Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/03/2015 02:28 PM EST
...arm off Jacqui. She beats the cops to death with her arm Quan Chi style.
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/03/2015 02:33 PM EST
...and Kabal tries to quickly spin out of the way put the bullet hits him square in the chest, just as a portal opens up behind him. A dagger plunges through his chest, then out of the portal pops a woman clad in stark white armor. She cleans Kabal's blood from her dagger and looks at Stryker. She mutters an incantation just as he fires a shot aimed at her face. She disappears before the bullet impacts.

Revenant Stryker is left confused. He slowly moves forward when he feels his insides twist in agony. He falls to his knees and suddenly his a screech rings into his ears. He tries to cower away from the sound, but it's too much. His eyes feel as if they are going to burn out their sockets, he screams in agony, begging for it to stop. Just as the pain reaches it's climax he passes out in time to see the woman in white appear before him.


The woman in white picks up Stryker and is about to teleport away when a voice breaks into the communication device she has in her ear.

"Ashah are you there? I've found Nightwolf. Come quickly, we can't hold him off much longer."

"Sareena, where are you? I have Stryker, he hasn't come to yet, but he's here. Where are you?"

"I'm at Kang's Temple. Hurry Nighwolf is calling for back up! A portal is opening up!"

Ashrah fumbled to grab the portal stone when she heard footsteps sprinting towards her. Takeda had come back and he looked angry. He looked from Kabal's dead body to Ashrah and then to Stryker. He stopped in his tracks.

"Is that Str.."

"No time boy, pick him up and hold on! My name is Ashrah, I will need your help in the coming war!" Sareena's voice then screamed over the communication device.

"Ashrah hurry!"

"Is that Sareena? My dad worked with her before...before he."

"I'm truly sorry for your loss Takeda. I am. But right now we need to go. we can mourn and bury your father later. Now we must act."

Takeda nodded and lifted Stryker as tears filled his eyes. He held onto Ahsrah and the three were teleported to Kang's temple.

Sareena and the Lin Keui were kombating a horde of demons lead by revenant Nightwolf. A portal was open and the demon horde kept pouring out. Takeda dropped Stryker and rushed into action. Ashrah ran and tackled Nightwolf to the ground.

Just then Smoke and Jade entered the portal. Smoke teleported to Ashrah and flung her off Nightwolf. Jade then used a shadow kick to push her back further. She engaged in combat with Jade, while Takeda attacked Smoke. As they fought, Ashrah couldn't help but notice that they were starting to lose. In her panic she missed a block and Jade landed a punch square to the face. She then felt a searing pain as one of jade's blades buried her foot to the ground.

Jade wrapped one arm around ashrah's throat and raised her razor blade. High. Ashrah began muttering the incantation as fast as she could, her eyes closed waiting for the razor to lice through her, but instead she felt Jade's hand go cold. She opened her eyes in time to see Jade freeze mid slice. the tip of the razorblade touched Ashrah's nose. She finished the incantation and possesd Jade. She saw that Sub-Zero had come but he was alone. She turned back and saw that more demons were pouring out. Smoke and Nightwolf were standing over Takeda ready to kill him.

She used a Shadow kick to knock out smoke and then she flip kicked Nightwolf. As she lifted Takeda up, a razor hat came flying through the portal cutting down demons in its path. To her relief she saw him step through the portal. It was....
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/03/2015 05:22 PM EST
...Kung Lao. Kung Lao and Ashrah proceeded to fight the demons until there was no more. Kung Lao noticed a Cheez-It box in the distance. He picked it up, and ate one. Then, Quan Chi burst out of Kung Lao, as Kung Lao died. Quan Chi then took his hat and sliced Ashrah's head off. Just then, Cassie appeared, as Quan Chi jumped through the portal to hide.

While in the portal, Quan Chi created a portal to Raiden. While Raiden didn't see, Quan Chi took a knife and stabbed Raiden in the leg. Quan Chi then took Raiden's amulet and brought it to the Nether Realm, where he saw Shinnok...
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/03/2015 06:43 PM EST
Sodomizing defenseless oni against their will. Raiden zapped him into a crispy and stomped his head into mush, then all of a sudden Drahmin sneaks up behind Raiden and pops him over the head with his club. Raiden drops to the ground, Drahmin then...
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/03/2015 07:29 PM EST
... Drops to his knees, looks at the sky, and screams to the elder gods...
Ermac's winpose though
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/03/2015 07:51 PM EST he pulls out a pigeon from his arse and throws it at the Elder Gods...
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/04/2015 12:31 AM EST
...and starts singing "Bohemian Rhapsody" as the whole scene darkens and a single spotlight shines on his fly-infested body. He takes off his mask, revealing the face of Freddie Mercury at the part of the song when the crazy guitar solo starts and shuffle dances. Near the calm end of the song, he grabs from the crowd the "I like Turtles" kid, tears off his head, and rubs his back with it like a rubber chicken. After it's finished, Raiden wakes up with a cigar and says...
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/04/2015 12:38 AM EST
"It's all for the best, Cassie." Raiden laughed as energy pulsed from his body. He burst in to flames and began farting uncontrollably which only made the flames worse. "It's for the breast, Assie!!" He yelled as the flames turned green. An explosion... And then nothing. The ringing started again. Cassie's head felt as though it would split in two. She screamed as she moved to press her fingers to her temples.

"Stop!" Johnny yelled as he grabbed her left wrist. Cassie looked down to see that her hands were glowing green again. Just then a van swerved in front of the BMW and slammed on its brakes. Cassie yelled, but it was too late. The car slammed in to the van as they swerved on to the shoulder. Sparks flew as the car clipped the metal guardrail.

"Damnit dad. Drive much?" Cassie asked as her headache began to subside. Johnny righted the ship and though the engine now sputtered a bit, they continued on.

"Pretty sure the words you were looking for were 'thanks for not allowing me to deep fry my own head, Daddy dearest. So what was it this time?" Cassie turned and looked out at the palm trees as they raced through the chaos.

"I don't know. I saw some fighting. A woman named Ashrah. I think she was helping Takeda, but then they were in this battle and Sub Zero was there with his ninja clan. I think that they were at Kang Temple, fighting some revenants. Then it just sort of blurs out in to some random, nonsensical shit. Shinnok and Onis doing weird..." Johnny cut her off.

"Okay... Lets say you don't finish that thought, okay dumpling? Look. Shinnok was destroyed. I don't know what's going on or why this stuff is happening, but whatever power you have inside of you, it seems to be going haywire."

"Ever since the invasion started. What do you think it means?"

"I don't know. Once we get to Outworld, we'll try and see if Master Bo Rai Cho has any ideas."

"What about Raiden?" She asked. She could still smell the cigar smoke. Johnny looked down for a moment before he replied.

"Before your mom disappeared, she told me that she thought Raiden might've been..."

"Been what, Dad? Killed?" Cassie's stomach knotted.

"No. Worse..."

"I don't know, Pops. Dead sounds pretty serious to me." She quipped as her insides unknotted slightly.

"No. She thought that Raiden might be... Compromised."

"As in...?"

"As in working with Liu Kang and Kitana." He answered. Cassie was stunned. For a moment, neither of them spoke. "She said that she had intel from a reliable source. We were going to meet up and talk about a course of action when the sky opened up and crapped a couple million creatures from the ass end of the apocalypse on us."

"Dad... If we don't have Raiden..."

"We'll figure it out. We always do." He said with a smile that only gave off the slightest hint of unease.

"You never said where we were going."

"Oh right. Sorry. We're going to see a man about a portal stone."

"What man?" She asked as Johnny flipped the knob on the radio to KROQ.

"So I'm the last guy here at the studio, so yeah... I'm going to play pretty much whatever the fuck I want. I'd play REM, but that's a bit on the nose, don't you think?" The DJ said. "What the hell, here's Closer by Nine Inch Nails."

"Closer...To God?" Johnny laughed. "Like that's not on the nose? Oh well."

"Dad! What guy?" She asked again. They hit the PCH and began heading north. The road was surprisingly vacant. Several cars lay on their sides and the charred remains of human beings along with decaying husks of cars littered their path, but in such small numbers that Cassie grew anxious. Before he could respond, she interjected.

"Where is everyone?" Johnny shrugged.

"Who knows. Carried off? Maybe the ones that are gone are now revenants?"

"But how? Didn't Quan Chi create the revenants?" But Johnny shook his head.

"As far as I know, he used magic to create the initial group. The strong ones. The Warriors. But he also created an apparatus for making more revenants. My guess is that Liu Kang and perhaps Raiden perfected it. Who knows. Just a guess. Don't worry, we.'re almost to Erron." Cassie scowled.

"Erron? We're getting to Outworld using someone named Erron? Is it that..."

"Yes. That Erron. Who needs gods when you have mercenaries, right?" They drove for another hour up the coast as the carnage receeded from the rear window. They pulled off the road at a truck stop. They got out and left the car running as the Cages rushed towards a small diner. Everyone was stone still staring at the carnage on TV. Los Angeles was gone. So too were Chicago, Houston and Miami according to the ticket at the bottom of the screen.

The door slammed behind Cassie and several people looked over, their faces all but void of comprehension.

"You're so inconspicuous I can't fucking stand it." Came a voice off to Cassie's right. Johnny smiled.

"Right, better to look like a nineteenth century cowboy." Erron Black bristled.

"You got my money?"

"Of course. Never leave home without some spare change." Johnny pulled out a roll of cash and flipped it over to Black.

"That's $50,000 now..." Black began.

"Yeah and 50K once I know it's the real deal." Johnny shot back. Black reached in to his pocket and pulled out a small orb.

"It's not a portal stone, but it'll get you where you want to go. Don't worry about that." Cassie took it and examined it momentarily. An image of Z'unkahrah City burst from the orb. Those in the diner that managed to tear themselves from the TV looked over and screamed.

"Okay so looks good , we'll take it." Johnny said quickly as he thrust another roll of bills in to Erron Black's hand.

"Pleasure doing business. Give my regards to the Khan."

"You're not coming with us?" Cassie asked. Erron turned to her.

"Nice to know that you still care, kid. But I've got a contract to fill while I'm here. Don't worry, I'll find my own way back." With that, he pulled out a six shooter and shot the orb. The image of the Outworld city vanished along with the Cages. "Good luck in Outworld." He said with a grin. "Now to find..."
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/04/2015 01:24 AM EST
the last one." The immortality bestowed upon Erron Black had become tiresome. The non-aging gunslinger desired nothing except the sweet release of death. Now so, more than ever, as reality was beginning to collapse. The cost of dying, however, was steep. The rules of Shang Tsung's spell required that he offer blood for blood, reaping every individual that carried his DNA. When the spell was first cast Erron celebrated with the company of many loose women, and in the over century and a half his decedents numbered well into the tens of thousands across multiple realms. The last one, however, was in Earthrealm, the Black Dragon thug, Jarek.

Kung Jin rested, holding his beloved in his arms. In his mind he told himself "If these are my last moments, I will spend them in love, as a proud ga-." It was in that moment that his thoughts were interrupted as he was teleported away. He found himself in front of Fujin, who looked greatly troubled. "Lord Fujin!" Jin exclaimed, half excited and half shocked, "What is going on!" Fujin appeared more troubled than he ever had before, Kung Jin knew this was dire. "It is the end of all things, and the beginning of all things." Fujin replied. "Kitana and Liu Kang have fused themselves and the Kamidogu in hopes of returning all of reality back into the One Being." Kung Jin was puzzled and frightened to see Fujin so distraught. "What does this mean?" Kung Jin eventually asked. Wearily, Fujin replied, "It means reality is being torn apart by its very existence. You, me, everything except the elder gods are formed from what was the one being. In reforming him, reality is being warped violently by every single individual. It changes and shapes all of reality in a matter of seconds. What was, what can never be, and what may be are all likely to be what is!" A puzzled Kung Jin looked at the wind god "I don't understand," he replied, "we are destroying reality?" Fujin let out a sigh and began again, "We are all stories, Kung Jin. Stories held together because we alone write them. Now, imagine if every story ever written was written at the same time, all together, by everyone." Kung Jin began to understand, and turned to Fujin, asking "Is there anything at all we can do?" With a slight smirk, Fujin replied "Trust nothing, reality is now malleable. To kombat this, however, we must find....."
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/04/2015 09:45 AM EST
... "Nimbus?!"

Nimbus burst from a a Revenant. He did not survive the fall down the stairs at Cassie's condo, and he was now fully under the influence of the Netherrealm.


Nimbus did his signature back-flip kick, catapulting Fujin to the heavens. Acting as quickly as he could, Kung Jin, who mysteriously was fully armed with his bow and arrows despite being naked only moments before, thinking to himself that he was a proud Florida Gators fan, began unleashing arrows.

"KWEESHA! KWEESHA! KWEESHUBAIYA!" exclaimed Nimbus, as he effortlessly karate chopped each arrow. Kung jin ran out of arrows, and prepared himself for the worst. Nimbus charged, the magical effect of cumulus nimbus clouds swirling around him as he moved at blazing speed. He unleashed a forward spinning kick, glowing with purple energy.


Kung Jin's world shattered into blackness.


Meanwhile, in Outworld, Cassie and Johnny both woke up in separate areas of the imperial city. Johnny found himself in Kotal Kahn's throne room, who sat upon his throne, leaning forward with a grave expression.

"Earth's Champion...we would speak."

Cassie, meanwhile, awoke in an overturned fruit cart in the marketplace. Things weren't moving right...she was groggy, the cross-realm teleportation having an adverse effect on her. She suddenly felt a strange sensation...once again, she felt the on-set of strangely erotic feelings. She looked to her left, and there again was Quan Chi in the Cheez-It box, making mincing, creeper eyebrow cocks. He grinned, and in his strangely soothing voice, said "Don't turn around now, Cassie..."

Cassie froze as she felt a pair of feminine hands grasp her shoulder from behind. She looked down to see beautifully manicured, feminine hands caressing their way to her chest, the feeling of a feminine body pressing hard up against her back.

Suddenly, a voice in her ear. It was...
Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/04/2015 05:17 PM EST
...Mileena. Mileena attempted to stab Cassie, but Cassie dodged in time. After a battle, Mileena lost. She laid unconscious on the ground. Cassie shot Mileena, as she approached the Cheez-It box. Cassie grabbed the box, as she emptied it, and out came nothing. "What the fuck? Where'd Quan Chi go?"...
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/05/2015 02:39 AM EST
..."Here, Cassie."

Quan Chi was riding on the back of a big, oafish brute. She thought that it was Tor, but upon closer inspection, she realized it was Tremor. Quan Chi sat on his shoulders like a toddler, urging him forward.

"Go, Tremor! Attack!"


Cassie readied herself, but for naught. Tremor charged...and fell face first to the ground on the very first step. Bo Rai Cho was hunched over on the side, with the remnants of vomit dripping out of his mouth. He had projectile vomited, and Tremor ran right into it's path. Quan Chi was flung from Tremor's shoulders right into Blanche.


Tremor was face first in the puddle unable to make intelligible sounds. He was aspirating Bo Rai Cho's vomit into his lungs. This made Tremor panic, and he shit his grandpa pants. The rear end of his pants exploded outward with a torrent of Tremor shit. Tremor picked himself up from the puddle of vomit, still gasping. He turned, and stepped into the puddle of his own loose shit, and fell face first into that.

"You gotta be fucking kidding me..." muttered Cassie.

"TREMOR! TREEMOAR!" rattled off the panicked brute.

As he struggled, Tremor began aspirating his own shit into his lungs. Tremor died, right there in the middle of the Market Square...having drowned in his own shit, and Bo Rai Cho's vomit. His soul was whisked away to the Netherrealm, where he would spend all eternity reliving his death...every...single...second,,,until the end of all time and creation itself.

Cassie rolled her eyes and made her way to Quan Chi. Blanche was there unconscious, and Quan Chi was no where to be found. Once again, he eluded her! Deciding it wasn't worth worrying about for now, Cassie set out to find Johnny. Just then, out of no where, Sheeva emerged from behind some barrels and crates. Using her four arms, she grabbed hold of Cassie's clothing and tore it all off in one swift motion.

"Oh for fuck's sake, here we go again..."

Sheeva simply nodded and smiled mischevously...and reached behind the crates where she was hidden, emerging with a pile of pillows. Cassie smiled too. The rushed at each other...


Meanwhile, Nimbus Terrafaux continued his path of destruction. Kung Jin lay beaten and broken behind him, his Flordia Gators shirt spattered with blood. Nimbus the revenant made his way toward a Special Forces road block that had been set up, and they were unable to withstand his power.


In the middle of Nimbus' catchphrase, he was shot in the heart by Erron Black. The revenant collapsed to the ground. Erron reached into his satchel and pulled out a piece of was a list. He crossed out the name "Nimbus Terrafaux". Also on the list were the names Khrome, Mokap, Blaze, Tremor, and a few others. Almost all of them were already crossed out. The top of the piece of paper, which one could assume ws the name of the list/contract, read "Doing The Realms A Favor."


Cassie and Sheeva lie panting in a pile of feathers, covered in sweat, the mission in Outworld all but forgotten. Cassie and Sheeva both sat up, still giggly, looked into each other's eyes, leaned in toward each other, and...

Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/05/2015 03:32 AM EST
...Cassie got her Skin ripped the fuck off because Sheeva remembers her man getting nut punched by Cassie's daddy. Sheeva then sells Cassie Skin coats for 50$ a pop. Then Sonya comes an attempts to strangle Sheeva and Sheeva farts killing Shujinko causing him to drop all the Kamidogu.

Thus, stopping Mortal Kombat Deception from happening ever again. Sheeva now the champion of Mortal Kombat now works at your local 7/11 selling Cassie Skin coats for living until Jax...
I feel so alone, gonna end up a Big ole pile of them bones.
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/05/2015 10:20 AM EST
...says "Wake the fuck up, Cassie."

Cassie opened her eyes, naked and sweaty and covered in feathers, with Sheeva nowhere to be found. "Uncle Jax" was standing over her, chewing a cigar, shaking his head.

"You done playing lezzie pillow-fight with the mutant bitch?"

Cassie was confused...had the pillow fight really happened? She thought that the previous encounters were just bizarre visions influenced by Quan Chi, but yet here she was, destroyed pillows around her. She knew that Sheeva hadn't torn her skin off, obviously - she was sitting here, fine...but the pillow fight...the things that happened during it...that was all real!

"Yeah...yeah Uncle Jax, I'm good."

"Then get up and cover yourself up, girl. Put this on." Jax handed her a special forces uniform, as well as a familiar 2-gun holster.

"Thanks Uncle Jax...I'm good now. Have you seen my dad?"

Jax groaned.

"Nah, but our trackers put him in the middle of the Imperial palace."

Jax and Cassie made their way over to the palace. Cassie glanced back, and found Moloch, Drahmin, Meat and Zebron bent over Tremor's corpse, eating it. However, Tremor's hard, scaly skin made them all choke and die. They crumpled into a heap on top of Tremor's ravaged corpse, which was starting to inflate a little bit due to the gases in his body. His guts were going to explode any second. Just then, Erron Black emerged from a portal into the Market Square.

"What the -- Son of a....."

Erron Black pulled out his list...sure enough, the last few names he had on there were all crumpled into a heap before him. Sighing, he aimed his gun at the back of the head of Tremor's bloated corpse, and pulled the trigger. That at least gave him some satisfaction. He crossed all the remaining names off the list, and looked up to see Cassie glaring at him. Jax wasn't particularly happy to see him either.


Cassie and Jax charged.


In Kotal Kahn's throne room, Johnny was shooting the breeze with the emperor. He had calmed down since the defeat of Shinnok, and apologized for his aggression, explaining that he did not trust Raiden and did not know what else to do during the battle with Shinnok. Johnny broke the fourth wall for a second, relieved that some of Kotal Kahn's great character development from the comic was actually showing through. He smiled and gave a thumbs up to no one in particular. Kotal was baffled, but they continued their conversation.

Meanwhile, in the corner, Ermac was sobbing. He was so proud of himself for getting past his palette swap ninja roots, but couldn't bear all the hate mail he was receiving, and all the bashing on internet forums. He had finally come into his own identity, and the world was hating him for it.

A gentle hand tapped him on the shoulder. He looked up, and it was...
Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/06/2015 01:56 AM EST
...Rain! Rain inflated himself with a bubble and blew himself up. "The fuck?" said Ermac.

As Johnny and Kotal were talking, Meat appeared out of no where and fell to pieces. "That's the 5th fucking time this week, god dammit..." Meat said.

Meanwhile, Goro was...
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/08/2015 09:12 AM EST
off in the corner playing four-armed paddy cake with Kintaro.

"Why do you have four arms again, Goro?" Kintaro asked, confused.

"Search me. Why do you look like a cat's ass?" Goro replied. Kintaro let out loud, angry meow of doom and ripped Goro's head off.


"Did you see that, Havik?" Reiko asked. "Your crystal seems to be malfunctioning, cleric." Havik smiled, causing a patch of skin to peel off and fall from his left cheek. The exposed muscles and tendons in his face flexed and relaxed as he spoke.

"No, my friend. Chaos has engulfed the realms, and reality is unmaking itself. What you saw both happened and did not happen." He walked over to the crystal and placed his hand upon it.

"Eynah feradaschan ruchanahan eynah erad." His eyes glowed as his chanting filled the chamber. He repeated the phrase once more and the crystal cracked, forming an "S" shape that made the round glass appear more like a yin-yang symbol. Reiko gazed in to it once more.

"By the gods..." He gasped.

"By one specific god." Havik retorted with a familiar grin. On the left side of the crystal, Goro was standing at Kotal Khan's side as the two of them spoke with Johnny and Cassie Cage in Kotal's private quarters. Reptile stood next to the room just as Tanya walked in. On the right side of the crack, Kintaro was on all sixes lapping up Goro's blood while Ermac stood, drenched in water and viscera.

Havik moved his hand over the crystal and the images changed. On the right side of the crystal, Fujin was explaining to Kung JIn what was happening and why he'd summoned him even as the two were locked in Mortal Kombat with Nimbus on the other side. Fujin pulled out his own entrails and lassoed them around Nimbus just as Kung Jin stabbed Fujin in the back.

"Why would he betray the Wind God?" Rieko asked.

"He did and he did not." Havik responded.

"Tell me the meaning of this, cleric." Reiko implored him as the frustration rose inside of him.

"The great unmaking is upon us. Or so it would seem." Havik left the crystal and walked across the chamber and sat in Reiko's makeshift throne. "Raiden augmented reality by sending messages back to himself that changed the course of history, creating a duality in the timeline. Liu Kang and Kitana have invaded the heavens and defeated the Elder Gods. Now, they invade Earthrealm. Soon, they will come to the last bastion. When Outworld has been destroyed, and the final resistance has been suffed out, they will have what they need to unmake everything. To quote a great sorcerer..." Reiko interrupted him.

"It has begun." Havik nodded.

"It has at that. Between the split timelines, the destruction of the heavens and Earth's impending doom, chaos has brought realities crashing together, with amusing, albeit off-putting results." Havik's words rang in Reiko's ears. This wasn't what he'd wanted. Not what he'd bargained for at all. Reiko turned to the throne.

"And what of the girl? The one with the sight?"

"Cassie Cage." Havik mused. "Once infected by the blood curse of the kamidogu, she is experiencing the split first hand. I feel that she has a definite role to play in this, assuming she can keep hold of her sanity." Reiko bristled.

"Very well, then we let them sort out their fate. In the meantime, Earthrealm will need a new champion if Cassie is nearly incapacitated. That fool Fujin believes that he has found one in Kung Jin, but I know who we must find." He smiled as he walked to the edge of the room and gazed out the opening at the crashing seas below. Shang Tsung's island had been their refuge before, and had served them well once again. But the time for planning had ended. It was time to set the gears in motion.

"Why do you care about Earth's champio..." But before Havik could finish his thought, Reiko had teleported behind him, slicing his throat with a throwing star.

"You think I didn't see this day coming, cleric? I know what you are. I know that you wanted this." Havik strugled, his gasps coughed blood up and on to Reiko's arm. He attempted to break his knees to fall from Reiko's grasp, but was instead pulled upright. The gash in his neck began to tear from the weight of Havik's body. "You helped me get some of the Kamidogu, but you had no intention of helping me become Emperor. I see that now." Reiko pulled hard and tore Havik's head from his body. His limp carcass tumbled to the ground. The head fell to the ground with a wet thud, a smile beaming from the cleric's face. Reiko walked past him and back to the opening in the stone wall.

"If I am to rule, I'll need to end Liu Kang's insurrection, and for that, I'll need the traveler. I might not be able to find Sindel in the Netherealm, but Ashrah can. I'll have her carve him out of her cold, dead flesh. Earth shall have it's champion, and I'll have what I need." Skarlett entered the throne room and glanced at the corpse that appeared to have tumbled from the throne itself.

"Of course, my Emperor." She said. She glanced a the grinning flesh and bone next to the throne. "Heavy is the head, I suppose." She casually remarked. Reiko turned, unaffected.

"That's why we need her. Any news?" Skarlett straightened up.

"Our envoy has made contact with the traveler. She has agreed to meet with you."

"Excellent." He walked over to Skarlett and pulled her mask down. She smiled as he cupped her face in his hands. "You've been a godsend through all of this, my love. We have sacrificed so much, but soon, we'll have what we need." He ran his thumb across her lips before leaning in and kissing her gently on the mouth. He stepped to the side and she followed as they began to leave the room.

"A Deadly Alliance..." She mused.

"Soon enough." He replied. "You, me and the sorcerer makes three. Perhaps we'll even get Earthrealm in this deal as well." He said with a wry grin.

"Can Shang Tsung be trusted, even if Ashrah can fulfill her end of the bargain?" Skarlett asked. Reiko laughed.

"Of course not."


Reptile fidgeted as he gazed over at his Emperor. His eyes narrowed as Kotal and Goro spoke with the Earthrealmers.

"Earthrealm scum..." He hissed under his breath.

"You do not approve." A voice spoke from his side. Surprised, he whirled to his right to find Tanya watching the scene as well.

"Where did you..." But he stopped when she put her index finger to her lips.

"Come. Ermac and I would speak with you for a moment." Reptile hesitated, looking back at his master once more. He felt her hand reach up his scaled arm and lightly tug at the crook of his elbow before releasing it. She bowed and left the room, though it seemed no one had noticed her enter or leave. Reptile did the same and followed her a moment later. He followed her down a winding corridor and in to a part of the castle the he hadn't visited yet to this point.

"Where are you taking me, witch?" He asked as his green eyes quickly darted around his surroundings. He immediately sensed that something was off. He didn't trust her from the moment he'd seen her swear fealty to Kotal Khan. It was her eyes. She always kept them cloaked, making it nearly impossible to read her and he knew that she knew it.

Light gave way to torch light as they ascended a long, winding stone staircase. Khan banners gave way to mossy stone. Tanya offered no response until they'd finished their descent. She turned and faced him.

"What if I told you that you could go home? What if I told you that behind this door was the key to your race's requiem?" She asked, taking one of his clawed hands in hers. The warmth of her touch disgusted him and he pulled away.

"Sssspare me your riddles, witch. I'll not be entranced by you the way Rain was, not a chance." He put his hand to his mask and was about to let loose a belch of acid when the door to his left opened. Ermac stood in the doorway, but something seemed different to Reptile. He noticed it immediately and paused. There was a blue, luminescent glow in his eyes that Reptile had never seen before. 'Blue, not green...' Reptile thought. Tanya walked over to Ermac and smiled. Reptile cocked his head in wonderment.

"We want to go home too, Reptile." Said the man in Ermac's body. "My name is Jerrod, and I believe that I can help you."


Liu Kang paced as he watched the destruction of New York City from an opening in the highest floor of the Empire State Building. This scene that had so thoroughly captivated him in Los Angeles and Chicago now made him uneasy in New York. Sensing his growing agitation, Kitana walked over to him and placed a hand on his shoulder. He stopped and turned.

"What troubles you, my Emperor?" She asked.

"I've had enough of this. We defeated the Heavens in Mortal Kombat to get rid of the Elder Gods stupid rules, but invading Earthrealm is taking far too long. By the time we finish here, Outworld will have mobilized against us." He shrugged her hand off of his shoulder and paced once more as his glowing eyes burned in his head. Kitana was incredulous.

"What would you have us do then, Liu? Divide our forces? Attack Outworld now? Let us finish what we started here. We have the hordes of hell at our back and soon we'll have all the slaves from the heavens and Earthrealm that we'll need. Chaosrealm and Orderealm remain engulfed in their own turmoil thanks to our alliance with Havik and Darrius. Outworld by itself won't stand a chance against our combined fury." Her words seemed to calm him for the moment. He stopped and watched as a large building with mirrored windows tumbled to the ground in the distance, which made Liu Kang smile.

"Kung Lao asked me if this was the only way earlier. Do you think he'll be a problem?" He asked. Kitana thought for a moment.

"I think we've all wondered that, even you. Am I right?" She replied. Liu Kang considered her words for a moment before he responded.

"Havik told me that this is the only way. Without Quan Chi's magic, we'll never be what we once were, and I'll not rule hell for all eternity, even if that fool Raiden believes that to be our place." He reached in to his pocket and pulled out a small glass cylinder no bigger than his index finger. The cylinder was warm to the touch and glowed in a bright blue and purple hue. "Isn't that right, Raiden?" He asked the cylinder.

Noob Saibot entered the room and fell to one knee. "Emperor..." The word echoed within his mask. Liu turned and placed the cylinder in his pocket. "Empress..." Kitana nodded.

"You're looking like your old self again, Bi-Han." Kitana said as she strolled from the room. He returned her nod with one of his own in appreciation. The loyalty he felt for the two that had been able to free him from the soulnado was immeasurable. Although he had his own aspirations, he would follow them for the time being.

"What news from the front?" Liu Kang asked. Noob looked down for a moment and then back to his emperor before he spoke.

"The news is..."
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/08/2015 01:02 PM EST

...Los Angeles has fallen under your subjugation, my Lord. Now Tokyo is being dealt with. Daegon has ensured its resolve to fight us is crushed."

Noob Saibot summons a shadow clone that picked up a small vial of ooze and smashed it to the floor. The fumes from the ooze form a mirror that records the events that have happened. Tokyo is in flames as squadrons of Red Dragon thugs shot anti-aircraft missiles into civilian-filled buildings in the power-dimmed city. Hovering above the skyline, a man in a red cape with a dragon tattoo over his right eye points at the scattered army underneath him and a small ball of flame shoots from his finger like a Dragonball Z villain and it hits one of the tanks, creating a massive fiery radius resembling a miniature atomic explosion. Entire neighborhoods and 17th century temples are burned up into nonexistence along with the army battalion, screaming as their flesh and bones disintegrated due to the massive heat. Liu Kang was uneasy about Daegon. He hated Edenian men ever since Kitana told him about her pre-Shao Kahn arranged marriage with Rain along with the gods since his hatred of Raiden. Mix a nearly immortal Edenian with unlimited magic granted by Argus and a bigger capacity to use explosive fire powers granted by Delia's blood, and you get an unstable demigod atomic bomb.

"This is not old news to me Saibot," Liu Kang said impatiently.

"Wait there's one thing you should know. Our combined Oni and Red Dragon renegade units situated in Outworld that were poised to strike Zukanrah have been being destroyed lately. But one informant has been able to bring up this image," said Noob.

The image in the smoke mirror changed showing a small brigade of Red Dragons shooting something in the duststorm covering the sky and ground in an Outworld desert. Suddenly, burning Oni corpses started falling out of the sky and crashing into the foot soldiers, killing 12. Suddenly, a small fireball hit one Red Dragon armed tank and it exploded, shooting shrapnel into the surrounding army, killing a large swath of them. More Red Dragon reinforcements along with a large flock of Oni charged into the scene, guns ablazing. Suddenly, a shooting meteor with a fiery tail crashed into the flock and began disemboweling the head Oni one at a time with fire blasts and brute force, stopping time midst the battle a few times to dismantle concentrated Oni that had the meteor cornered. On the ground while the Red Dragon were distracted with the oncoming duststorm midst the battle, a few Red Dragon were picked off one at a time by a spinning glave and a few arrows shots by a mysterious Bedouin-like figure with gladiator sandals in the shadows.

"That can't be...," Kitana shook her head in disbelief.

The figure took out a long staff and began dispatching the warriors rushing toward it with extreme prejudice. The only result of their charges were shattered skulls, pierced chests, and smashed genitalia before they died on the desert sand. Suddenly, the figure smashes its staff in the ground, creating a purple force field as the meteor crashed into the ground, burying and burning standing Red Dragon trooper in its vicinity except the figure. As the smoke cleared, a silhouette popped out. The meteor turned out to be a man as it walked to a Red Dragon thug that barely survived the explosion and grabbed him by the throat.

"Where's Daegon!?," yelled the man.

"Go to hell halfgod!," muttered the thug.

The man punched in the thug in the ribcage with his other hand so hard that eight ribs shattered from the force. The thug wrenched in pain and began coughing up blood.

The Bedouin figure walked up to both men and a female voice came out.

"Try not to annoy Taven with your incoherent ramblings. He seems nice on the inside, but trust me you don't want to see how he can dislocate your pelvis. If I were you, I would talk."

"Jade?!," yelled Kitana as the woman began to unwrap her covered desert scarves revealing her dark skinned friend's face. Kitana turned furiously to Noob Saibot.

"I thought we had her in our ranks."

"We did. It seems that she was resurrected even prior to Shinnok's first invasion into Earthrealm."

"And her presence with Stryker and Nightwolf at the Kang Temple?"

"Enera and the others were able to confirm that this Jade was nothing, but a reverent sham that Ashrah possessed. It turns out the real Jade escaped the Netherrealm years ag..."

"The Kang Temple?!," snarled Liu Kang. He turned to both Kitana and Noob in anger.

"I never gave any orders to attack my temple."

"There were rebels inside that were resisting your will, Lord Liu. General Reiko thought it would be a wise move"

"Where is my military advisor now?"

"He's residing with his cleric Havik on Shang Tsung's Islan..."

"SUMMON HIM THEN! He will answer for his recklessness for vandalizing property dedicated in my name. You are dismissed."

Before Noob leaves, Liu Kang added.

"And tell Reiko to bring his companion Daegon from Tokyo to meet with me. I'd like to meet this "demigod" and prove his loyalty to me."

Noob bowed to both and teleported out.

"I will prepare a new strategy to deal with this piece of news", said Kitana.

"Jade has chosen to fight against our dreams. Reverting her back to a revenant is no longer on the table. Insubordinates will now face a permanent death for turning against me," Liu Kang said in complete seriousness.

They both continued watching the scene as the thug confessed Daegon's location in Earthrealm in frantic panic. Then Taven dropped him to the ground and let Jade finish him off by chopping his head off. To Liu's horror, he saw the left-faced dragon tattoo on the bearded demigod, confirming his worst fears.

"I need to flush them out...NOW."

In a small Outworld oasis with dense tropical plants at nighttime, a small fire is roasting with freshly killed Oni flesh and eating around are Taven and Jade along with a teenage striped sabertoothed cat cuddling near the fire for warmth. After the purple lady rescued her from death and molded a copy of Jade to deceive the Netherrealmers, Jade wandered into Outworld and saved this cub from a gang of poachers and raised it as her own. The tiger, in return was a reliable ally, saving her on a few occasions whenever she faced a group of Tarkartan wanderers. She met Taven, battling a group of Tarkartans years ago in Outworld and helped him dispatch them. Since then, Taven and Jade have been good allies despite parting ways multiple times and meeting only on a few occasions. This is probably their fourth reunion so far.

Taven.has been trying to contact Orrin with his telepathy to open a portal back to Earthrealm to face Daegon after the former wandered through a portal to Outworld from Charred Mountain, but to no avail. Taven was still shaken about his parents' murders at the hands of Daegon and his little brother's insanity told by an imprisoned Caro. He blamed himself for not being there to awaken early with Daegon and stopping him from being influenced by Shinnok to murder Argus and Delia. He remembered a flashback when Edenia was around and both Delia were holding both Taven and Daegon when they were small children in her arms and told them warmly to look out for one another no matter what happened. Taven, in his mind had failed in that promise. Jade understood his guilt and his pain, given her noble family sold her to Shao Kahn after the Edenian invasion. She couldn't help, but feel something for Taven.

"It's not your fault you know," she said.


"He may have listened to Shinnok, but he chose his own path."

"A path I could have stopped if I would have been with him."

"There was nothing you could have done to stop him."

"I'm a demigod. Nothing is impossible."

"But you're mortal like us Taven. You can't control everything."

"I could go back in time."

"And what would that accomplish?," Jade snickered. "The last man who tried to do that plunged Outworld into a civil war and killed almost all of Earthrealm's allies. The God of Blunder. It does have a funny tone to it."

"You're calling me clumsy?," Taven taken back.

"When you're not spouting out your boring monologues to yourself constantly where everyone can hear you."

"HEY! Not all of them are boring!"

"Ok "my Lord." Name one."

Taven just scratched his beard in thought, but he couldn't come up with anything.

"Why you wear the color of green?"

"Haha. Very funny Taven," Jade said sarcastically.

Taven couldn't help, but feel a little better with Jade being with him as his company as he chuckled. Both had sarcastic personalities and lost a lot in the past.

"So enough mind games. Any news of the purple woman?"

"Nothing," said Jade. "She said she given me visions of Kitana in her REAL timelime that I'm supposed to show them to...evil Queen Kitana when I resurrect her from the Netherrealm's grasp. Her other visions have been blurry and nonsensical until you exorcised that spirit from me. I can't thank you enough. However I'm worried she'll possess another one maybe even a younger person and drive her into the edge. Now that Kitana and Liu have destroyed the Elder Gods and possess the Kamidogu, bringing them into the light has been much more challenging."

"We'll find a way Jade. We just need to hire a small force to back us up and a portal to Earthrealm. First, we need to take down Daegon at his most vulnerable. His resources have been valuable to the Liu regime. It will be a crippling blow to this Emperor Liu's credibility as a leader AND delay his incursion into Outworld for now. Hopefully then, I can face him in Mortal Kombat and defeat him while you free Kitana. Only through this can this Armageddon, my parents called it be averted."

"Sounds like a good yet suicidal plan for me. Maybe you should be General when Edenia is freed," Jake joked.

"I'm a demigod. I have responsibility to be its Protector God. You should lead Edenia's armies," Taven chuckled.

"I admire the compliment, but I'm not so sure the Edenian Resistance will listen to me. I cannot lead whenever Tanya is around. She resents me for my forced servitude under Shao Kahn and blames me and the royal family for the suffering of the Edenian people. She will twist everything to her favor."

"When I'll be Protector God, I'll back your claim."

Jade couldn't help, but smile at him. Taven may have been sleeping for 10,000 years and have half the blood of a god, but he wasn't cold and uncaring of mortals like the rest of the gods. She wanted Taven to be the person he is right now and not let anything change him for the worst.

"Thank you Taven...but for now lets woory about saving the world. Then we'll worry about politics, alright?"


The warm feelings subsided when suddenly, a rustling in the bushes is heard behind them and Taven clenches his fist and fire engulfs his arm while Jade unsheathes her bo staff with sharp spear points at each end. Her tiger wakes up and snarls at the source of the noise. Taven opens his palm toward the source and a fireball begins to grow within his palm, about to blast the intruder in the brush.

"Anyone who trespasses into my Desert and my Oasis without my consent are not welcome," Jade warned coldly. "Lay down your weapons and reveal yourself. And give me a few good reasons why I shouldn't slay you on the spot." Then the source emerges from the bushes revealing to be...

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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
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Kano. He holds his hands up above his head as he slowly approaches. "Easy, kids. Easy." He edged forward, but stopped when he saw the expression on Jade's face.

"Speak your piece and go, mercenary." She spat.

"Sure, of course, gorgeous. Right then..." He put his hands down and walked over to a large rock nearby and leaned up against it. "I have men, guns, and an annoying need to keep... Ya know... Existing. Way I see it... Time to choose a side, and the enemy of my enemy and all that..."

Taven grunted begrudgingly as he closed the fireball in his fist, destroying it. He watched as the smoke seeped from his fingers before turning his gaze toward the low life intruder.

"Go on. You have my attention." Taven prompted as Kano continued.

"Look mate, I ain't gonna mince words here. Earthrealm's pretty well good and fucked. The Black Dragon's offering our services to the side that don't wanna unmake reality, yeah? We're a useful lot to have in a pinch. Only thing is... The Khan and I see... We ain't on the best of terms nowadays. So I figure 'how's about we throw out lot in with a less err... Conventional ally." Jade shook her head.

"Fuckin apocalypse."

"Right?! Makes for strange bed fellows, doesn't it?" Kano grinned. He stood up and started walking toward the main road. "Look, just think about it, love. A long life with your man there and one less Red Dragon leader to worry about. Everybody wins." He dropped a crumpled up piece of paper next to Jade as he passed. "Direct line to our SAT phone" He paused for a moment, turned back at Taven and smiled. "Oye!" He yelled.

Jarek, Tasia, Kira, Kobra, Tremor and No Face scattered from their hiding places. Jade and Taven rose to their feet in a panic, but paused when Kano lifted his hand. At a moments notice, they were all at his side. "I'm tellin ya, kids. Useful lot here..." He said.

"So..." Taven exhaled reluctantly. Jade glanced over at him in surprise. "You want Daegon. I want Daegon too. I don't know what your endgame is, but..." The smile left Kano's face as he interrupted.

"Listen bloke, I don't know the last time you popped in on Earthrealm or whatever you godly types do, but when I say 'pretty well fucked,' I'm not being...Eh, what's the word." Tremor leaned in and whispered in to Kano's ear. "right, hyperbolic. You think your the first wanker I sought out? I went to see the Wind God and both he and Kung Lao's kid or cousin or whatever almost killed me on sight. This aint about agendas or profit." This time, it was Jade that spoke up.

"That's all you're about, cuthroat. I was there when you betrayed your own realm and offered your services to Shao Khan, or have you forgotten that already?" Kira glared at Jade and stepped forward, her red boot crunching on the packed sand, but Kano put his arm out and held her back.

"Easy, love." He turned back to Jade. "I wanted to play for the winning side. I'm sure you can respect that, yeah? Now I just want to play for the living side. Does that logic wash with you, or should we sit here and debate my motives while his brother destroys Tokyo like bloody fucking Godzilla?" Kano pulled out a serrated knife and pointed it toward Taven. Kobra smiled and smacked his right fist in to his open left hand. Tasia reached over and pulled Kano's arm down.

"Sweetie, he'll think you're threatening him." She said with a smile. "It's not wise to threaten a god." Once more the smile returned to Kano's face. He flipped the knife in to the air, caught it and holstered it over his shoulder in one quick motion.

"Fuck it, let's go." Kano spat on the ground, turned, and once more, they all headed for the main road. This time, Taven chose not to stop them. He sat back down and Jade followed suit. The tiger groaned before returning to its slumber. Taven looked out on to the road and noticed the vehicles they'd arrived in parked a mile up a nearby hill and cursed himself for being so careless.

Jade stared in to the fire for a moment before noticing the small piece of crumpled up paper that Kano had dropped. She opened it and read the number to the SAT phone. Neither of them had the Earthrealm technology to contact Kano, though she knew where to find it if the need arose. She knew that it wouldn't the last time she'd see him or his group of thugs. Below the number, screwled in chicken scratch hand writing were the words "don't trust a god." She glanced over at Taven and studied him for a moment before shaking her head and throwing the piece of paper in to the fire.


Sareena turned and shushed the people huddled behind her. It was hard to be frustrated with them given what they'd gone through to get to this point, but while the old lady whimpered, it was the soldiers that made the most noise. The Wind God had sought her out and asked if she could find souls that might be recruited to their cause.

These were the final refugees that she could locate; a small clandestine group consisting of a few Osh Tek soldiers, a stoic, winged woman named Nitara who sat silently and a man dressed completely in metal that called himself 'Hydro.'

They had nearly made it to the gate when one of the Osh Tek let out a gasp as they encountered a fierce battle raging between Scorpion and...
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
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...Drahmin who's clashing arms (literally) with Scorpion's katana with the voice of a Borderlands masked psycho.


Drahmin continued to laugh maniacally as he and Scorpion continued to smash each other's weapons in kombat until Scorpion does a teleport behind Drahmin and slices his right leg. Drahmin collapses to the ground in pain while banging his hand club to the ground.

"You should come back to the Netherrealm Scorps! We could use the extra hellfire!"

"You deserve your realm! You have no honor! You slaughtered men, women, and children as a warlord in your previous life and Quan Chi grants you the status of Oni Tormentor? What kind of hell rewards the sick and the twisted!?"

Scorpion is about to lop off Drahmin's head until Drahmin swipes his club from the front, tripping Scorpion.


Drahmin is about to slam Scorpion into a pulp but Scorpion rolls back up to his feet just in time to dodge his club. Then Scorpion summons both of his kunai that both hit Drahmin in the chest.


The chains pull Drahmin through the air toward Scorpion who smacks the loathsome oni tormentor in the face, cracking his mask. Drahmin drops down in defeat and covers his head with both of his hands in pain. Scorpion just looks on unconcerned.

"I'm giving you a chance to walk away Drahmin and never encounter the likes of me again."

"Au contrare Scorpion. We were just getting to the fireworks. I believe I have a friend who DESPARATELY wants to meet you!"

Suddenly, a large 12-foot tall one-eyed red oni in the form of Hsu Hao appears from the Netherrealm portal and roars at Scorpion.

"You and him have a bad history together so I'm going to take my leave. Have fun playing! HAHAAHA!"

Drahmin gets up from the ground and runs toward the portal, but stops and makes one remark to Scorpion.


Scorpion looks up as Drahmin disappears through the portal.


Scorpion rushes toward Hsu Hao, but the oni just smashes his fist into the spectre, sending him crashing to the gate followed by the shock of the Osh-tekk spectators. Nitara just gives a glimpse at Scorpion's back and gives a small grin while Hydro poses his hands out in case a fire breaks out. Sareena runs up to the gate and whispers behind Scorpion.

"Hanzo Hasashi. My name is Sareena. I am a demon of the Netherrealm. I can help you defeat this oni."

"Thank you offering me the helping hand, but I have this under control."

Scorpion gets up from the gate and stares at Hsu Hao, cracking his knuckles.

"You killed me behind my back when I was concentrated on Kenshi...I WON'T MAKE THAT SAME MISTAKE AGAIN."

Hsu Hao rushes toward Scorpion with his sharp talons, but Scorpion teleports behind Hsu Hao and sliced a leg tendon with his katana. Hsu Hao roars in pain and turns around to swipe Scorpion, but the spectre has already teleported to the other side of the courtyard. Hsu Hao snarls in frustration and sprints toward Scorpion.

"That's the problem with you onis. Always trying to kill those in front..."

Scorpion teleports from Hsu Hao smashing his fist where the fire ghost was and appears behind, shooting both of his kunai through the back into the oni's abdominal cavity. Hsu Hao bellows in agonizing pain as Scorpion bursts them out with pieces of intestinal matter.

"...yet too stupid to kill those behind you."

Suddenly, a blimp of black matter hits Scorpion and throws him next to the gate. He gets up and growls in annoyance.


Jataaka and Kia hiss in glee as they look like they have cornered their prey. Kia runs toward Scorpion with her sun moon blades, slashing them through the air, but Scorpion grabs one of them and kicks her away. Then Jataaka slashes Scorpion's back with the laser sword and makes a large bloody gash. Scorpion groans and turns around to grab her blade in his right hand until Kia kicks him in the back. Scorpion falls to the ground and both she demons aim to put him down, but Scorpion teleports from a safe distance and shoots one of his kunai at Kia. However given her supernatural speed, she dodges his spears three times whenever he shoots them until she throws her moon blades into Scorpion's shoulders and kicks him across the face. Jataaka teleports behind to cleave Scorpion's back again, but Scorpion learns his mistake and kicks Jataaka in the face, getting up. Kia runs to grab her weapons, but Scorpion stuns her with a face punch and throws away the blades off his shoulders, pulling them out. He runs head first into Kia and slams her to the ground and proceeds to punch her in the face. Out of nowhere, Hsu Hao shoots a massive fireball at Scorpion knocking him off Kia and into the ground. Smoldering, he tried to get up as the she-devils barely wounded rush toward him, but a blade becomes embedded into Jataaka's head who winces in surprise. The knife disappears only to reappear in Sareena's hand who along with Hydro and Nitara are ready for kombat.

"You've come all this way back to aid the weak, traitor?," mused Kia.

Sareena simply replied in disgust, "The best I can do to atone for my sins and save them form monsters like you."

Nitara steps forward and said in a Claudia Black voice, "The spectre was having honorable kombat with the oni until you intervened. I don't like those who ruin a fair fight."

Kia snarls, staring at the Moroi twice her height, "What are you going to do, filthy bat? Drown me out with stoic bullshit?"

"No I wouldn't dream of it. On the other hand, it's you WHO needs a bath. Hydro?"

"With pleasure."

Hydro shoots a beam of water at Kia, blasting her off to the far end of the courtyard as Sareena, Hydro, and Nitara engage with Jataaka and the up-and-ready Kia who recovered from the rain shower. Meanwhile Scorpion is still on the ground as Hsu Hao walks towards him with full confidence.

"You're last week's story Scorpion."

He grabs Scorpion with his massive red hand and smashes him into the ground repeatedly as he blurts out more exploitation.

"The dog about to put down...the piece of burnt potato stuck at the bottom of a frying pan...a hellspawn whose got no purpose to be living among mortals...WHO DOESN'T DESERVE IT!"

After that final smash, Hsu Hao begins clench his fist, crushing Scorpion's body as the spectre wrenches in pain.

"Havik told me he collapsed your lungs in order for you to die. Lets see if my fist can collapse all of you."

Scorpion recoils from the continued pain until Hsu Hao stops for a moment. A dumb thought came to his mind.

"On second thought, I'm starving. I've been having green oni for breakfast for years. I can't stand their sour concoction. However there's always a first time for a spectre sprinkled in living meat. After all revenge comes in one dish."

He opens his maw and throws Scorpion inside, swallowing him whole. Hsu Hao gulps him down in satisfaction.

"Awww that felt so good. Now for an appetizer of Osh-tekk steak and Outworlder le...RAWWWWRRR!"

Suddenly, a katana blade blasts right out of his belly and begins sawing its way vertically. Hsu Hao wretches in horrible pain as the blade continues its way with Scorpion's burning skull head sticking out of the hole.

"It's not your back you had to worry about Hsu Hao, it was your stomach! You never learn Hsu Hao. The Red Dragon. The Netherrealm. No matter what happens, the encounter will always be the same! Tell that to your masters in the Netherrealm when I kill you!"




Suddenly, Hsu Hao's belly explodes as it reveals Hanzo's entire body on fire that engulfs Hsu Hao's body into the flames. The oni screams as his flesh melts, revealing his bones that blacken due to the immense heat and collapse to the ground. Scorpion stares at Kia and Jataaka who are outnumbered by him and his allies in hatred. Both she-demons take the message and run back through the portal. Also, Netherrealm portals that were present in the area began to disappear, ending the large battle.


Scorpion grimaces in pain and collapses to the ground due to almost using his entire hellfire power.

"Water please."

Hydro confused says, "You're not going to burn us?"

"No, you have my permission."

Hydro summons a stream of water over Scorpion's body, dousing off his fires and cooling his entire body. After his small bath, he recovered back to his human form.

Sareena compliments Scorpion, "That was impressive sensei. You controlled yourself."

"So did you."

"I try to use my true form in battle as little as possible. Only dire situations call for it."

"I've faced much dire situations than a rampaging Maoist-kissing oni. So why are you here Sareena?"

"We're here to recruit souls for Fujin's cause against the forces of Emperor Liu Kang and Empress Kitana of the Netherrealm and relocating refugees from the Kang Temple village to safety. The Lin Kuei are also aligned with our cause. It would be good if the Shirai Ryu joined us in battle."

"Yes, Sub-Zero. I owe him a great gratitude for revealing Quan Chi as the source of my suffering. I will call all of my clan members from this battle and join you thereafter after we collect the dead and mend the wounded."

He and Sareena shake hands as a token of the new alliance.

"Thank you Hanzo Hasashi. Reality depends on those who truly fight for it."


Taven continues to stare out to the main road, thinking about Kano's words. Jade just stares at the fire, trying to control her contempt for the Black Dragon.

"If you dare walk out of this forest and make a deal with the Black Dragon, I'll kill you," Jade glared.

Taven was taken aback by the threat and responded, "What's your problem?"

"You have no idea who you're dealing with. The Black Dragon switch sides with whoever comes out on the top midst conflict. They not only specialize in weapon deals. They are filled with rapists, murderers, and warlords. They have no honor, no loyalty. In return for their services, they'll charge you with a large sum of gold. Bad things happened when you didn't pay up"

"Then why is Kotal Kahn still alive?"

"He had a bigger support base that are devoted to protecting him. We don't, that's the difference."

"I agree Jade, but you have to admit this Kano does have a large weapon shipment rich or not and a solid force. It would be a waste to pass that opportunity if we were to reconsider it."

"We don't need the GUNS Taven. We need a small army that's not filled with cutthroats that will stab us in the back."

"Would you rather have the backing of Tanya?"

"At least we would be safe with our people, but on the other hand...Tanya," Jade said in disdain.

"Right. So what, we just happen to lay back while the Black Dragon shit in our oasis?"

"There are two options: we can stay here and risk the Black Dragon threatening us with more men. Or we could pack our belongings and leave the Oasis into the Desert toward certain death and they'd still hunt us down."

The tiger picked up its head and groaned in despair once it heard the second option before it laid its head back to sleep.

"Even if we could succeed with the second option, we can't tell. The Black Dragon might relay our location to Kotal Kahn or the Netherrealm army or worst tell bits of our conversation to the Edenian Resistance and pay them to hunt us down. Not only that Tanya will twist our words and make the populace think we're plotting a coup once Edenia is restored."

Taven says, "Not the Red Dragon. The goons I fought HATED Kano and his thugs for betraying them and using their name in his image.."

"If Kano wants Daegon dead, if you want him off our backs..."

Jade paused and with a general's genius, a cunning plan had come to her mind.

"What is it Jade?"

"The monsoon rains will arrive tomorrow correct?"

"If the weather doesn't miraculously change, yes. What of it?"

"So the massive rainfall can oversaturate the sand, flooding the Black Dragon camp rendering their vehicles useless. They not only have weapon technology. I spoke to a few merchants a few days back about the Black Dragon showcasing some portal technology for a heavy price of gold as usual...Taven, we can use this machinery to activate a portal to Earthrrealm!"

"If the rains don't ruin it that is."

"Kano is very touchy about his technology from my observations. One time I heard a merchant pissed on a metal doorframe of a portal machine and Kano had him and his friends all massacred on the spot."

"That's all grand and fluffy "my lady." But you're forgetting one thing: what's going to make them open their portal to us?"

Jade turned to Taven and gave a devious grin.

"It's simple. We get Daegon's attention."


"Daegon wants both you and the Black Dragon dead. We let him come to us only this time: we won't be the bait."

"Hmph you must still have some of that Netherenergy within you to come up with such a devious plan," Taven sounding surprised.

"I'll take that as a compliment," Jade remarked. "And we could use an extra leg."

She uncovers her bag and takes out a piece of paper. Using a palm leaf as a pen, she writes a message in ink from the local giant snails that she harvested in the jungle. She then makes a chirping sound and a large Edenian imperial eagle (resembling a dark blue/black-feathered harpy eagle with a yellow crest and white underbelly) emerges from the canopy, landing on a log. Jade wraps the message to its leg and talks to it in authentic Edenian. The eagle that seemly understood his master's commands, then flies off to an undisclosed location.

"What now?" says Taven.

"Simple. We retreat from the oasis and wait for the rains to come."


Reiko and Daegon walk into the Hall of Shinnok as the screams of the Netherrealm can be heard throughout the horizon. Lord Liu is sitting alone on his iron throne and gawks at the newcomer Daegon. Reiko bends his knee in respect and greets Emperor Liu. The latter orders him to rise to introduce the newcomer.

"My lord, this is the man you've been wanting to see who crushed our enemies in Tokyo. His name is..."

"Daegon, yes I know his name. We'll get to your report first, Reiko."

Reiko shakes his head and waits for the scolding.

"Noob Saibot told me that you deliberately attacked the Kang Temple to..."

"Root out insurgents sire."

"Yes of course. You were doing a job that I never gave an order for especially when it comes to monuments dedicated in MY NAME! EXPLAIN YOURSELF"

Reiko took a glance at Daegon for a moment and the latter gives a short nod. Reiko then faces Liu Kang.

"Your lord, it is regrettable that your temple dedicated to you truly has been involved in my ongoing Earthrealm purges. What Noob Saibot forgot to tell you is that we were DEFENDING the temple from the insurgents! The people there used your stone artifacts as barricades and pissed on your statue in defiance of you. Noob Saibot has always been a reporter of...questionable intel. He forgot to mention that the blind swordsman Kenshi has fallen at the hands of Kabal. But if you don't trust my judgment, please discipline me."

Emperor Liu paused for a long moment and pondered what to do with Reiko. He then came up with the verdict.

"You are my great military advisor. There would be no one irreplaceable as good as you. If you speak the truth, then you have my full pardon. Go now and leave my presence. I will give out a new order. Find the bodies of those ungrateful cunts and flay them dead and alive on crosses surrounding the fucking pagoda as a message to those who oppose me. Do I make myself clear!?"

"Yes, Emperor."

"You may go."

Reiko took his leave through a summoned portal back to Shang Tsung's Island, leaving Liu Kang and Daegon alone. The quiet atmosphere was only broken by the cries of the tortured and the undead.

"So you're the demigod Daegon, yes?" Liu Kang inquired.

"It is a great honor to meet one whose served our Lord Shinnok," Daegon spoke in a Clancy Brown voice. "I was saddened to hear the loss of our Lord by Raiden."

"No need to worry. Raiden won't be troubling us anymore...I'm sure you're gladdened by the news of Kenshi's death, Mr. Daegon."

"Ahh yes how fortunate. Mr. Takashi has always been...unappreciative of the work I do for Earthrealm. The butchery of his entire family should have shown him that I am not to be taken lightly in betrayal."

"So you know a lot about maintaining power?"

"I lead an underground insurgency that has been hidden under the history books for millennia. No mere mortal could pull that off."

"And a massive international environmental company as a coverup. I'm impressed Mr. Daegon."

"Yes, I thank you for your praises Lord Liu. You wanted to speak of me about business. I'm sure you can hire us to wipe out the treacherous Black Dragon thugs who have avoided this conflict to save their fragile spines."

"Yes, business. I'm a man of business myself, Mr. Daegon. I think we can come up with a partnership over a single question that I will ask you."

"Please, question me away your Highness."

Liu Kang folded both of his hands in a Mr. Burns-like gesture and leaned his body closer to Daegon.

"What if I told kill your own brother? Would you do it?"

Daegon eyes went red with a combination of shock and anger swelling in his face.

"You found him," he said dangerously calm.

"Yes, we have."

"Where's the proof?" Daegon demanded.

"You'll have it in a short time," mused Liu Kang.

"What kind of game are you playing," Daegon snarled.

"I'm sorry?"

Daegon's arms begun to burn with fire as he pounded the palace ground, sending a firewave all across the floor, not affecting the throne. Daegon's body starts to course with extreme firepower as if an atomic bomb is getting ready to set.


The royal oni guard arrive along with the revenants Nightwolf and Enera, readying their weapons toward Daegon. Liu Kang just contemplates and then gives a small chuckle and relieves the tension.

"Well played, son of Argus. Very well. It is yours."

Enera disappears and reappears again with the smoke mirror covered in a large cloth. He unravels it, revealing Taven's face before the death of the Red Dragon soldier shown earlier by Saibot. Daegon calms himself with his firepower and stares at his new source of anger with contempt: the demigod he believed was the origin of his suffering. He walks toward it and tries to grab it, but he only grabs a fistful of vapor.

"It is him."

"Are you sure Daegon?"


"I hope his tattoo isn't on the wrong side or just an..."

"I know what my family LOOKS LIKE," Daegon snarled dangerously.

"Then it shouldn't be a problem, dispatching him then. It was great doing business with you Mr. Daegon. I hope we meet on DIFFERENT circumstances," smiled Liu Kang like a trollish Cersei Lannister.

Daegon barely bowed as he teleported in fury in a plume of flame out of the palace. All of the revenants and the oni were dismissed from the hall. Liu waited alone for two minutes until a cold hand brushed his shoulder seductively.

"Did it work?"

Liu Kang turned to see his Queen Kitana and smiled back. He touched her cheek in what resemble of affection the Netherrealm feels.

"Yes, Kitana. I am sending both demigods to their deaths."

Everything was working as according to plan.


Meanwhile in Kotal Kahn's quarters, he and the Earthrealmers discussed...

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A possible treaty, but the conversation wasn't going as well as the Cage's had hoped. Goro sat stone-faced, staring at them while the Emperor listed the many reasons why an alliance would be of little use to him.

"...And your not even an emissary of Earthrealm's governments. How would I know that you can deliver on your promises? What if your American President or some other leader decides to reneg? You ask for these portals and this space for your refugee camps, but what do I get?" Johnny had gone back and forth with the Khan and was begining to lose his patience.

"I told you already. You get soldiers. Any Earthrealm man or woman that walks through the portals to Outworld between the ages of 20 and 60 will fight for you and you'll need those people if you hope to have any chance of succeeding where the Heavens and Earthrealm both failed. You need us as much as we need you." Johnny retorted.

Goro folded his arms and let out a simple "hmph." Kotal had been sitting opposite the Cages behind a large wooden desk with two large skull masks adorning either end, a relic from a previous regime. His fingers, once steepled, parted ways as the Khan stood up and walked to the window. He began to speak once more when he noticed a commotion down in the square.

"Tarkatans battling Osh Tek?" He turned to Goro. "Summon D'Vorah. Have her quell the disturbance. Once the guilty party can be sussed out... Hang them." Goro stood, bowed ever so slightly, and left the room.


"The Tarkatans?" Jerrod asked as they walked briskly down the hallway.

"Already brought to our side." Tanya replied. "The Shadow Priests have also agreed to back you."

"Good. Your work as an ambassador has been of great use, Tanya. I'll not forget it." Two Osh Tek guards approached them and asked for them to halt.

"Reptile. Ermac... The Khan is..." But Jerrod gave a glowing green wave of his arm and the two were thrown across the room, crashing against a wall before crumpling to the floor. Without breaking stride, Jerrod continued.

"What of the Shadow Guard? Why are they not here helping us?" He asked.

"They secured D'Vorah and Ferra for us, but have agreed to abstain from this battle and have evacuated the city." Tanya replied.

"At least they weren't entirely useless. It matters not. I'm sure that our allies will take care of them." Tanya glanced over at Jerrod for a moment, but thought better of responding as they continued on toward Kotal's private quarters. "...And they'll be here?" He asked?

"Yes, King Jerrod. He told me that they would be here at exactly this time." A small grin rippled across the host face.

"Not King, Tanya... Emperor." He replied as he waved a hand at the large double doors, shattering them to cinders. Kotal Khan looked over.

"What is the meaning of this?" But he already knew. He heard the sounds of grappling hooks clanging against the window sill. Goro returned, only to find himself and the Khan surrounded by twenty Tarkatans.

"I saved you..." Kotal glared at Tanya.

"You're no Emperor of mine." She responded, her words cutting the air. "Emperor Jerrod has returned to claim the lands stolen by Shao Khan. Edenia, Zaterra... Outworld will be what it once was..." Before she could finish, Tanya felt a cold hard 'thud' on the back of her head. She turned around and saw Stryker holding up the butt of his gun. Once more, it slammed in to her face, and she was out cold.

Stryker was joined on either side by Kabal and Kung Lao. It was the latter that stepped forward and spoke. "Our batallion of oni and demons have secured the city for you." He looked around the room and took the scene in before nodding with approval. "I can see that you have everything under control here." Jerrod nodded as a hooded Tarkatan entered the room, a cloak covering most of his body. He walked over to Jerrod and whispered in his ears. Jerrod laughed.

"Outstanding." He turned to Goro. "He tells me that your Shokan have been overun by his Tarkatan forces. They hadn't even mobilized before they were mowed down. Kintaro has been executed." Goro eyes widened as he flew in to a rage.

"NOOOO!" He bellowed as he grabbed the four Tarkatan holding his arms and swinging them toward the window. Their screamed echoed as they plunged to their deaths. He turned and sought to strike again before he was held back by Kotal, Johnny and Cassie. Jerrod snickered for a moment before waving his hand.

"Take them to the Prison. Put them in irons." The hooded tarkatan bowed and gestured to his men. It was Kabal this time that stepped forward.

"Right. So we have a deal then?" Jerrod nodded.

"Yes. Tell Liu Kang that we will close all portals. Neither Earthrealm nor the Heavens shall receive help from Outworld. Nor shall he receive any resistance from us so long as he remains out of our lands while I reclaim what's mine." The three revenants bowed and left the room. As the Tarkatans took Kotal, Goro, Johnny and Cassie away, Jerrod told them to hald. "Hold on." He nodded toward Tanya's curmpled body on the ground. "Take that one as well." One of the larger Tarkatans walked over and threw her over his shoulder.

Reptile stood in stunned silence. 'Was this the king that Tanya would betray her emperor for? It couldn't be. He studied the man controlling Ermac's body and silently sniffed the air. Nothing. No change, but then again, Reptile knew that he couldn't smell a soul. But something felt wrong. Why have Tanya taken away when she was the one so desperate to see him on the throne of Outworld? He watched as Jerrod wiped a hand over his own face. By the time that his index finger had reached his chin, Reptile knew.

"Masssster..." He hissed. The glowing red eyes of Shao Khan returned his gaze. Reptile fell to one knee and lowered his head.

"Yes, my creature. I have returned, and I have a job for you." Reptile hid his disappointment under the guise of happiness and surprise.

"Anything." He replied. Shao Khan withdrew a small sone from his pocket and dropped it next to Reptile. It clicked off of the wood floor and rolled in to his scaley claw.

"Find her for me. Find my queen. Bring her to me."

"Yessss Massster." Reptile rose to his feet and clasped the portal stone tightly until a speck of green blood oozed from his palm. He looked up and plaed the stone in his pocket. He turned and began to leave the room.

"Oh and Reptile... Quietly." The words echoed in his mind as he camoflaged his body, effectively vanishing without a trace.


Reiko and Skarlett entered the palace gates to find Ashrah sitting on a stone step, admiring the flowers. Her large white hat, scuffed from battle, sat at her side. Reiko bowed and laid the package under his arm delicately at her feet. She glanced down at it for a moment and then back at the orange snapdragons that hung upside down from the hanging garden above.

"How do you suppose they stay there like that? I mean... Without falling?" She asked. Reiko looked up and sighed.

"I don't know. Magic, perhaps." He paused for a moment, and then continued. "Is it done? She looked down at Reiko and glared at him coldly.

"It wasn't easy, you know." She remarked.

"Of course not. She killed several of Earth's finest warriors single-handedly." He replied.

"Yes. But you said that she'd be weakened in her...State." Reiko smiled.

"Was she?"


"Well, I guess there's truly no way of knowing now, is there. I mean, you defeated her where half a dozen of Earthrealm's finest could not so it stands to reason..." She cut him off.

"It stands to reson that I'm good at what I do and I demand my reward for it." Reiko nodded and opend the box, revealing large sword with a wavy blade. It glowed blood red, and its hilt appeared to be made out of snakes that slowly slithered in figure eight pattern. A circle in the middle appeared to blink.

"Of course." Reiko nodded once more. "I present to you... Hell's Omen." Ashrah let a small grin escape her lips as the red blade reflected off of her pale face. She immediately turned and moved her hat, revealing her Kriss blade and a small scroll. She tossed them both down to Skarlett, who caught each of them in one hand.

"The soul you seek is within the blade. The scroll will tell you how to unlock it, but you must say the correct name on the fifth line or it won't work. Do you understand?" Reiko nodded in the affirmative. "Good, then our business here is at an end." Ashrah stood up and walked down the steps. She grabbed the sword and the handle slithere around her wrist, locking it in to place. She held the sword above her head and the Earth rumbled. Stone fell upon stone as the Earth spiraled in to a small black vortex. She turned and spoke once more.

"For what it's worth. Thank you. This blade was beyond my reach, but now, I must only kill one more soul and I can leave the Netherealm forever. The Kriss has several souls, but with heaven in shambles..."

"You were only trading one hell for another." Reiko said, finishing Ashrah's thought. She nodded. "So who do you have to kill?" Ashrah thought for a moment.

"If the legend that I heard about the blade is true, then I must find the one that Shinnok defeated when he took control of the Netherealm. He's imprisoned somewhere in the deepest bowels of hell. I must find him and pierce him with his own weapon. It's the only thing that can truly destroy him. One more kill and I'm finally free." She put her sword hand to her chest, and bowed. "Thank you for finding Hell's Omen. I'm sure that Chaosrealm was a difficult place to find anything in, if what I've heard is to be believed." She turned and leapt in to the portal. Reiko and Skarlet walked over and leaned in as Ashrah desceneded.

"Havik would've been so pleased to hear that his hard work paid off." Skarlett mused as the stones spiraled back up and the portal vanished.


Jade looked out on to the horizon as night slowly gave way to day. Bursts of light from the twin sunrises that had beamed through the clouds only moments ago were now muffled by thick, black darkness. She held out an ungloved hand and felt the first raindrop. She looked over at Taven and said...
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“...the rain is almost ready to start.”

“A drizzle? It seems that your forecast isn’t accurate as you...”

Then the clap of thunder boomed across the sky and the drizzle turned into 5 inches of rain, drenching Taven’s hair and black outfit.


Jade then tossed Taven a vine-covered cloth while she tied another one over her back.

“Cover yourself with this before you catch pneumonia.”

“I thought we Edenians don’t contact any dis...haha very funny. While you’re at it, maybe you can pick out the poisonous vines from these cloths so we don’t get any skin rashes.”

“They’re not poisonous. They’re just vines.”

“And we’re wearing them because...?”

“So the Black Dragon scouts searching for our campsite and the skyline don’t spot any reckless flying deities. Warriors should learn of the inner workings of nature. Never underestimate its usefulness. These cloths will keep us camouflaged in the forest as we move up...,” and she points to a taller hill with a rocky outcrop with some scattered thickets of vegetation and an opening to a limestone cave near the top. “ that hill and camp there until the floodwaters retreat tomorrow.”

“It looks like a long walk.”

“Who said we were going to walk?”

Suddenly, Jade jumps from the ground like one of those flying kung-fu warriors in those Chinese action movies and landed on one branch and kept jumping up until she stood in the midst of the canopy, peering down at Taven with a grin.

“We can travel through the canopy much quicker. That is if you can keep up.”

“HEY! I was the fastest man alive in Edenia in my day!” called Taven as she quickly left him.

Taven stomped a few times and then like a bolt of lightning, he sprinted right through the dense forest. He felt the heavy rain on his skin and the earthy smell of sand being pounded by rain as he ran at a tremendous speed, but his vision surprisingly was as clear as a hawk. In the midst of running, he was able to turn his head up and see Jade jumping through the canopy with ease parallel to him.

“Feeling tired, son of Argus?” yelled Jade.

“Huh! Are you kidding? I’m just starting to warm up!” Taven responded.

Taven stomped a few times and leaped at a enormous height into the air towards the rocky outcrop. He grabbed a branch at one of the lowest thickets on the bluff and did a 360 with his entire body while holding on to the branch before landing on the next thicket above him. He jumped off one of the brush’s unstable trunks and made another huge leap. He barely grabbed the highest thicket on the cliff edge and just in the nick of time, grabbed the smallest branch of the plant, dangling above the forest floor for dear life. His heavy weight along with the heavy rain eroding the soil holding the plant wasn’t helping as the roots began to detach. Taven then makes a last-minute leap on top one of the branches and makes a final hop above the cliff before the plant could disengage half of its roots, hanging vertically from the cliffside. He lands on the cliff with his hands to the ground and stands up, blowing out a sigh of relief.

“That was a great workout Jade! But it looks like I’ll be keeping my winning streak,” Taven remarks as he turns to enter the cave.


Much to Taven’s shock, he sees Jade grinning at Taven in her usual Bedouin outfit and flat gladiator sandals standing right next to the cave entrance, holding her staff behind her head with both hands like she’s stretching out.

“NO WAY! How did you beat me? I’m half-g...”

“Unlike you, I had 10,000 years of BEING AWAKE and doing things. Second, while you were busy being the realm’s most acrobatic monkey, I found a shortcut.”

Jade pointed to the right of her and Taven saw a rock-paved stairway lined up with tropical trees much to Taven’s embarrassment.

“Let’s get inside. The rain is starting to take a turn for the worst.”

A few minutes the five inches turned into 15 inches as a crashing sound of a flash flood can be heard traveling through the Black Dragon camp on the base of the smaller hill four miles away from their taller yet sturdy cavern fortress. Taven took off his black shirt and pants due to the tropical heat inside and set them away from any spot the bats might shit on. Jade unwrapped her green Bedouin robes that covered her mouth and body along with her pants while Taven was too busy staring down at the cave floor. White bandages were wrapped around her breasts while a leather undergarment covered her clitoris. On her left backside is a full black tattoo of a crouching roaring tiger staring up to her neck with no filled in stripes and eyes. Jade talks to Taven while she undresses and prepares her sheet bed for the night.

“Earlier you said you were the fastest man in Edenia alive. I take it you were an athlete?”

“Oh yes, those were the days. I excelled at running, swimming, combat, but my favorite pastime was mostly running. Me and Daegon used to race through the gardens in our father’s temple and Orrin would preside as the judge. I always won the races not to boast myself.” Then Taven chuckles as if he were reliving memories from his childhood past. “Daegon thought he could change the outcome by making Caro to be the judge on which we both agreed.”

“What happened then?”

“I kept winning those races as well. I know me and Daegon worked very hard for our upcoming races, but for some unknown reason I always came out victorious. It gets old when you continue winning the same race over and over again.”

“And Daegon resented you for that?”

“No, not at all! We both had good sportsmanship in mind and knew the races were just games. After every race, I would always patted Daegon on the shoulder and told him, “You’ll win next time. I believe in you.” My brother took my words to heart and trained as hard as he could, knowing that at least his big brother saw so much potential within him. Even outside of the track, me and Daegon were more than brothers. We were akin to best friends. I trained him in sword kombat and fire magic while Daegon watched my back on hunting expeditions and showed me the workings of Edenian mortal politics that he was studying to prepare us to ascend as Protector Gods once Father was to retire.”

Then Taven took a long pause as he sadly contemplated the sad events that have occurred in the past few years since seeing Daegon after awakening from his slumber. Jade just waits for him to finish the story.

“After I awoken from that stalagmite, Orrin opened a portal for me to Charred Mountain to find my brother only to encounter a hideous base with red-and-black people trying to kill me. After fending them off...I finally met my brother. I was expecting him to be the same: warm, talkative, and embracing me with his arms. Instead I saw an old, one-eyed man with battle scars and no ounce of love on his face, but intense anger. He still had some of the old Daegon within him. He still thought he was in a race, but he didn’t care about sportsmanship any longer. He cared about winning...and tried to kill me...all because of the lies of a fallen Elder God that I should prevented Daegon from listening to.”

Taven takes a clay flask filled with springwater and chugs half of it down before slamming it to the cave floor. After that, he stops talking. Jade still stares at Taven in a sad and sympathetic way until a loud groaning roar is heard at the entrance. Jade’s tiger walks into the cave all soaking wet and starts to shake its heavy fur, spraying water all over the cave entrance. It then walks over to Jade and lays its heavy head onto Jade’s lap. Jade takes out her right hand and begins rubbing its head, causing the cat to purr itself to sleep. Jade smiles at this and remarks to Taven without looking at him.

“We can become consumed so much by the sadness of our pasts that we can easily overlook those that make us happy in the present...let’s get some rest. Tomorrow the rains will subside.”

Both Taven and Jade closed their eyes to the cave wall to rest. Taven contemplated Jade’s words as he was about to snooze off.

“That cutthroat bastard will be in for a rude awakening tomorrow,” Jade smiled.


“When I said desert, I expected it to be hot and dry like the Sahara! Not like the bloody Amazon!”

Kano is wading through three feet of water at the base camp, swearing loudly as usual as the rain poured on his miserable existence. He managed to climb up on top of one large trailer and takes out a walkie-talkie, pressing the receiver button. When he heard the voices of his lower goons, he yelled in the device.

“Oy, you bludgers! Have you lobbed in on the Edenians?”

“Negative boss. We can’t find any traces underneath this water. In fact, WE’RE HANGING FROM A FUCKING TREE TO KEEP OURSELVES FROM DROWNING! We’d request some backup to transport us back to base boss!”

“WHAT DO YOU THINK I AM, THE FUCKING MILKO!? My jeeps right here are experiencing their own problems!”


Suddenly a huge surge of three foot tall floodwater comes rushing in, pulling four jeeps and the communication satellite disk attached to a tree under its depths. The current carries its heavy debris away from the base camp while the Black Dragon lieutenants hang on top of two trailers for dear life. Kano keeps pressing the button, swearing loudly. Without the satellite disk, the device is rendered useless so Kano tosses it into the floodwaters below.

“If they drown like rats, good riddance!"

Tremor jumps off one of the trailers and touches the earth underwater, creating a small cratered barrier around him, pushing the water outside. However the floodwaters eventually prevail and destroy Tremor’s useless barricades, swallowing Tremor underwater. For a while, Tremor breaks the surface breathing heavily while Kano above swears loudly at him over the loud thunder.


“Even if I try to create a larger earthen barrier, I’ll risk destroying our encampment!”


Tremor grunted in anger to himself. He was getting tired of Kano’s poor treatment of him as his strongman especially those ten times Kano had left him in prison for the authorities and his poor excuses for recruiting him back to the team after the Black Dragon broke him out. But for now, he needed to save this camp so he continued making unstable earthen barricades that fell repeatedly to rapid floodwater. Kano then turns to both One-Face and Kobra in annoyance.

“Where the hell is Jarek!?”

One-Face and Kobra look at each other in disdain for one another.

“I thought you kept on eye on him blondie!?”

“The hell?! You got the fucking job for this week!?”


“I do have something of Jarek’s location, sweetie.”

Kano turns to face Tasis who is covered in a black raincoat with one of her hands inside one pocket. Kano calmed down for a few seconds at last.

“Finally, someone who is more competent than these bugbears. What do you have, love?”

“Jarek left a note in his bunker. I managed to retrieve it before the storm waters came and washed his makeshift tent away.”

Tasia pulled the crumbled piece of paper from her pocket and handed it over to Kano who uncrumpled it. The contents of the paper included a very poorly-drawn self portrait of a fat Jarek wearing sunglasses lying on a recliner with the sun above and some badly drawn wave patterns followed by the caption, “OFF ON VACATION.” Kano boils underneath, gritting his teeth as he sets his eye laser to maximum. He blasts the fat Jarek drawing which causes the paper to catch a small fire and tosses it below with an angry yell.

“After we get our shit together and force our deal with that bunyip Taven, I’m personally going to hunt down Jarek and tear his bloody heart from his chest. NO ONE TAKES A FREE VACATION FROM THE BLACK DRAGON BUT ME!”


A half-naked Erron Black was laying on a wooden recliner, drinking a mug of Outworld mead as the hot Outworld sun beat upon him along with the black volcanic sand and the town of Pas’cara, a coastal fishing village and dockport for entering one of Outworld’s most extensive rivers. With his hat covering his face, he continued drinking until one Osh-Tek warrior walked up to his superior to report their quarry.

“Mr. Black we’ve spotted the axeman in our vicinity.”

Erron picked up his hat and turned to the soldier unmasked, revealing a gruffed face with a small scar across his lip reminiscent of Clint Eastwood and gives a small smile.“Good job Tlahuikole. I’ll give you an extra raise for your effort. Bring him in for questioning and remember I WANT HIM ALIVE. Welcome him in our home away from home.”

“Thank you Kahn’s gunman.”

As the warrior walked away, Erron smiled. His curse of immortality would soon be over. Erron Black thought deeply about his “retirement plan” lately. After converting the $50,000 given to him by Johnny Cage into Outworld Koin and collecting rewards for assisting old “friends,” Erron felt it was time to sail into the sunset with a bang. The axeman Jarek that he sought was the only living connection to him by blood that slowed his aging process and made him nearly immortal thanks a spell cast by Shang Tsung in gratitude for the contract killing of a Lakota sorcerer Shang wanted dead. By killing Jarek personally, Erron would sever the cords of the spell binding him so he could go out in a quiet demise. He hated the idea of dying at the hands of another especially like his moment with that ruthless Red Dragon punk Mavado who nearly killed him and left him for dead if not for the Special Forces who retrieved him from the branches. He always wanted to control his own destiny and decide when it would be his time to die. He never said anything to them, but inside he thanked those that saved him from death multiple times. He liked those who valued life over death which all brought him to this endpoint. Before slaying the Black Dragon thug, he would make an announcement to donate large shares divided amongst his Osh-Tek warrior comrades accompanying him on vacation and being under his command for so long and host a large feast on the beach tonight. In addition, he would send large bags of his money to his “friends” that weren’t able to attend the feast as a last token of his generosity towards them.

“Eh this is the life. Escaping a society 150 years ago that wrongly framed me for a murder I didn’t commit. Fight for Outworld’s finest. Serving a Kahn who’s not waging war and knows how to rule for once. Laying here, resting on some Outworld beach contemplating would be a shame if I gone off in a bang over this beautiful evening. No...I want to enjoy this moment in life before I slip away in the history books. Let the Kahn understand that I served him well and that he deserves a gunslinger who’s less rusty than I am,” thought Black to himself.

However his daydreams were shattered when a large screech broke his concentration, causing him to fall over his recliner and into the scorching black sand. He cursed when it happened and got up to see a large eagle hopping all over his seat. He took one of his pistols and was about to shoot the large buzzard until he noticed a message tied to his leg. He snipped it off and unrolled it as the eagle just lay around perched on Erron’s spot.

“Jade? What does she want now? Another favor?”, groaned Erron to himself. Of course he and her were now on good terms. A while back, there was a bounty on Jade’s head by the Kahn because of a mysterious brawl that resulted in the death of a few Osh-Tek soldiers in the Outworld Marketplace. Erron, of course was sent to hunt her down and he finally managed to catch an eyewitness of her in an Outworld inn in the Wastelands. Of course as he approached, a gang of 25 Tarkartans ambushed him and almost killed him if it weren’t Jade and her pet tiger who came for his aid. After slaying the entire group and collecting their booty from their bodies, Jade was able to reveal their abandoned lair and a larger bounty of Koin larger than the one the Kahn ordered for Erron Black. She also brought up the slain soldiers’ stolen belongings with their names inscribed on them, proving her innocence. Erron, being grateful as usual for his life and more gold in his pockets, let Jade go and went back to the Kahn, telling him that the belongings were found in a Black Dragon hideout under Jarek’s name and the story of Jade saving his life from a Tarkartan horde. Kotal Kahn of course believed him and pardoned Jade, ordering down all wanted posters of Jade and replacing them with Jarek’s face profile. As a show of good appreciation, he sent a messenger back to Jade’s location with a good amount of Koin as a token of appreciation. Now it looked like Jade was hiring HIM for another job. Erron thought it would be another boring Tarkartan raid until...

“Wait a second. The last of the Black Dragon in a nearby oasis? Kano and his gang of lieutenants are there?” spiked Erron’s interest. He had waited for a long time to exact his revenge on Kano for abandoning him for the Red Dragon to be cut down and here was a golden opportunity. And if Kano was there, there was bound to be tons of gold and weapons for him and the Kahnumate just waiting to be plundered. He would finally have the final praise of Kotal’s regime for eliminating Kano and his thugs after their betrayal at the Ambush of Z’unkahrah. And Jarek would be the perfect beacon to his quarry. However he read the rest of the message and much to his dismay he was to perform a risky task: opening a portal to Charred Mountain and tossing in a provocative pamphlet insulting the Red Dragon and its leadership where the Red Dragon might find it and get Daegon’s attention. Jade suggested to do it without writing the location of the Black Dragon’s camp because of some other unspecified part of her plan. Erron would have to pack up a legion of Osh-Tek warriors moving 20 miles up to Jade’s Oasis through a canyon shortcut in time for a signal to ambush the Black Dragon before Daegon can figure out the location of the camp.

“This better be worth the money,” Erron groaned. He got up from his recliner and walked into his shed made from bamboo. There on the walls hang large belts of ammunition and rifles along with his Tarkartan blade sword. He starts opening up a backpack and begins pulling off seven belts of ammo from the wall into his bag along with 20 portal orbs, the same device he gave to the Cages to get to Outworld. He also takes his classic Winchester rifle from the wall and inspects it for any defects. Once it has been confirmed in good condition, he sets it down on top of his desk and walks over to his sword. He pulls it off and sees that it needs to be sharpened so he walks over to a spinning wheel with the sword in his hand. He sits down and puts one of his feet on the pedals to turn the wheel while he sharpens his sword against the spinning device. After that, he then uses a ballpoint pen stolen from a raided Earthrealm convenience store while he was there last time to write a message to a bulk of Osh-Tek warriors settled in the wetlands to pick him up in a boat so they can move down to the canyon overnight after the ceremony. He wrapped the message around the eagle’s leg and it flew off to its destination.

A few hours have passed into the night and Erron’s coastal bar is packed with Osh-Tek warriors. Most of them are drinking and talking in their own native tongue while others are playing knifes with the blindfolded and bound Jarek as their target. They playfully miss their target much to the yelps of the Southern dumbbell. Outside on the beach, a large feast is being prepared for both Osh-Tek and the Pas’caran people by torchlight. Bowls of rice, corn, and tortillas are scattered all over each of the six large tables for the attendants along with boards of grilled tentacle-faced shark and crayfish. In the middle of each table is a large barbecued Outworld six-tusked boar marinated in mango sauce, chili sauce with a fistful of cilantro sprinkled on top. Everyone is enjoying themselves outside: soldiers and natives talking to one another, lots of drinking, test your might contests by breaking obsidian plates, and the local women dancing and intermingling with the Osh-Tek visitors. A few intoxicated Osh-Tek and Outworld female couples even wandered into the local coastal Outworld inn for some lovemaking for the night. Meanwhile in his shed, Erron picks up an outdated portal gun from his earlier deals with the Black Dragon and flicked the “on” switch. It could only activate one portal, but it was good enough for Erron. He typed in “Charred Mountain” and pulled the trigger thus a portal was born. He then wrapped the pamphlet in a roll and threw it into the portal, knowing that it would land in that specific location. The gun died in a whirring sound, but no one gave two shits that night as he dropped it and walked out his shed.

He made his way into his bar and saw the men were having fun with Jarek who was spewing Southern gibberish to quell his terror of having knives thrown at him.

“Boys!” Erron bellowed as the men stopped what they were doing and focused their eyes on him. “I think our friend Jarek here had quite enough of tonight’s entertainment. Perhaps we should let him out of his bonds.” Many of his Osh-Tek soldiers chuckled in laughter as a few of them walked over to Jarek and cut him loose and took his blindfold off. However they pushed Jarek toward Erron Black who was waiting for him.

“You’re the final piece to the puzzle Jarek. You’re going to play a special role.”

“What are you reckoning for?”

“You know what I want. The location to the Black Dragon hideout,” Erron said desperately yet he was hiding the fact that he already knew the location.

“And why would I tell you? You’re all hat and no cattle.”

“Is that so?” Erron questioned with one raised eyebrow.

One Osh-Tek warrior walked up to Erron and passed him a chest filled with Koin $5,000 worth. Jarek’s eyes rose up in greed and surprise at the same time.

“I’ve heard Kano was giving you trouble over your payroll so here’s a small token of my generosity. It’s yours for the location of Kano.”

“That son uv a bitch had it coming. I came out here alone just to get away from that one-eyed Ass-tralian ‘cause he didn’t give me a vacation day!” proclaimed Jarek in full confidence.

“That’s all you wanted Jarek? Why didn’t you say so? Come join us outside! We’ve got food and women for anyone looking to enjoy themselves. A gesture of classic Southern hospitality..”

Jarek entranced by the smell of cooked boar outside was about to walk out until Erron pulled a gun to his stomach.

“Nah, uh, uh,” Erron said. “Map first, then vacation.”

Jarek sighed and took out the map from his pocket and gave it to Erron who opened and nodded at the content of the map. He pulled his gun away and put it back into his holster. “Until we leave for our destination Jarek, enjoy your stay in Pas’cara!” Jarek rushed out of the bar confidently to grab some of that boar before the other people can finish it and Erron turned to some of his Osh-Tek sentries, telling them to keep a very close eye on Jarek to make sure he doesn’t escape. If he kills him tonight, then Erron wouldn’t be alive to lead the expedition to Kano’s camp. His plan is to keep him Jarek alive for the trip until he and his men eliminate the Black Dragon and plunder all of the gold available. Then Erron Black would finally kill Jarek to break the spell over him, ending Shang Tsung’s “gift” once and for all.

One hour into the night and everyone including those from the bar inside continued eating and drinking as usual. Jarek was on his tenth glass of Outworld beer, talking with a blurred accent to attract some local Outworld ladies who quickly rejected him. The unmasked Erron himself had a sober yet satisfying dinner with his comrades during that time. Next, Erron stood up, walking in front of the entire six-table party and shot a single bullet in the air with his pistol. Everyone stopped what they were doing except Jarek who was hiding under the table, puking out the alcohol poison and stared at Erron for attention.

“I’m glad you all came to my little party tonight with these great warriors sitting in front of me.” All the Osh-Tekk cheered in approval of Erron’s accolade. “And the people of Pas’cara who have been great hosts to receive us and share their game and harvest,” as the older Pas’caran attendants nodded in appreciation and the younger 20-30 somethings yelled in their native tongue the same sentiment. “And to honor our great Emperor Kotal Kahn for stabilizing Outworld as we speak!” The Osh-Tek soldiers gave the loudest shouts yelling, “KO-TAL! KO-TAL!” Erron then moves his hand in the air to quiet the crowd to continue his speech.

“It is really fortunate that we get to enjoy this big dinner right in front of us while the world around us goes into the dump. Earthrealm as we are here listening has now fallen into the hands of the so-called “Emperor and Empress” of the Netherrealm...” A few Osh-Tek spat on the ground when the last word was mentioned to express their disgust of the undead. “...while all the other realms are engaged in war or downright wiped face off from existence. The only realm standing intact is Outworld and a few of those Earthrealm bastards running in Outworld are looking to disrupt that way of life, namely Kano of the Black Dragon!” Many Osh-Tek warriors roared in anger over the mention of Kano in memory of their fallen comrades in the Ambush and called death upon him if they would ever encounter him. “Now comrades, if I told you that one-eyed traitor was in a small oasis 20 miles up from here with the last of his clan, hoarding tons of gold from the common people of Outworld, would you join me?” The same Osh-Tek who cursed Kano, loudly screamed “OY!” in approval.

Continuing his speech, Erron yelled, “Kotal Kahn has given us a special mission to wipe out the Black Dragon, the last plague existing from Mileena’s regime clean off from the face of Outworld! After our mission is done, I’ll divide all of the loot between of you as tokens of my gratitude for accompanying me on this mission for our great Emperor! We will be remembered as defenders for Outworld and a testimony to any realm that tries to ruin parties like the one we’re having today!” Erron then picks up a large mug of Outworld mead and raises to the air followed by his Osh-Tek warriors repeating his actions at the tables. “All hail Kotal Kahn!” yelled Erron Black. “ALL HAIL KOTAL!” yelled the cheerful and drowsy soldiers,followed by them and Erron drinking their brews to complete their homage to their Emperor.

“Is that the smell of barbecued pig that we smell?”

Erron and the Osh-Tek turn their heads to see two Tarkarta standing on the sands, overlooking the crowd with their toothy grins.

“Yes...fresh seafood too. A shame no one invited us over for the feast,” the second Tarkartan joked dangerously.

One of the Osh-Tek soldiers Tlahuikole got up from his seat with an obsidian dagger in his hand to confront the two beasts until Erron puts his arm in front of him to stop his advance.

“You get into the party through an invitation. Either you’re a veteran soldier under Kotal Kahn or you’re a native Pas’caran. And I see you two neither fit those criteria so I suggest you leave. This party is closed to Tarkartan scum,” boomed Erron.

One of the Tarkartans snarled and yelled, “PESKY HUMAN! You’ll pay for your defiance. The Kahn will see to that!”

Before Erron can respond, the Tarkartans retreated into the mangrove foliage without a trace. The party regardless continued without them.

“Kahn? Tarkarta? What would the big blue man want with them?” Erron inquired in his thoughts.

Suddenly, a wounded 15-year old Outworlder ran through the bar and out into the beach. He had a few arrows stuck on his back as Erron saw him in shock. He yelled at a few Osh-Tek warriors including Tlahuikole to come aid him removing the arrows and stopping the bleeding. Even amongst the pain, the boy was able to converse with Erron.

“What the hell happened to you at the palace? ”

“Kotal Kahn...Reptile, Ermac, and Tanya...Conspiracy..Tarkartans and Shadow Priests are coming out of the shadows...imprisoned D’vorah and Ferra...”

“Talk sense kid! What did they do?”

“He...Emperor Jerrod within Ermac...and his allies...overthrew Kotal Kahn.”

Erron couldn’t believe what he was saying and stared out to the ocean waves in disbelief as the kid continued.

“Tarkartans took over the palace...Tanya was doublecrossed by Jerrod...Taken Kotal and Goro along with Earthrealmers to prison...Revenants have taken control of city...They’re coming, they’re, CROAK!.”

Then the kid choked on his own blood as death came to embrace him as he lay still with his eyes still staring up to the night sky. Erron walked over to the boy’s body and closed his eyelids. He then turned to his Osh-Tek soldiers especially Tlahuikole.

“Alert the governor of this village. Organize a militia defense force of every capable man, woman, and child. Fight for the glory of the Kahn!”


Erron and all of his guests turn to the bar exit being blocked by a hooded Tarkartan with a company of eight Tarkarta leering at their surprised prey.

“If you wondering about the governor alerting the entire village, I’m afraid he’s been a little LATE on arrival.”

He nods to one of the Tarkarta who moves aside, letting one pass with the cleaved halves of the Outworld governor’s corpse and tosses them to the feet of the Pas’caran people who scream at the sight of their dead leader in pieces. The hooded Tarkartan leader smiled at his work. However Erron was unfazed by this display of terror and walked closer to the leader.

“So you’re the new leader of the Tarkartan Horde? I thought you’d tear each other's throats by now after Baraka and Mileena died.”

“Oh you wished gunslinger. We, Tarkarta usually have tumultuous tribal elections usually resulting in one of the candidates alive left standing. Unfortunately I wasn’t one of them. Baraka and his followers always spouted about “honoring Shao Kahn’s will” or “the great brute force of the Tarkartan horde.” Baraka and his brother saw me as a weakling whose intellect and appearance are an embarrassment to “Tarkartan honor.” They underappreciated my skills and made me the laughing stock of the horde. After Baraka’s death however, there was a lot of dissent about his brother, taking over the leadership, a fact that I used to my advantage. So election day came and the final votes for the candidates were cast that included the brother and a few of Baraka’s loyal generals over who would live solely with the title of Terojin, leader of the Tarkarta people. The ballots were placed in front of the candidates to count the votes, but they all turned out empty. They all demanded to know where the votes were and I walked up to them, saying the people have decided they were all unworthy to rule. It was at that my bloody coup begun and killed all of the candidates, tearing and eating them alive as they screamed. Then I rounded up all of the Baraka loyalists in our horde and laid them underneath wooden floors which we sat upon, suffocating their whimpering bodies to death from the weight of our bodies. The old ones always say that the best way to destroy a village is to butcher and raze it to the ground. But I always ask myself, “What’s the point of being ruthless if you can’t be creative of it? I think that would be less fun in my opinion,” chuckled the shrouded Tarkartan.

The entire Pas’caran party felt a sudden chill of fear after the story was done as the hooded leader walked down the steps as five more Tarkarta filled his place. Soon out of the bushes, more Tarkarta stroll out of the mangrove underbrush from each side of the feasting people including the ones Erron told to screw off from the party. They didn’t step any closer to the tables, but they stood far enough where they can easily charge into the guests and dismantle their bodies. Many wore spiked or helmed helmets and brandished spiked maces, battleaxes, and javelins in their hands. Others Tarkarta who climbed on top of the bar rooftop carried crossbows in their hands. Half of them would have been shunned by Tarkartan society if it weren’t for their new leader’s charisma. Some had ribs sticking out their sides while others had spikes that obscured their faces and their private parts. Some also didn’t possess two armblades at all and carried only melee weapons. Finally, the leader stopped in front of Erron, towering two feet the cowboy’s height.

“Your harsh opinions about my people are well known throughout Outworld Mr. Black. Allow me to correct your assumptions,” growled the Tarkartan. “Lets all start with an introduction shall we? My name is Nigal, new leader of the Tarkarta Horde.”

With that, he threw off his robes revealing his true tall and slender appearance to anyone’s shock. His upper body was colored devilish red with yellow piercing monochromatic eyes.. He had two tusks coming out of the front of his lower jaw and a series of spikes forming a mohawk pattern with a Manchurian queue hanging on the back of his skull. His brown leather loincloth covers his pale abdomen while his legs are covered in spiked shinguards along with sandals covering his clawed feet. The red birthmark of a skull is found below the boundary of the red coloration of his naked chest. His right arm is plump, concealing his armblades within them while his other arm possesses no armblade within its flesh. Strapped to his back is a Thoraxe that he plundered from the Beetle Lair with beads of Outworlder children skulls hanging from the hilt. He also has small flasks filled with chemicals tied to his loincloth sides.

“Baraka and the other shunned me because of the color of my skin and the spikes on my head. Isn’t that barbaric?,” Nigal remarked as he walked away from Erron and towards one of the tables. “May I try one of those?,” Nigal asked one of the elder Pas’caran as he pointed to a half-eaten shark lying on the table. The elder looked to Erron with concern, but the cowboy nodded his head as it would be better not to incur the wrath of this Tarkartan over a simple fish. The elder brought the board to Nigal who simply shot out one of his armblades, impaling the shark through the chest cavity. He then pulls it out, with the shark attached to the blade, and brings the tentacled head to the side of his mouth, chewing it slowly. The crowd slowly watches in anxiety except Jarek who’s snoozing after his binge drinking below a table.

“Mmmm. Not bad. It’s been a while since I had seafood this good,” Nigal said. Afterwards he flicks the shark off his blade and into the shorewaters.

“If you’re done terrorizing these people with your culinary tastes, I suggest you and your Horde get out and...” growled Erron.

“Ah yes to business. The beloved Emperor that you revere so much has been overthrown by Emperor Jerod of Edenia. All Kotal loyalists living in Outworld are to disband and return to the capital for amnesty or risk being deemed traitors and blah, blah, blah you get the message.”

“I happen to read my history books Nigal and I don’t remember King Jerrod allying himself with any Tarkartans and Shadow Priests. Also, note to mention is that the poor bastard died at the hands of Shao Kahn in the Edenian invasion 10,000 years ago. Why the hell rebel against Kotal?”

Nigal walked over the table and shot out TWO of his armblades out of his right arm and starts scratching the table from one end to the other end as he speaks.

“You see Erron, Kotal in my opinion is the usurper. Not of physical Outworld of course, but the very nature of it. He seeks to tame its wildness, eliminate war with other realms, and make Outworld into a realm of “peace.” The blue fool doesn’t realize is that chaos and war is what DEFINES Outworld. If he were to take that definition out of Outworld, the Tarkarta would be driven to extinction along with other warrior races. The thing is I LOVE war. It makes me sleep easier at night and keeps me awake all day everytime I raid a village. And the only true Kahn to ever respect that nature is NOT Kotal.”

“So if Jerrod is not calling himself Kahn then who wo...” Erron stopped at a horrible realization of a nightmare he thought was over. The master Ermac claimed he was constantly linked to had finally shown his true face. He had returned and Erron hated the days that he ruled. “YOU SACK OF SHIT!” yelled Erron as he pulled out his pistol and aimed it at Nigal’s head, but the crossbow Tarkarta aim their bolts at Erron’s head above.

“Yes Mr. Lone Ranger you finally figured it out. Shao Kahn has indeed returned to his rightful place,” Nigal smiled. “Along with Kotal, he sent Goro, Tanya, and two of your Earthrealm acquaintances to the dungeons below. I believe their last names were...”

“Cage,” Erron whispered in shock.

“Yes, thanks for bringing up the frail Earthrealmers that you delivered to their deaths! Your allies D’vorah and Ferra are imprisoned by the Shadow Guard as we speak. The Netherrealm revenants have successfully captured the entire city of Z’unkahrah on orders on behalf of Emperor Liu Kang and Empress Kitana! Earlier the Shokan were...dismantled by our forces and I managed to kill...” Then Nigal takes a heavy bag from one of the Tarkartans and throws the massive object out of it next to the boar, scaring the shit out of the drunken Osh Tek soldiers. It turned out to be Kintaro’s head. “...this little pussycat as a reminder of what happened to those who challenge Shao Kahn and his will. I could care less about the politics. As long as Kahn lets me play with my toys, I’m a very happy servant." Nigal walks away from the tables and joins his fellow Tarkartans who have moved down the stairs. "Unfortunately for you, now that you all know the truth, I'm afraid taking you all in to Z'unkarah for questioning is off the table so I'm just going to kill you. A quick death in contrary to living in shame of having failed your false Kahn.”

Suddenly, Jarek is waking up to the commotion above and starts to mumble about how her worthless his dad was when he came home drunk from work and beat his mother or whatever sort of nonsense he spews out. Nigal hears this, stalks over to the table, and grabs Jarek by the neck below the table, pulling him up by the noose. Erron was anxious, seeing that if one mishap happens, his path to sealing his fate would be doomed.

“And who might this...drunk and worthless Earthrealmer be in a company of such great and noble warriors?,” Nigal mocked the crowd. He then noticed Erron’s aggravated face and grins.

“Oh this drunkard actually means something to you Erron?...alright I'll give him back to you,” says Nigal as he pushes Jarek a little toward Erron.


Both armblades from Nigal’s right arm pierce through Jarek’s chest much to Erron’s horror. The Tarkartan then moves his blades vertically down Jarek’s chest cavity, causing the drunk to cough on his own blood.

“Oops. Blades must have misfired,” as Nigal badly joked and threw Jarek’s corpse in front of Erron, watching the last vessel for ending his life peacefully die in obscurity. Then Nigal signals his crossbow Tarkarta to fire upon Erron Black at which the cowboy stands there in horror. Suddenly, Tlahuikole jumped in front of Erron to shield the cowboy from the incoming bolts piercing his neck and chest. The noble Osh-Tek collapses to the ground, bleeding mercilessly while Erron stands over his dying comrade.

“I’m sorry my friend,” said Erron sadly. “I’ll find a way to make it up to you.”

Tlahuikole nodded a little and grabbed Erron by the right shoulder as a gesture of brotherhood before his eye pupils turn over and dies. Erron closes his eyelids to give him the sleep he deserves.

“Now then,” Nigal yelled to all people at the six tables. “Here’s how it’s going to be after this little ruckus of ours is over. Since Erron and his Osh-Tek guard REFUSES to turn themselves in for the Kahn’s mercy, we’re not going to butcher and burn this village down. We’re going to SACK it and eat whatever we want, kill whatever we want, and fuck whoever we want!...Then we’ll burn it to the ground! And anyone who passes through this town will know exactly what to expect if they defy the might of the Tarkarta horde! TARKARTA!”

Nigal yells to all of his brethren before taking out his Thoraxe and pointing it toward the vulnerable people. “Here’s some Outworlder and Osh-Tek people who ate themselves fat and drunk themselves to the bottom of the barrel!” He gives out a final smile before saying, “FRESH MEAT.”

Suddenly, all of the Tarkarta charge straight into the partygoers, cleaving hands and piercing drunk Osh-Tek chests as crossbow bolts fire straight into the crowd. Tarkartans fling the tables over, spilling all the fresh produce over the black sand while the blood of dying soldiers are spilled to the mix. Erron knew that he couldn’t stay here for long as he made a straight dash to his shed and picks up his heavy bagpack along with strapping his sword to his back while carrying his Winchester rifle in his hands. Knowing that he can’t charge straight into the mangrove coastal forest filled with ambushing Tarkarta, Erron makes a straight dash through the door of another store and runs straight through the entrance. In the village streets, Tarkarta have already begun breaking into people’s homes, butchering the elders, men, and male children while raping the girls and young women before killing them off as usual pertaining to their sadistic natural instincts. Though Erron was heartbroken to leave his own Osh-Tek men and the Pas’caran people behind to fend for themselves, he knew he had to reach the Osh-Tek army in the Wetlands to get to Jade’s Oasis and finish the Black Dragon. He turned right in the direction of the riverside part of the village and meets one Tarkartan charging at him. Erron simply aims his rifle for the head and blasts the cursed beast to oblivion. As he continues to run, he encounters three that leap off from a palm tree and race behind Erron at lightning speed. One of them throws an axe to Erron’s head, but Erron hops on top of a wooden rooftop just in the nick of time while the axe hit the house’s wall. Erron jumps from one rooftop to the next and shoots one Tarkartan with his rifle that was blocking his path. He then turns to see the three pursuers and fires three shots into the group. Two of them destroy the head and sterum of the first Tarkartan while the third simply hits the second beast’s pelvis, causing it to fall off the rooftop. The third Tarkartan leaps into the air toward Erron with its blades, but Erron crouches and kicks it in the chest, throwing the Tarkartan above Erron to crash into the village floor below. After shooting some more Tarkarta along the way, he finally makes it to the riverport and tries to find his means of escape. He finds a small rowboat and starts rowing away from the dock until two Tarkartans leap from a platform above and land on Erron’s boat. Caught in the middle, Erron quickly pulls out both of his pistols and moves his arms left and right, blasting both of them through the brains before they could pierce him. Another Tarkartan leaps from the platform to kill Erron, but the cowboy's incoming bullet grazes the mutant through the jugular vein. The Tarkartan's corpse falls into the river with a large thud. Erron continues to row away far off from the ravaging Tarkartans. In the distance, he can see Nigal spewing explosive goo out of his bladeless left arm to the side of a a large barge and taking out one of his tiny flasks. He tosses it to the gooey stain on the boat, igniting a fiery explosion that destroys most of the ship. Nigal turns his head and sees Erron rowing away from the doomed village of Pas’cara, but the ruthless Tarkartan simply smiles.

“We’ll meet again very soon Earthrealmer,” Nigal chuckled to himself as his horde violated this one village of Outworld as a tribute to Shao Kahn’s new reign. The Tarkarta will rule once again.

After traveling 5 miles upstream to dawn due to his heavy exhaustion from last night’s massacre in the wet and less forested marsh, Erron sees a large barge with sails marked with a jaguar head petroglyph, the sigil to Kotal Kahn. He fires a bullet in the air to signal his presence. The boat quickly receives him and welcome him aboard. A few miles up and they turn left on a stream. As they travel uphill, dark soils gave way to grey sands along with the decrease of lush vegetation. As they travel downward slowly, Erron Black manages to finally see the canyon walls up ahead towering over their ship, the quickest shortcut to the desert. After making about 10 miles, the boat luckily parks above a stable stream (created as a result of the floodwater) filled with a floating satellite disk as the stinging desert heat begins to be more prominent to the cowboy and his Osh-Tek allies. Given his experience in the old West, Erron had no problem figuring out which perches on the canyon wall were easier to climb. He and 80 of his company then hiked with canyon climbing equipment the army possessed for the mission Erron wrote about to them in his message. Once they reached the top, Erron and co. can see Jade’s Oasis two miles away in the distance lined with saturated waterholes as a result from last night’s monsoon. After trekking through that distance, Erron and his company near the end managed to hear someone yell about fighting a “Daegon” and a familiar Australian thug swearing in panic.

“Kano,” Erron growled as he clocked his pistols in preparation for kombat. However given being awake all time over the events that occurred last night at Pas’cara and losing Jarek as the key to peacefully ending his life, Erron doesn’t seem too thrilled and on top of his game to face another murderous gang. However he knew he had little choice. It was either retreat and be annihilated by the incoming Tarkartan hordes who might be on his trail or rush into the oasis, facing down his worst enemy in what might be his last shootout. Suddenly, the same eagle that gave him the message back in Pas’cara flew ahead over them and circled above the oasis. Then, a female Edenian battle cry is heard in the canopy a few meters behind that hill overshadowing Erron and his company.

“That’s the signal! Lets go!” yelled Erron and he ran into the forest with the last of Kotal Kahn’s loyal men following his lead to what might be his last mission in Outworld.


Sareena, Scorpion, Sub-Zero and company were expecting a message from Fujin at the Gate. Scorpion with his Shirai Ryu all gathered and prepared said to Sub-Zero...

(yea sorry about the long post. It took me about two days to get this right.)
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
06/28/2015 04:35 PM EST
..."Again we meet Sub-Zero. I wished it was in my newly-built pagoda, sipping teas as friends."

"It is regrettable of our situation Master Hasashi, but as long as the Netherrealm keep attacking, Earthrealm will never be safe. I see that the Shirai Ryu are in stable condition to fight."

"Yes as are the Lin Kuei?"

Sub-Zero nodded. He and Scorpion stood in front of the Sky Temple now with the heavens bleeding red.

"It is strange and unnerving that Raiden is not with us in the fight," Sub-Zero noticed.

"From the moment he almost doomed this realm with the Kamidogu, I knew the Thunder God would eventually turn against us and join our enemies. It was a mistake to trust him as it is with all gods," Scorpion indicated with conviction.

"Fujin is not like Raiden. He has impeded Raiden before when he was under control of the cleric Havik. He will do so with the Netherrealm again."

"And if he doesn't?"

"Then we will enjoy our last encounter before we die in battle together with pride."

Suddenly, the sky breaks and a small tornado strikes to the ground in front of the two Grandmasters and behind the remaining ground (Sareena, Nitara, Hydro, Oshtek warriors, refugees). The tornado then dissipates and reveals Fujin, holding Kung Jin by the arm. Sub-Zero gave a bow with his head in respect.

"Lord Fujin we've been expecting your arrival."

"Yes, me and Kung Jin here had to deal with a minor issue in the Temple, but it has been resolved. I now know what it is we are facing Kung Jin here can explain."

Kung Jin finally spoke up. "Before Fujin pulled me out of my bed..."

"Ahem," Fujin gave for the Shaolin to get to the revelation.

"Our ex-pals Liu Kang and Kitana have fused themselves with the Kamidogu and are tearing reality apart so our perceptions of reality is being meddled with. In other words, our eyes will start deceiving us as long as Liu and Kitana keep holding onto the Kamidogu."

While Kung Jin was speaking, Fujin teleported in a gust of wind and reappeared with Takeda by hand. Takeda then collapsed in exhaustion as Kung Jin and Scorpion ran up to him, pulling him up to his feet.

"Are you alright Takeda?" asked Hanzo Hasashi.

"No...I'm not Grandmaster," Takeda said sadly.

"What happened?" asked Kung Jin.

" and him were fighting off the Netherrealm revenants and the Red Dragon in Chicago until..."

Takeda's voice trailed off until Scorpion put his hand on his shoulder, indicating him to go on.

"...Kabal sliced my dad's head off in front of me. We lost the battle and I retreated to the Kang Temple through a portal hopefully to find you Jin, but a Netherrealm unit ordered by Reiko already arrived there...more revenants came...until Fujin came and teleported me out."

Takeda's eyes ran with tears and sobbed bitterly to himself while Scorpion bowed his head in solemn silence, sad over the death of his best friend.

"Kenshi's death is not your fault Takeda. He was a great warrior and a good friend of mine. He would want you to continue your fight against the Red Dragon in his memory," Scorpion said to motivate Takeda.

Takeda dried his tears and shook his head toward Scorpion. Then he gave Hanzo Hasashi a tight hug while his master returned the favor. After that, Fujin stepped toward Sareena and the group.

"And I see you have brought forth additional allies and refugees for your cause Sareena."

"Yes Lord Fujin. This is Nitara, a Moroi from her realm of Vaterranus and Hydro, a ex-Lin Kuei who escaped the Cyber Incentive. They wish to assist you in battle."

Nitara stepped forward and spoke to Fujin.

"The Moroi Empire has been reduced to ashes by Shao Kahn's conquest that scattered my people to extinction. Now Outworld is no longer inhabitable for me given the war that's been going between Mileena and Kotal Kahn. Now that the Heavens have fallen and the victor Kotal Kahn seems vulnerable to stave off the coming Netherrealm invasion, my search for an ancient artifact to revive my people must be put on hold to help those who would see reality folded back into place."

"Do you offer the means to defeat the rulers of the Netherrealm?"

"No, but I do know some additional allies we can recruit in old connections with the Raptor Race of Zaterra and ancient scrolls I've read has revealed a strong population of Raptors living underground led by their Matriarch Khameleon. Hopefully she will understand the direness of our situation and join forces with us. It is the best I can offer in memory of my people."

"We thank you for your information and your decision to join our cause. In return, I will look into the library and find any information of the relic you are searching for and refer it back to you."

"You honor me Lord Fujin," Nitara says and she gives a small bow.

Fujin says, "As for the refugees, they will taken care of in the large cavern of the Sky Temple. Any military assistance from Outworld refugees and soldiers will be welcome."

While the grownups continued to make plans, Kung Jin turned to Takeda.

"Any news from our crew?"

"I got a call from Cassie hours ago, but she seemed frantic and the line just cut off in the middle. As for Jacqui, she's with Sonya. Both of them along with Li Mei's refugees escaped from the SF base in LA as it was being attacked by the Netherrealm and the Red Dragon. They're hidden somewhere in an underground base concealed in the Rockies. Thank the Elder Gods Jacqui's alright. But if General Blade finds out Cassie..."

"Takeda, she'll be fine. I've seen her kick Shinnok's ass, believe me she's a tough cookie. Mr. Cage is probably looking out for her as we speak. The best we can do is keep fighting."

Takeda ponders a moment in doubt and then nods his head in agreement.


Meanwhile in Outworld, Ermac/Emperor Jerrod/Shao Kahn is sitting on his once abandoned throne, laying back in relaxation. Then suddenly, a Shadow Priest barges in and quickly bows to Emperor Jerrod.

"Who disturbs me Kastor?"

"I bring news from Pas'cara, my Lord. The last loyal battalion to Kotal Kahn has been eliminated by Nigal's Tarkartan Horde."

"Excellent work. And what of the mercenary Erron Black?"

"Nigal didn't specify. He wanted to see you in person in the city."

"Blast it Nigal," muttered Shao Kahn. "Summon a portal and I will meet Nigal in Pas'cara. He better have a good reason for dragging me out of my palace."

"Yes Emperor."


Meanwhile in the dungeons of Shao Kahn's palace, both Cassie Cage and Johnny are locked in separate cells across each other bounded to the wall in irons. Cassie speaks up to say...

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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
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"We're not going to make it are we Dad?"

Johnny Cage is snoring loudly despite the tough shackles around his wrists.


Johnny wakes up in a startle.


"We're losing Earth to Liu-Kangry, we got caught up in a coup, and we're locked the fuck in this rat-infested cell that smells like a scene from one of your bad movies."

"Cageshank Redemption?"

"God can you be serious for like a minute Dad?"

"Right sorry. I joke a lot whenever I'm in a bad situation. Not the first time this happened to me Cass. Sometimes when your end is near, you've got to give yourself a good laugh and think your apparent death is just another scene in the set. That's how I get around. Of course being starved and shackled in a prison is not the scene I'd like to..."

"If these bars did not hold me so tightly Johnny Cage, my arms would be able to reach out and strangle your irritating throat!," yelled Goro.

"Hey Machamp can you keep it down. Me and my daughter are having a private family moment!"


"OK then...never mind. Hey Kotalingas hanging there?"

Kotal Kahn is in a cell parallel to Goro's cell as both of them face the two Cages shackled arms to the wall and feet to the floor. Kotal is sloped over, with his face facing the floor."

"The conspirators were smart to have locked me in an underground dungeon. Without access to sunlight, I am powerless to break free of these restrains."

"So what now," Cassie worryingly said. "We just wait here until a miracle happens?"

"If it is necessary, yes. My allies are currently locked yet there's been no word from Erron Black in Pas'cara. Our hope now rests with him."


The head of Jarek is slammed by a large nail four times until it hangs tight to the dock post. This head and other bloody bodies are remainders of what happened to those who opposed Nigal's Tarkartan horde. In the atmosphere, the fires that have plagued the village have died off, but that doesn't drown out the sounds of women screaming, Tarkartans roaring, laughing, and eating their spoils of war. Some Tarkartans are poking the flayed carcasses of the Osh Tekk soldiers that they slaughtered last night with their blades for sport while others are crucifying other bodies to posts to display their lack for postmortem dignity. Nigal is eating a small child's head on one of his blades, nibbling off the flesh as if it were a Tootsie Pop. Suddenly, a portal appears and Ermac/King Jerrod suddenly moves out along with a small company of Shadow Priests. Nigal unsheathes the child's skull and greets Ermac with open arms like seeing an old friend come back from a long voyage.

"Emperor my old comrade! Welcome to Pas’cara! Come we have food, women, and gold! All for us to enjoy!”

“You better have a good reason for summoning me here Nigal. I don’t like disappointments.”

“Of course Sh...I mean EMPEROR JERROD. But first if you don’t mind about...”

Nigal points at the group of Shadow Priests who have their sharp staffs in the hands, ready to protect their Emperor. Jerrod gave a sigh and simply waved them off, prompting them to leave. Nigal leads Emperor Jerrod into the main Outworld pub that hosted the party of Osh Tekk soldiers the either day. Now it’s ransacked and there’s only one untouched wooden table and two chairs in the middle of the rubble. Nigal takes a large chair at one end of the table while Ermac takes the other side. Nigal motions for one Tarkartan to bring a large keg of Outworld mead from the basement for the two of them as the latter leaves.

“You like what I did to the place Emperor? The last Outworld settlement loyal to Kotal Kahn...poof, crushed under your noble heel.”

“I must say Nigal, your techniques are most unlike of your predecessor Baraka, but if it gives me fear and obedience as a result, then my rightful claim to the throne is secure.”

“That’s what you hired me for, Jerrod...or should I say Shao Kahn...don’t worry no one can hear us talking. I’m the only one who knows your identity.”

Shao Kahn/Ermac looked around the bar, but sees no eavesdropping citizens so he sighs and continues the conversation.

“I do hope you killed the Earthrealmer renegade Erron Black.”

“Nah, slipped through our fingers. It was fun, terrorizing his comrades though. Nearly broke him by killing his boyfriend in front of him.”

Shao Kahn punched the table and rose up in anger.

“WHAT!? The old Earthrealmer still wonders in Outworld and you failed to kill him?! I wanted him dead as a liability so he wouldn’t rescue his comrades and cause trouble for us in the future! He could be planning with his allies!”

Nigal just gave a short chuckle.

“What is one simple cowboy with no powers going to do? Call Earthrealm? He barely even calls it home let alone visits it. Plus Kotal’s forces are at best insignificant to our grand hordes.They don’t stand a chance.”

“You think this situation is humorous? You let your psychotic bloodlust and bravado get the best of your rationale and now a fugitive is still at large!”

“Oh Emperor. Humorous I may be, incompetent...”

Nigal takes a small walkie-talkie-like device with a constant beeping noise and a red dot.

“One of my Tarkartans tagged a small sticker on Black’s cloak before he got killed. Right now this miracle of Earthrealm technology is currently tracking Erron’s location and movements right now. Shortly I dispatched a unit of my best savage Tarkartans to dispatch the cowboy once and for all. You’re hired me for good results, did you not Emperor?,” Nigal grinned his toothy maw.

“Do not inflate your ego just yet Tarkartan. Bring Erron’s head and I’ll consider it a good result. You’re lucky to be in the company of a great Emperor otherwise you’d be screaming rather than smiling.”

“I’m lucky?”

Suddenly, five Tarkartans overhear the Emperor’s threat and unsheathe their blades surrounding Nigal and pointing them at Ermac, but Nigal signals them not to attack Kahn as he the former is about to address him..

“I didn’t buy these Tarkatans their loyalty. I earned it through strength and raw power. Two attributes your useless former employee Baraka lacked in his credentials. They look to ME as their leader and would lay their lives to defend me. My charisma holds the hordes together. I do not question your authority my Lord, but it would be a mistake to kill me. Without me, no horde. I’m the only friend you got Emperor.”

Nigal then motions his Tarkartan company as they leave the room and both savage leaders continue their conversation.

“Let me make one thing straight Nigal: I will get my body back. And if I find out you’ve been dealing behind my back to some withered sorcerer after I’ve done that, I will kill you and that will be the end of our little “friendship.” Address me as friend in front of my subjects again and I will toss you to the Tigores where you will be devoured alive. Do I make myself clear?”

“Of course Shao Kahn, anything to sustain our partnership. Perhaps you can appoint me as your advisor when you solidify their claim. With me, you’ll never look at the Tarkartans in the same light plus who’ll have someone who is both brutal and intelligent.”

Suddenly, one Tarkartans comes out with a large keg and brings out two mugs. After filling the glasses, Nigal grabs his and chugs the beverage down in one gullet.

“A thousand glasses for a thousand souls hey comrade?,” Nigal joked.

Suddenly, Ermac clenches his fist, causing souls to surround Nigal’s head that force slams it onto the table top.

“I hired you for your competent military genius, not as a court jester. Do not test my patience Nigal.”

Nigal is struggling under the gravitational force of the hold on the table while managing to give his toothy grin.

“Of course...Emperor.”

Suddenly, Ermac unleashes his grip, causing the souls to withdraw and lets Nigal’s head sit up.

“Whew well that was as your “new advisor” can I advise you on something?”

“This better not be another fucking joke.”

“Tanya...pretty stupid of you to betray and lock her up.”


“Think about it. We had the leader of the Edenian Resistance, the largest anti-Kahnite force at large in Outworld, in our grasps, helping us take the Outworld throne and you just smacked her in the head like she was just a simple toy. We could still use her if she’s willing.”

“What would you have made me do otherwise Tarkartan?”

“Keep her loyalties to you. NOT stab her in the back. Now that she’s in prison, Tanya will most likely conspire against us and tip the odds to the Resistance's favor. Give Tanya a royal pardon and welcome Tanya back as an ally. Possess the leader, you possess the means to the Resistance and the way to victory...of course the decision is entirely up to you Emperor. Oh on one other note...”

Nigal creeps over Jerrod and gives a whisper.

“The Shadow Priests cannot be trusted Emperor.”

“You’re just being paranoid Nigal. They were a major faction in my restoration of the throne. Why would they betray me?”

“It’s funny how they elect a funny Shadow Priest oddling like Kastor as their new leader.

No charisma or ruthlessness. Just like his brothers. It’s as if his strings were pulled by another being higher than him...”

“Shang Tsung is DEAD. I made sure of that when I empowered Sindel.”

“And how’s your wife trying to be NOT dead?” Nigal joked.

Ermac was about to open his palm to blast Nigal across the room, but Nigal spoke up.

“The point is, that no one ever dies in this universe not even Shnag Tsung. Death is a fucking joke, comrade. I get blown up, poof Netherrealm gives me undead powers and I come back to kill. Get shot in the head, poof alive again. You’d wonder whether this endless cycle would end. If Sindel can be brought back, then Shang Tsung could also be pulling the strings of the Shadow Priests behind our backs. We should keep a close eye on them.”

Ermac/Jerrod rubbed his chin with his fingers in contemplation for a brief silence. He then breaks it.

“As much as I want to get rid of you Nigal, you’ve proven yourself to me a smart and reliable general.”

“I’m the only “friend” you got, Shao Kahn.”

“I’m afraid so. I must get back to Outworld. Check the prisoners, inquire about the Shadow Priests, and make sure my identity is not revealed. If any loose ends of our plan is revealed, you will be the first to suffer the brunt of my fury.”

“Your secret is safe with me Kahntum. Hope you enjoyed your stay in this lovely village of yours,” chuckled Nigal.

Ermac got up and left with his Shadow Priest company who activated a portal outside back to Outworld. Nigal just continued to refill his glass and chug more mead down his colossal throat.

“Ehhh it’s good to be the King,” Nigal growled to himself.


Meanwhile, Reiko and Skarlet are...

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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
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(Is anyone up to continuing this game?)
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RE: Mortal Kombat X Create a Story Game
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(I think people gave up on it when it got too serious. It derailed early on and became a lot of fun, then it got very lengthy and very serious.)
Well, you all got your Tremor now. Can we finally move on?