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Deception TV Series
10/13/2015 08:54 AM EDT
Hi there, I found this thing that I wrote up around about the time Armageddon was released and thought I might as well upload it here to show you guys for the hell of it, since it was obviously intended for this site back when I wrote it. Back then I thought it would be a cool idea to have a TV series based around Shujinko's adventure in Deception, since his quest crossed over with the storyline of so many characters (a whole show about Shujinko? Ugh). I wrote episode summaries for 5 entire seasons. I removed a lot of storylines, added in some unrelated ones and changed or made up a lot of others. For example, there is only one Sub-Zero and Noob is a separate character. I also compressed Shujinko's story, so he doesn't age much throughout it. Scorpion and Sub-Zero have of course been given a lot more focus than they had in Shujinko's story. Having said all that, it's quite canonical despite the false chronology and Shujinko being forced into all of the events. Anyway, it's a long read, hopefully someone else finds it as amusing as I did...

E01 Damashi:

Open with the story of the One Being. Shujinko and his dreams of being an MK champion are introduced. Bo Rai Cho trains Shujinko but says he is not ready to venture outside of the village walls. The village is invaded and held captive by the Shirai Ryu and Shujinko's parents are killed (For ultimate dramatic effect). Damashi visits an emotionally wounded Shujinko and grants him the power to absorb the abilities of other fighters. Shujinko defeats the Shirai Ryu and saves the village and Bo Rai Cho decides that Shujinko is now ready to venture outside of the village. Damashi informs Shujinko that he has been chosen as Champion of the Elder Gods and sends him on a quest to gather the six Kamidogus.

E02 Lin Kuei:
Shujinko adjusts to the outside world and spends many years training with Bo Rai Cho.
Damashi learns that the Lin Kuei also seek the Kamidogu and may have located it, so he instructs Shujinko to use Bo Rai Cho's warrior medallion in order to capture their attention and join their ranks. Shujinko steals the medallion and finds the Lin Kuei temple. A battle ensues with Sub-Zero.

E03 Scorpion:
Having joined the Lin Kuei, Sub-Zero trains Shujinko, who impresses the clan with his ability to emulate Sub-Zero's ice powers. The Lin Kuei are contracted to steal a map from the Shaolin temple. Shujinko is conflicted, but remembers that he is ultimately serving the Elder Gods. At the temple, the Lin Kuei encounter Scorpion, who is killed by Sub-Zero.

E04 Temple of Elements:
Quan Chi destroys the rival Shirai Ryu clan as payment for the map. He again enlists the Lin Kuei, this time to retrieve the amulet from the Temple of Elements. Shujinko and Sub-Zero battle their way through the temple, defeating the amulet's protector, Fujin, and retrieving the item for Quan Chi. The Lin Kuei reports that they have located the Kamidogu.

E05 Red Dragon:
The Lin Kuei secure the cave in which the Kamidogu resides, but the Red Dragon clan have been tipped off as to it's whereabouts. The Red Dragon and Lin Kuei battle for posession of the Kamidogu and Hsu Hao is killed. Instantly and horrifically. Sub-Zero instructs Shujinko to escape with the Kamidogu. Shujinko steals the Kamidogu and uses it to open a portal to the Nexus, as instructed by Damashi.

E06 The Netherrealm:
Damashi explains the Nexus and Shujinko opens a portal to the Netherrealm. Shujinko tries to adjust to the realm and to the realisation that all of the myths were true. Shujinko is attacked and captured by Netherrealm denizens, led by Sareena, before being rescued by Ashrah.

E07 Demon Slayer:
Ashrah explains the story of her heavenly kriss sword and the pair work together to hunt down and slay demons. Among these demons are Sareena and Reiko. Ashrah learns that Shao Kahn has sent an assassin to kill her for murdering his Netherrealm allies. Shujinko parts ways with Ashrah to continue his search for the Kamidogu.

E08 Soul Stone:
Shujinko discovers Ermac near death in the Netherrealm wastelands. Ermac explains his origins and informs him that he needs to find a soul stone in order to maintain the magic bond which keeps him together. Shujinko finds the soul stone and carries Ermac to it, where he replenishes his energy. The two are discovered by Ashrah and a fight ensues. Ashrah slays Ermac and ascends from the Netherrealm. The soul stone is destroyed in the battle and Shujinko retrieves the Kamidogu from within. Shujinko travels to the Chaosrealm.

E01 The Brotherhood of Shadows:

In the Chaosrealm, Shujinko meets Havik and aids him in a battle against the Brotherhood of Shadows who have asserted control over a cemetery and the souls within. Havik explains the ways of chaos and that the Brotherhood of Shadows is in violation of their way of life.

E02 Chaos:
Havik, impressed by Shujinko, enlists his help in also freeing the sacred water supply from the control of Seido. Shujinko learns about the ongoing battle between the realms of Order and Chaos.

E03 Labyrinth:
In gratitude, Havik informs Shujinko of the whereabouts of the Chaos Kamidogu. Shujinko braves the Labyrinth, battling chaos denizens and finds the Kamidogu.

E04 Outworld:
Shujinko enters Outworld. He saves a civilian and interferes with the affairs of the emperor, which attracts the attention of Reptile. When Reptile is defeated, Shujinko asks to see the man in charge. (I figure that since Outworld is such a large part of MK, it needed a few episodes to introduce it and it's denizens).

E05 Shao Kahn:
Shujinko informs Kahn of the Kamidogu and his service to the Elder Gods. This intrigues the Emperor. Kahn tells Shujinko about the city of Lei Chen, whose Overlord has been resisting his cause. He claims that the city has information about an artefact matching the description of the Kamidogu. Shujinko heads for Lei Chen and Kahn orders Reptile to pursue Shujinko in secret.

E06 Mileena:
Stationed outside Lei Chen is Mileena and her troop of tarkatan warriors, who are plotting to invade the city and overthrow the Overlord, Zeffeero. After initially displaying hostility towards Shujinko, Mileena later enlists him as a messenger to negotiate a deal with the Overlord. When Zeffeero refuses to give up his own life to save his people, he instead tells Shujinko of the Kamidogu's location and asks him to take it to Seido and trade it for the assistance of the Seidan guardsmen.

E07 The Living Forest:
Shujinko braves the Living Forest where he discovers the Kamidogu. Reptile makes his presence known and attempts to steal the Kamidogu. Shujinko kills Reptile. Damashi reminds Shujinko of his quest and tells him that he cannot use the Kamidogu as a bargaining chip.

E08 Order:
Shujinko heads to the Realm of Order to enlist the help of the Seidan Guard. In lieu of a bargaining chip, Shujinko offers Hotaru control of the city in return for his assistance in Lei Chen. Shujinko trains with the Seidan guard in preparation for the mission.

E09 Overlord:
The Seidan guard arrive in Outworld and impose their dominance over Lei Chen. Zeffeero objects to the takeover and is killed by Hotaru. The tarkatans attack and meet the heavy resistance of the Seidan guard. Shujinko is captured by the tarkatans.

E10 Baraka:
Shujinko is held captive at the tarkatan camp by Baraka. The tarkatan horde continues to battle with the Seidan guard until the tarkatans are forced to withdraw. Eventually, Shujinko is able to escape capture and Mileena and Baraka are killed. Damashi informs Shujinko that the MK tournament will soon begin and the Elder Gods are granting him the chance to participate.

E01 The Blind Swordsman:

Back in Earthrealm, Shujinko meets Kenshi at the tournament auditions, who explains the story of Sento and his hatred for Shang Tsung. Shujinko and Kenshi train and practice together. The Lin Kuei hears of Shujinko's return and sends Smoke to assassinate him for his betrayal. The two defeat Smoke and capture the attention of Shang Tsung.

E02 Mortal Kombat:
Raiden appears to test the kombatants and questions Shujinko's connection the Elder Gods, but is ultimately convinced by Shujinko's powers. Kenshi and Shujinko battle Shang Tsung and both are invited to the Mortal Kombat tournament.

E03 Nightwolf:
Shujinko meets another participant, Nightwolf, who senses an evil taint on his soul. Shujinko agrees to let the Shaman help him cleanse it. Damashi then informs Shujinko that he cannot fight in the MK tournament and must return to the Netherrealm to regain the evil taint as it is essential to his quest.

E04 The Festival Of Torture:
Shujinko returns to the Netherrealm.
(Some story possibly involving the Brotherhood of Shadow and maybe Shinnok.
We need some time to pass here while MK1-4 occur, so there's a montage of Shujinko travelling through Netherrealm, acquiring an evil taint).

E05 Vengeance:
Shujinko encounters Scorpion in the 5th Plane of the Netherrealm. A battle ensues but eventually Scorpion decides to let Shujinko help him track Quan Chi. Scorpion explains his backstory. They find and attack the sorcerer but he is able to escape.

E06 The Amulet:
Quan Chi makes a deal with Drahmin & Moloch to free them from the Netherrealm if they protect him from Scorpion. The two Oni's attack Scorpion and Shujinko but are defeated. Quan Chi discovers a portal and uses the amulet to activate it. He escapes and teleports to the Lost Tomb of the Dragon King where he finds the forgotten Emperors undefetable army.
Scorpion and Shujinko follow but are teleported to different locations.

E07 Deady Alliance:
Quan Chi forms an Alliance with Shang Tsung. They kill Shao Kahn. Damashi informs Shujinko that he senses the evil taint he has acquired and that he is free to return to his quest. Raiden asks for Shujinko's assistance against the DA and Shujinko informs Raiden that he will meet them in Outworld.

E08 Kano:
Shujinko arrives in Outworld and is enslaved by Kano in the village of Sun Do. The villagers are forced to build a palace for Shang Tsung around the Soulnado. Shujinko meets Li Mei and agrees to teach her to fight when she rebels against Kano & he sees that she has spirit.

E09 Dragon King:
The DA agrees to hold a Mortal Kombat tournament as a chance for Li Mei to free her village from enslavement. Shujinko also fights in the tournament. The losers' souls are transplanted into the soldiers of the undefeatable army. The Dragon King backstory is explained.

E10 Escape From Sun Do:
A mysterious figure stalks Sun Do. Suspecting foul play, Shujinko suggests seeking assistance from Hotaru. Shujinko escapes from Sun Do and travels to Lei Chen, Hotaru imprisons Shujinko for breaking curfew, but agrees to assist Sun Do. Li Mei wins the final match against Kano, killing him, but her soul is then used by the DA to complete the undefeatable army.

E01 Conviction:

Shujinko is transported to Seido for imprisonment while he awaits his trial (The jail cell in this rendition is a full-scale prison full of inmates). Meanwhile, the mysterious figure is revealed to be Bo Rai Cho, who saves Li Mei from the DA. Shujinko meets Darrius in prison and learns about the Resistance. They incite a riot while Dairou helps free them from prison.

E02 Revolution:
Shujinko assists Darrius as he leads the rebellion against the Seidan guard. The Resistance storm the court to steal the Declaration of Order and Shujinko retrieves the Order Kamidogu. Meanwhile, Hotaru is in Outworld, planning his attack on the DA's forces in Sun Do.

E03 Edenia:
Shujinko enters Edenia. He meets Kitana, Jade and Tanya and learns of the Outworld invasion and Sindel's imprisonment. Hotaru's forces assault Sun Do but are destroyed by the undefeatable army. Quan Chi reveals that the army can be revived by the amulet. Hotaru retreats.

E04 Betrayal:
Tanya is revealed to be a traitor and leads the Edenians into an ambush. Tanya is defeated and Sindel is freed. Scorpion, in pursuit of Quan Chi, breaks into Shang Tsung's palace. Scorpion battles Quan Chi & Shang Tsung but is thrown into the soulnado.

E05 Noob Saibot:
Shujinko fights alongside Edenia and the Shokan in the war against Outworld. Noob Saibot leads the invasion and kills Goro (For real). Shao Kahn, disguised as one of the militants, reveals himself to be alive and kills Noob Saibot. Scorpion meets the Elder Gods and becomes their champion in return for the revival of the Shirai Ryu.

E06 Prince of Shokan:
Shujinko is knighted by Sindel. Kahn offers protection of Edenia in return for their assistance in regaining his Outworld throne. They reluctantly accept his offer. There is a ceremony held for Goro and the fallen soldiers. Scorpion follows leads in pursuit of Shujinko.

E07 Defenders of the Realm:
Shang Tsung senses that he is being followed and enlists Mavado and the Red Dragon to kill his stalker. Raiden has rallied the forces of Earthrealm and they have arrived in Outworld. The Outworld forces attack the Edenian palace. Kahn aids the Edenians in their defense.

E08 Kamidogu:
The Edenians defeat the invaders and discover that they are after the sacred Kamidogu. Shujinko is entrusted with returning the Edenia Kamidogu to the Elder Gods for safekeeping. Scorpion finds Shujinko. Sub-Zero splits off from Raiden's heroes to investigate a Red Dragon lead while the others push on towards Sun Do.

E09 Champion:
The Earthrealm heroes arrive at Sun Do and storm the palace. Shujinko is hunted by Scorpion during his return to the Nexus portal. A battle ensues and Scorpion is defeated. Mavado discovers Shang Tsung's stalker to be Kenshi, who is then attacked by the Red Dragon.

E10 Deception:
Mavado mortally wounds Kenshi and leaves him for dead. The heroes are all defeated by the DA and their army. Raiden confronts the two sorcerers. Shujinko places the final Kamidogu on the mantle and waits for them to be transported to the Elder Gods. Damashi appears and painfully materializes into Onaga. During his transformation he explains his trickery.

E01 Onaga:
Shujinko has a brief battle with Onaga, but retreats through a portal to Earthrealm. Kenshi is found by Sub-Zero. Raiden, Shang & Quan Chi fight, but are all destroyed when Onaga shows up to retrieve the amulet.

E02 Kabal:
Shujinko decides that the best course of action is to seek direction from Nightwolf. On his journey to find the Shaman, he is reunited with Havik, who has tipped off the Red Dragon to the identity of a former Black Dragon member, Kabal. Mavado fatally wounds Kabal, but he is rescued by Havik and Shujinko. Meanwhile, Kenshi senses that Shang Tsung is dead and his ancestors souls are free. He and Sub-Zero make a plan to return to Earthrealm.

E03 Black Dragon:
Havik heals Kabal and convinces him to reform the Black Dragon clan and return it to it's former glory. Kabal seeks out skilled new fighters to join the reformed clan and finds them in Kobra & Kira. Shujinko asks for the clan's assistance against the Dragon King. In Outworld, Tanya pledges allegience to Onaga. The new Black Dragon track down Mavado and kill him. Kabal takes his hookswords as a prize.

E04 Sin-Eater:
Havik and the Black Dragon agree to help defeat Onaga, but must first build their ranks. Shujinko finds Nightwolf at last. Nightwolf hatches a plan to trap Onaga's soul in the Netherrealm. Nightwolf begins a spiritual journey to corrupt his own soul with the hopes of gaining access to the Netherrealm. Nightwolf's Sin-eater ritual attracts the attention of an ascended Ashrah.

E05 Vampire Slayer:
Ashrah, who still wields her Kriss blade, now hunts demons and monsters throughout the realms. Shujinko convinces Ashrah that Nightwolf is not a being of evil. Nightwolf begins his quest in the Netherrealm. Ashrah returns her sights to Nitara and the vampire race and a battle ensues. Nitara escapes. Shujinko explains their plight to Ashrah, and she is intrigued by the idea of slaying the Dragon King, but chooses to pursue Nitara instead.

E06 Warrior Spirit:
Shujinko seeks out Bo Rai Cho for further aid in defeating Onaga. Li Mei has fully recovered from her ordeal, but her soul has been altered by the brief moment that it occupied the warrior's corpse. She has been honing her skills under the direction of Bo Rai Cho. Shujinko meets the pair at Bo Rai Cho's home in Outworld and informs them of the Dragon King's return. Hotaru pledges the loyalty of Lei Chen to Onaga in order to enforce order across Outworld and to eventually restore order in Seido.

E07 Emperor:
The trio encounters the forces of Edenia, led by Sindel, Kitana & Shao Kahn. They have arrived in Outworld to honour their deal to help Shao Kahn regain his throne in return for protection of Edenia. Shao Kahn's history with the Dragon King is revealed. They find themselves under attack by the Seidan guard. In the Netherrealm, Nightwolf fights many demons to find a suitable place to trap Onaga. Shujinko hears of Havik's arrival in Outworld and ventures alone to find him.

E08 Tarkata:
On his way, Shujinko is reunited with Sub-Zero & Kenshi and he convinces them too to help in the fight against Onaga. They begin their journey towards the Emperor's palace but are ambushed by a tarkatan horde and must fight for their life. Nightwolf finds the location he is searching for in the Netherrealm. Tanya leads Onaga to Edenia where they destroy Jade's defences in order to steal a tablet containing an ancient spell to fuse the Kamidogus.

E09 Old Hatreds:
The new trio are intercepted by Scorpion, who is hostile towards Shujinko & Sub-Zero, based on their history. As Scorpion is still the Elder Gods' champion, they are able to form a temporary alliance with the common goal of bringing down Onaga. They are attacked by Hotaru and his guardsmen. Hotaru is ultimately killed. Havik appears and points them all in the direction of the palace. Jade arrives in Outworld and informs Sindel of Onaga's plan to fuse the Kamidogus, which prompts them to attack immediately.

E10 Redemption:
The heroes are met at the palace by the Black Dragon. They battle Onaga's forces as they make their way to the throne room. Eventually they are joined by Bo Rai Cho, Li Mei & Sindel's forces. Having spared Nitara's life, Ashrah also joins the heroes in battle against the Dragon King's army. Shao Kahn faces Onaga in battle and is killed. Shujinko uses his special ability to destroy the Kamidogu and Onaga. Nightwolf uses his magic to draw in Onaga's soul and trap it in the Netherrealm. Nightwolf ascends from the realm. Havik and the Black Dragon turn on the heroes and attempt to take posession of the amulet and the undefeatable army. The heroes defeat them but at the tragic loss of Bo Rai Cho (For more dramatic effect). Li Mei takes the throne of Outworld, the Elder Gods restore the Shirai Ryu and Nightwolf takes posession of the amulet and vows to guard it with his magic.

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