Castlevania X Mortal Kombat -fake-
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Castlevania X Mortal Kombat -fake-
Nitara resurfaces with a plan to ressurect her master, Vlad Tepes. She succeeds in raising his castle but as she performs the final blood magick ritual to revive Lord Dracula himself, Mortal Kombat 11 guest fighter Leon Belmont storms on scene to confront her.
02/24/2019 10:24 PM EST
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RE: Castlevania X Mortal Kombat -fake-
02/28/2019 05:38 AM EST

lol is that a shrine to Dracula?

The sprites arent as good as your last fake, but the arena is definitely a very awesome mix of the two.

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RE: Castlevania X Mortal Kombat -fake-
02/28/2019 03:39 PM EST

Very cool idea. Though the BG sky should be faded over the moon, but not the shadow castle n reaper.


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RE: Castlevania X Mortal Kombat -fake-
03/01/2019 07:29 AM EST

Thanks guys, yea that is a shrine to the Prince of Darkness aka the Dragon. Man it's been 5 damn years since we had a new Castlevania game! The Netflix show based on Castlevania 3 is amazing though. Can't wait for season 3.

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