The official DC FanDome 24 hour schedule has been released, announcing a live panel that will feature NetherRealm Studios Creative Director Ed Boon and competitive gameplay action! Read on for all the relevant events and watch times:

Injustice 2 will take the stage on the digital WatchVerse feed with live gameplay from Brazil. Then in the evening Ed Boon and creators of the hugely successful Injustice comic books will feature on a panel discussing the unique universe that began with Injustice: Gods Among Us and most recently returned as Injustice: Year Zero. Start times are included below, with a few other relevant events of note:

Update (August 20th): DC has announced FanDome will now be split into two separate events taking place on the original weekend -- and an additional 24 hours in September. Start times for Injustice broadcasts are currently unavailable, but you can find updated times for related WB Games events. MK Online will continue to update as new information is made available.

Injustice 2 Show Match - Latin America/Brazil
Saturday, Sep 12 - 12:00PM (CST) [To Be Updated]
WatchVerse - Athena

Inside Injustice - Making the Hit Games & Comics - Panel
Saturday, Sep 12 - 12:00PM (CST) [To Be Updated]
WatchVerse - Monarch

Injustice 2 Show Match - Latin America/Brazil [Encore]
Saturday, Sep 12 - 12:00PM (CST) [To Be Updated]
WatchVerse - Kandor

Warner Bros. Games Montreal Announcement
Saturday, Aug 22 - 12:25PM (CST)
Hall of Heroes

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League
Saturday, Aug 22 - 7:10PM (CST)
Hall of Heroes

Update (August 22nd): Injustice 2 Exhibition matches were originally scheduled for a 3:45 start date on August 22nd, with the Injustice Creators Panel appearing later at 9:00PM. Other WBIE gaming panels slightly tweaked their start times, with the previously reported TBA revealed to be the Titans TV panel.

An unaccounted for slot on the Hall of Heroes main feed at 5:45PM is open to speculation, but may not be of interest. You can find more information on the DC FanDome website, or find and create your own personalized schedule bny registering to the DC FanDome Schedule page. Note: Start times listed are in Central Standard Time, and may be subject to change.

What do you expect or hope to hear about during the Injustice panel? Share your thoughts and speculation in the comments below. Find and discuss more DC topics in the DC Universe Injustice forum!