for FP2 thanks to expectation, and his well known outline. A broadening reference to further entice Kombat fans to make the crossover to Injustice 2 with the twice the mortals!

While a notable success; Injustice 2 sales data, and anecdotal evidence accumulated by sites like MK Online, suggests the DC fighting game hasn't had appeal to carry over the built-in audience of Mortal Kombat X. This could be a good reason for expanding the presence of the hugely successful fighting game franchise, which has otherwise been deemed unlikely to crossover with Injustice.

Injustice 2 will once again push the record for most DLC add-ons to a NetherRealm Studios game. It bests Mortal Kombat X by one with a grand total of 10 download characters! That includes 3 confirmed guests thus far, with Hellboy also making the comic book crossover in Fighter Pack 2. MKXL finished with four total franchise oddities: Jason Voorhees, Predator, Alien, and Leatherface.

With an extra character up their sleeve, there's no reason to think there won't be a fourth guest character coming. Much discussed heroes like Spawn and Neo may have the movie ties that are so attractive in franchise guests -- but a third Mortal Kombat character could have that area covered, too!

66% of MK Online users polled believe Kitana appears in the trailer for 2018 Warner Bros. pop culture mash-up movie: Ready Player One. Kitana is also MK Online's leading suspect for a Fighter Pack 3 Mortal Kombat character.

Who's That GIrl?: Could Princess Kitana be the mystery woman far right?

With Atom identified far left in the original silhouette teaser, that leaves just one mystery man unaccounted for -- and a mystery woman, pictured far right [above].

Protuberance seen on the mystery woman's head [pictured right] imply the ends of a crescent shape that's fueled widespread speculation she could be a version of Enchantress inspired by the 2016 Suicide Squad feature film.

The same movie provided inspiration for Deadshot and Harley Quinn in the final game. Yet, that version of Enchantress notably combined J-horror reference with South American flavor to create a unique, scantily clad villainess.

The full body silhouette clearly shows puffy pants, at least from waist to knee. A trademark of the Mortal Kombat X design for Kitana, believed to be seen in the Ready Player One trailer.

The slight difference in head wear could account for the design influence of superstar comic book artist Jim Lee, who's had a hand in all Mortal Kombat designs for Injustice, thus far!

As a mainstay of the series since debuting in Mortal Kombat II; Kitana is unarguably one of video game's most famous women. She has all the iconic clout of Sub-Zero and Raiden, adding a feminine touch with fan fighting no other DC character will contend with! The best reason to include a third kombatant of all? 2017 marks the 25th Anniversary of the first Mortal Kombat! A milestone that shouldn't go ignored!

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