CONTEST ENTRY - Shaolin Monks
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RE: Fan Submission: CONTEST ENTRY - Shaolin Monks
09/14/2005 05:44 PM EST
RUFIX Wrote:
Wow! Amazing, simply amazing. Are you a professional comic book artist?wow

I haven't done any pro work yet but, I've been contacted by someone to work as a penciller for a comic book. So if everything goes right, I should have some work published in the near future.

The-Switcher Wrote:
Flawless as always. You deserved the top spot, if they could pick only one entry depicting Kang/Lao side-by-side, they picked the right one.

While this isn't really a critique, it would have been awesome if you had a whole background, and not just a small window for one, but that'd be a ton of extra work.

Not sure if I would have liked this more with a full BG. Composition looks good with the frame and also makes Liu pop out.

axeman61 Wrote:
I was wondering where your piece was. Hmm. You just ran up and took off with first prize. How do you feel?

Great. :D

bleed Wrote:
Oh, wait....Just noticed a little problem with Kung Lao's back anatomy.

I have an anatomy book in front of me.

The Latissimus dorsi (lats)

It's supposed to wrap around from the front of the arm pit down to the outer corner of the lower back.

On your drawing, it's going from the front of the arm pit like it's supposed to, but the bottom part is going too far to the front of his body. That area is supposed to be the "flank pad" muscle, what creates the love handles.

That's an easy fix though, you just need to draw a line to outline the lower part of the lat muscle, so you can see the division between it and the flank pad.

You drew it correctly on Liu Kang.

Thanks for pointing it out. I don't know my back anatomy perfectly.

Thanks for the comments peeps.

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RE: Fan Submission: CONTEST ENTRY - Shaolin Monks
04/12/2019 04:51 PM EST

Hi. Can I use it as a tattoo? This is dope.