The latest Injustice 2 preview is going back to a character we've seen before, know well, and will rediscover with a whole new bag of tricks! See what's new from Catwoman as she battles Harley Quinn, Batman and Poison Ivy:

Catwoman returns with her pet feline assisting in the fight, and her bolo whip ready to swing, snare and sting! It's the third appearance for the cat burglar turned heroine in a NetherRealm Studios game, having appeared previously in Injustice: Gods Among Us and Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe.

Some of the more interesting details are character intro references to the "Gotham City Sirens", and the secret identities of Batwoman (Kate Kane) and Batgirl (Barbara Gordon). Inspired by the trio of characters in the animated series, the original Sirens featured Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Injustice 2 fighter Poison Ivy! A Gotham City Sirens feature film is in production -- and that isn't the only Warner Brothers movie franchise represented in the trailer!

If you feel like you recognize Catwoman's motorcycle Super Move - you aren't wrong! The backflipping missile attack is ripped right out of the playbook of Trinity in The Matrix Reloaded!

Rumblings from Hollywood suggest Warner Brothers might be rebooting The Matrix in the near future. Could that mean one of the forecast guest characters in Injustice 2 finally brings previously considered Neo into the fight?

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