For decades there has existed a bitter hatred between two martial arts groups dedicated to opposing styles and philosophy. This could describe the rivalry between the clans of Sub-Zero and Scorpion, but in the Netflix series Cobra Kai its Kreese Karate and Miyagi-do. Two of the stars put their expertise to the gaming rivalry in a clip for The Game Awards. Check it out:

Jacob Bertrand (Hawk) and Gianni Decenzo (Demetri) got scientific in their attempt to resolve one of gaming's most iconic rivalries.

Both fighters scored points for COVID safe masks, but Sub-Zero got the edge for melted ice putting out fire. That didn't matter in the end, though. It came down to a PR war: Scorpion just sounds more bad ass. A fair point, even if die hard fans know Scorpion's true nemesis changed it up once he became Noob Saibot!

The clip is a fun promo for The Game Awards and Cobra Kai's Season 3 trailer reveal, but that isn't the only overlap with MK. Fans have long observed Kobra as a blonde-haired tribute to Karate Kid's Johnny Lawrence. Alas, fans overwhelmingly voted in favour of Kai when he met Kobra in this year's character tournament!

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