Coming 2013, Injustice: Gods Among Us will reunite the developers of Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe with the characters they last battled, 2008. This time, the action will focus exclusively on the heroes and villains of DC Comics [full story], opening up a universe of possibilities not afforded to the split loyalties of the previous fighting crossover.

Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman and Flash make their triumphant return from the Versus lineup, joined so far by Harley Quinn and Solomon Grundy, who freshen up the DC cast with their first appearance in a game of this sort. Brand new gameplay mechanics will even the odds between these unlikely opponents, seeing characters divided into two classes emphasising Power and Gadget based abilities [full story].

With more than seventy years worth of characters to draw upon, the threat of DC heroes gone rogue -- as teased by the launch trailer -- opens the playable line-up to some exciting possibilities! We're told to expect twenty-odd characters to start, with downloadable extras a likely factor in Ed Boon's bold claim that everyone's favourites will find their way into the action.

Rather than hold Ed exactly to his word, the Mortal Kombat Online staff have crammed into a satellite in Earthrealms lower orbit, intent on narrowing the list down to the Top Ten Heroes we'd most like to see! As you might have guessed, there's also a Top Ten Villains list, yet to come.

To keep things interesting, we've omitted characters who have already been announced, or made the cut previously in MK vs DC. That means no: Green Lantern, Catwoman, Captain Marvel, Darkseid, Joker, Lex Luthor, or Deathstroke -- who would all be welcome return appearances. [Eagle-eyed viewers will have already noted Lex Luthor's appearance in the launch trailer -- whatever that means. -M]

#1 Martian Manhunter
Real Name: J'onn J'onnz
First Appearance: Detective Comics #255 (1955)

In a game that already boasts the likes of Superman and Solomon Grundy, the challenge to differentiate basic superhero powersets like amazing strength, or flight, is a fundamental difficulty for developers. Affectionately dubbed the 'Swiss Army knife of superheroes' -- Martian Manhunter ticks all the boxes of your garden variety Superman, standing on his own with the unique hook of Martian invisibility and shape-shifting!

A charter member of the Justice League, it's no surprise that Martian Manhunter would be among the most sought after characters to miss MKvsDC. Regarded by many as the soul of the JLA, a staple appearance in recent cartoons gave MM the exposure comics fans knew he deserved. He may still be the best of the B-list, but when it comes to Earth's greatest heroes, the B-list is nothing to sneeze at!

Unlike his literary predecessors, a simple sneeze won't put the Martian Manhunter down for long, but he is famously susceptible to the humble naked flame. Whether that could play into in-game balancing is something we can only speculate, remembering the super-power chemistry debate inspired by Superman's ice breath (and Sub-Zero) that nearly made it into the game.

#2 Green Arrow
Real Name: Oliver Queen
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (1941)

Pre-dating Marvel's avenging archer by two decades, Green Arrow may lack the big screen credentials of his counterpart, but is about to follow up a long running stint on TV's Smallville with his own live-action series pilot, Arrow! If that wasn't credential enough, he's also no stranger to the world of the fighting game, [one of only two] heroes not featured in both MK vs DC Universe and 1995's console clunker, Justice League: Task Force.

In a world where the major comic houses are directed by their cross-media branches, a TV show is pretty much a compelling case for a tie-in video game appearance! Fortunately, this beloved member of the Justice League brings with him plenty of in-game allure.
A gadget character if there ever was one -- the potential for a zone-heavy projectile style is fairly obvious, and wildly open to interpretation. Classic trick arrows offer gimmicks like a flying boxing glove, blinding flash arrow, expanding adhesive foams, explosives, nets and the classic kind that stings a lot. The potential to turn bow into close-range weapon, also an interesting prospect.

Suffering from a vintage when heroes were prone to imitation; the modern Green Arrow held a tense relationship with Batman -- a character he was seen to be a rip-off of in his early, Arrow Mobile driving years. That rivalry was put aside in 1986, when Green Arrow was one of the few DC heroes to appear in Frank Miller's gritty Bat-opus, The Dark Knight Returns -- an instrumental factor in Batman's all-human battle with Superman. Decidedly mortal, Green Arrow is a perfect choice in the event the Gods Among Us need to be stopped by their fellows!

#3 Doctor Fate
Real Name: Kent Nelson
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #55 (1940)

When it comes to classic designs from the golden age of comics, it's tough to go past the all encompassing helmet of Dr. Fate! The golden Helm of Nabu was most famously worn by Kent Nelson, but several characters have donned the dramatic facade, transformed into a powerful sorcerer of order, in the process.

Whether you feel it necessary to specify magic as a "weakness," or not, Dr. Fate is a compelling adversary (or ally) to Superman and the other Gods Among Us. Ranking in the upper echelon of DC Universe powers, Fate was one of the few heroes of his time to hold membership with both the Justice League and Justice Society, occasionally shelved or hampered because of his cosmic scale. The in-game possibilities are vast and visually intriguing, in the right hands, offering the kind of versatility that could really fill the gaps after mechanics are mined for the other, more tactile powers.

#4 Nightwing
Real Name: Dick Grayson
First Appearance: Detective Comics #38 (1940)

In a game already confirmed to contain Batman, Nightwing could be seen as a somewhat redundant, if popular, inclusion. On the heels of the Arkham games and the end of a blockbuster movie trilogy, there's always the danger of too much Bat-family, not enough DCU. If Injustice really winds up being a battle between corrupted icons and the rest of the heroes, however, there's probably no one better to go toe-to-toe with Batman than his seasoned ward.

The former Robin famously matured into his own hero in the mid-eighties, paving the way for no less than two other boy wonders, and a girl. With a famous history as a circus acrobat, Nightwing should probably play like a faster, more agile Batman, throwing in the unique fighting tool of twin batons for tech heavy, intricate gaming.

#5 Hawkman
Real Name: Carter Hall
First Appearance: Flash Comics #1 (1940)

Possessing a famously confused history full of alien twists and reincarnating turns, there are really only a few things you need to know about Hawkman! First and foremost, he has functioning wings and a stylized helmet, which both clearly identity him as a hawk-like man. Less readily assumed is his offensive potential, which is where the wonderful world of medieval weaponry comes colliding with everything you thought you knew!

One of the sorely missed heroes who would've meshed well with an MK style in Versus; Hawkman's most famous weapons of choice include a fixed mace, spears, metal nets, the occasional battle axe, and a gravity wielding gauntlet of doom called the Claw of Horus. Bottom line -- Hawkman is a bad ass with a moral compas that readily accomodates the occasional brutality in the name of good!

#6 Atom
Real Name: Ray Palmer
First Appearance: Showcase #34 (1961)

Like most DC heroes, time has seen another character don the mantle, but in the absence of certainty, we're defaulting back to the original (for this version). By any alias, Atom is your quintessential shrinking hero, capable of manipulating his molecules to disappear to the sub-atomic level, whilst retaining the full focus of his potential mass.

Putting a spin on the invisibility mechanic made famous by Reptile, Atom offers the wholely unique and very fun potential for size-altered skills. If rapid enough, shrinking could become a valuable defensive evasion technique, while bouts as a truly miniature fighter could confound and baffle opponents! For theatrics, there's always the tried and true favourite of an Atom in the eardrum -- the kind of attack that's reliably toppled the heaviest hitters of the DC Universe.

#7 Black Canary
Real Name: Dinah Lance
First Appearance: Justice League of America #219 (1983)

One of the (rare) enduring figures in DC's pantheon of legacy heroes, Black Canary is the continuation of the Golden Age character of the same name, with all the modern benefits. Her trademark ultrasonic scream conjures more elaborate versions of MK's Sindel, with perhaps a cinematic approach fitting some of the sequences seen in initial Injustice previews.

A friend, ally and more to Green Arrow, Black Canary comes ready packed with some interesting associations for the story mode that is being touted as an even greater upgrade to MK's award winning fight-plot [via GameInformer]. Black Canary is one of DC's many renowned martial artists, but it all comes back to the canary cry, which would no doubt have a lot of interesting applications, playing in to arena interactivity with a little imagination.

#8 Sandman
Real Name: Wesley Dodds
First Appearance: Adventure Comics #40 (1939)

Let's face it. When it comes to fighting games, sometimes the visual is everything. In the case of the golden age Sandman, the tastefully eerie image of a man in gas mask is enough to sell a very atmospheric addition to a roster of Gods Among Us.

Depending on your references, Sandman has his own godly connections, but as a decidedly human hero, his skills would no doubt unfold as one of the gadget characters in Injustice. His patented gas gun makes for some obvious, traditional free-hit predicaments [with opponents put to sleep], but it also comes in a steel cable, harpoon variety, recalling another familiar method of a certain fighting game character. With Sandman, it really does boil down to a unique aesthetic, an advantage for a character who can be vehicle to whatever the imagination wants.

#9 The Question
Real Name: Vic Sage
First Appearance: Blue Beetle #1 (1967)

The character who inspired Watchmen's Rorschach -- The Question is of a much later vintage than The Sandman, but obviously owes a lot to the trenchcoated traditions of the evolving pulp heroes. A politically saturated character, his powers are all but non-existent, save for his development of keen martial arts skills learned from DC kung-fu fighter, Richard Dragon.

Envisioned over time with elements of mysticism and deep paranoia, The Question may have a part to play in the story mode, if nothing else. A mist emitting Question may run the risk of drawing comparison to a character like Smoke, but it would be the kind of drama that could really add something special to Injustice. The kind of aesthetic quality that would rival what Capcom has achieved with their less logically concerned convulsions with the Marvel characters.

The promise of threatening Gods Among Us and the tradition of mortal men fighting the super-powers makes The Question a perfect vessel for any plotted revelations that may need to spread. Injustice may be billed as an over-the-top fighter, but if characters like this can sneak some hand-to-hand skills, it will be a nice nod to the diversity of heroes and NetherRealm Studios' origins. Get some atmospheric gas swirling around the place, and you've got yourself a memorable character.

#10 Aquaman
Real Name: Arthur Curry
First Appearance: More Fun Comics #73 (1941)

Quite possibly the most talked about character who didn't appear in Mortal Kombat versus DC Universe, Aquaman has battled ridicule and infamy at every turn for the last few decades. With the recent relaunch of the DC Comics line-up, Aquaman has been an obvious pet project, designed to be mocked no longer. With the grit he acquired in the nineties and an embellishment of classic facets, Aquaman is front-and-centre in the current DC Universe, all but assured a spot in any self-respecting DC fighter.

In a game that's pushing environmental interactivity, the unique potential of an acquatic theme, if not literal underwater combat, is too intriguing to pass up. As a power character, Aquaman obviously brings the standard array of liquid-theme attacks, with the summoning of off-screen whales always a contingency that could find its way into the super-moves system. Whatever the playable result, it seems the bigger surprise would be an Injustice without Aquaman. An injustice, indeed.

These are just ten of the characters we'd like to see in Injustice: Gods Among Us. In the coming week, we'll delve deeper into the DC Universe with 10 Villains. Share your Gods Among Us wishlist in the DC Universe Injustice forum. For more like our Facebook and follow @MK_Online.