Character Concept: Rorak
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I'm glad to see you finally got this up.

Good concept, I think. I was disappointed when there was no mention of a member of Onaga's army in MK: Deception. You gave him an interesting backstory and tied him in with a good number of characters. Can't wait to see more of your work.
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Black-Rose wrote:
Name: Rorak
Age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Alliance: Neutral
Orgin: Outworld
Allies: Kung Lao, Scorpion, Baraka
Foes: Shang Tsung, Reptile, Noob-Saibot, Smoke
Fighting Styles: Dragon, Mantis, Ninja Stick
Power: Fire, Physic
Strength: Knowing the enemy has fear
Weakness: Knowing the enemy has no fear

Rorak was once an ordinary man who was a master at Kung Fu. He had a wife, three children; two boys, one girl. His wife name was Shairn. Then there was Johono, Bladerik, and Xaining. Rorak, was called Decreot back then, before the accident, but we will get into that story later. Decreot and his family moved near a different school, every year, so Decreot could teach his ways of Kung Fu to the younger people. He loved this job, and would like to never quit. At one school, he found no ordinary fighter. His name was Shujinko. Shujinko was the best learner in his class, for he had also been getting teaching from Bo' Rai Cho. Shujinko, unlike other students, passed the training early and left town to teach with Bo' Rai Cho for some time. Decreot, after this, had no more concern for Shujinko.

A few years later, as Decreot and his family were sitting down at the table and eating, smoke filled the whole house. Everyone was coughing and hacking. Then Decreot fills a hand grab his shoulder and yank him out the door. He was on the ground, but when he looked foward, he wasn't in the same place. He looked around him and saw Shao Kahn's palace. Right then and there, he new that he was in Outworld. Who grabbed him by the shoulder though? And how did he get here? He turned around to see Noob-Saibot and smoke right there infront of him.

Decreot: Wh- who ar- are you?
Noob-Saibot: I am Noob-Saibot and this is Smoke.

Decreot hesitated for a while, but then started to talk to the two new bodies he was looking at in front of him.

Decreot: What do you want with me? Why did you bring me here, to Outworld?!
Noob-Saibot: We need your assistance. We need you to ki-
Decreot: No! I know where this is leading. I will not assist you in your quest. Now bring me back to my family!
Noob-Saibot: You didn't let me finish. Me and Smoke are joining forces to take down the one known as Shao Kahn. If you help us then you will be a ruler with us. Yes, or no?
Decreot: Still no! It is not in my nature to kill someone, even someone that evil. Now take me back to my house!
Noob-Saibot: Oh I can't do that now, you have heard to much.

Smoke jumped from over Noob and kicked Decreot in the chest and he fell to the ground. Sure this gave the greatest of pain to Decreot once the foot colided into his chest, but he just wouldn't let himself die. He got back up, and barely dodged another kick by Smoke. Smoke tried to kick Decreot once more, but Decreot caught his leg before it touched any part of his body. Decreot swung Smoke around and then threw him toward a tree. Smoke's systems, were shut down. Decreot felt a foot hit his head hard, and turned around quickly as his head was in pain.

Noob-Saibot got out a sword and went toward Decreot. Decreot had nothing, but his ninja stick could help defend himself. He quickly got it out and then waitied for Noob to make his move. Noob swung his sword towords Decreot, but Decreot dodged it. Noob then aimed for Decreot's feet, but Decreot jumped over that. As Decreot was still in the air from jumping over the sword, he colided his stick into Noob's head. Noob went straight toward Decreot. Decreot held out his stick to defend himself, but Noob just pushed it out of the way.

Noob-Saibot: Do you really think that a stick can help you win? You won by luck with Smoke, but you won't be to lucky anymore.

Noob held the sword high in the air. Before Noob could make his move, Decreot got his stick in his hand again, and then all of a sudden swords come out of the sides of them. He planted one end of the stick right into Noob. Noob fell to the ground, but was still alive. Decreot had enough. He left his two foes on the floor and went to go search for a way to get home.
What of his family? What are they doing at the moment? He looked all around outworld for desperate help to get back to Earthrealm. He looked around everywhere, but there was no one that could help. For there were hardly any people outside, and everyone he asked told him to leave.

Decreot quit seaching for help, after many hours and sat down on a stump in the forest. He felt that all hope for him was gone. Surely he would never find his family again. He heard a noise. He looked around, but there was no one there. He heard footsteps. He looked all around him, but still there was no one there. Then he began to see the footstpes on the leaves in the forest. They were coming straight toward him. He quickly got out his ninja stick incase whatever (or whoever) was walking towards his would attack.
The figure started to outline, then it's body showed, then feet, then the rest of his body. It was Reptile, but Decreot didn't know who this was.

Reptile: There is no reason to be alarmed, my friend. Please I need your assistance in something.
Decreot: I will not accept unless you give me details about this mission.
Reptile: I need you to find my medalion for me. Someone stole it and went somewhere over that way.

Reptile pointed south,

Reptile: The warrior is too strong for me, but once I saw you defeat those other people a few hours ago, I have been following you. I see that you have lost your way from home, yes?
Decreot: That is correct... who are you?
Reptile: My name is Reptile, but we can't talk now. Do you accept my quest? If you help me then I will help you.
Decreot: You will take me home? But you do not know where I live.
Reptile: I know you are from Earthrealm, and I can take you there. Surely you can go to your home once you are in the correct realm.
Decreot: Okay, once I get the medalilon, bring me to Earthrealm.

Decreot stormed off. He headed south and looked everywhere for a warrior. All of the people here looked like ordinary people though. There was no man or woman in a suit at all. Just beggars. Then he saw a man in yellow. He had a mask, a costume, and had a sword. There were skulls on his shoulderpads as a symbol. This must be the man. Decreot hurried over to the one in yellow and started talking.

Decreot: Do you have a medalion of some sort? Reptile said that a warrior has took it from him, and ran off with it.
---------: This is MY medallion that HE stole. So I just got it back from him.
Decreot: What is your name? I am Decreot.
---------: My name...... is Scorpion. And you have no buisness with me so GO!
Decreot: Well, do you have a price for the medallion?
Scorpion: Why do you want this warrior to have my medallion so badly? Are you working for him? Cause if you are then you will be dead in a matter of seconds.
Decreot: This warrior, known as Reptile, said that he would take me home if I brought back the medallion.
Scorpion: Lost from home? Well that is too bad. There is no price for my families medallion.
Decreot: Is there something I could do in order for you to take me to Earthrealm then?
Scorpion: Actually there is...... There is a man called Quan Chi. He destroyed my family and clan, and this medalion is all that I have left of them. He is located in the Netherrealm. If you bring him to me. Then I will take you home.
Decreot: How am I to get to the Netherrealm? And once I am there, how do I bring him back here?
Scorpion: I will take you to the Netherrealm and I will not leave. until you complete your quest. Are you ready?
Decreot: Yes.

Outworld turned blury and the only thing that he could see was himself. Then the blurness faded and he was in the Netherrealm, with Scorpion infront of him.

Scorpion: I will meat you at this spot once you find Quan Chi.

Decreot went to find Quan Chi. After many hours of searching, he still saw no sign of Quan Chi. Then the world was blury again. He could see nothing but himself once more. Once again, the blurness faded. He was in Outworld again. But how did he get here? He saw a great light burst through the night sky. He looked over and saw a familiar face walking in a portal. He couldn't relize who the man was, but he had seen him before. He went into the portal, in hope to find Earthrealm.

He was in a weird place with a Kamidogu sitting on an altar. There were three portals open. One was green, one was blue, and one was red. The red must lead back to the Netherrealm. And the blue back to Outworld. The green portal must lead back to Earthrealm. He hurled into the green portal and was in Earthrealm. He was home! The portal was so close to his house he could barely see it. He raced over to his house. He went inside. And stopeed. He saw his family dead, on the floor. He heard the door open again, and saw Shang Tsung there. Decreot didn't know if Shang killed his family, but he was to angry to care. He went toward Shang Tsung with all of his might. Shang Tsung waited for the right moment, then stuck a sword through Decreot's heart. He was dead.

Decreot's soul was lifted up and in a new body. He was in a skeleton. He had aurmor on him, and had the symbol of Onaga the Dragon King on him. He couldn't move. He seemed to be under someone's control. He saw Shang Tsung, then and there right infront of him walking with Quan Chi. He saw his body, and his families' bodies on the floor. He new that Shang Tsung was the murderer. He had to move. He had to kill Shang Tsung. His anger rised, his hatred consumed him, and he was out of the control. He could move. Without thinking, he went after Shang Tsung with all of his might again. Shang Tsung was startled and put the same sword through Decreot's heart. But, he wasn't dead, he seemed to be imortal. He grabbed Shang Tsungs neck and started to choke him. Quan Chi blasted a Fire Skull at Decreot. He let go of Shang Tsung knowing that his soul could be taken away from him. He fleed.

His appearence was hidious. He could not show his face like this. He made a costume. He made a mask. His hatred for Shang Tsung grew. He couldn't remember his old name sense he was to angry and hatred consumed him. He was, and is, Rorak from that day foward. Seeking the death of Shang Tsung.

Wow this character concept is really good, i rate it: 9.5/10 wink
02/26/2005 09:33 AM (UTC)
It's a very good character concept and I like it alot 4/5
02/26/2005 09:41 AM (UTC)
omg u rok 10/10 :o :o :o
02/26/2005 08:54 PM (UTC)
About Me

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Oh, another who poses threat to Shang Tsung. Excellent ideas my friend. 3.7/5
04/02/2005 02:59 AM (UTC)
you suck jacka
04/02/2005 03:24 AM (UTC)
Thanks for the comments guys, I really appreciate them alot!
His story will soon be posted!
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