MKO Superme Mortal Kombat Trading Kards
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MKO Superme Mortal Kombat Trading Kards
05/10/2015 10:54 PM EST
If you were following along on Twitter or Facebook, you know MKO was getting fans warmed up for the annual Supreme Mortal Kombat Champion tournament with a week of daily kombat trading kards. [Anyone who posted their vote for the finals of previous years tournaments will also have gotten the respective winner's kard in their User Inbox.]

If you know your NBA Hoops from your MTV Raps MusiCards, and your Fleer from your Upper Deck, you get the idea. Stats and tournament bios. A little bit of pre-game fun. Think of it as MKO Supreme Series '14/'15. If you missed them, here's what went out:

001 [front] [back] Sub-Zero
002 [front] [back] Smoke
003 [front] [back] Ermac
005 [front] [back] Shinnok
006 [front] [back] Cassie Cage
009 [front] [back] Kotal Kahn
020 [front] [back] Goro
024 [front] [back] Liu Kang
036 [front] [back] Sindel

We may open a few more packs as we go along, but those are what we've got so far. If you've got doubles, trade 'em. Be sure to post your thoughts on daily poll match-ups in the Supreme Tournament thread!

Supreme Champion 2019: The annual voting tournament is back!
Help pick a Mortal Kombat 11 champion in daily polls and review the latest versions of characters on the forum!
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