Fan Kreations Artist Resource & Tutorials Thread
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Fan Kreations Artist Resource & Tutorials Thread
09/01/2019 01:01 AM EST
09/02/2019 10:48 AM EST

As you may have noticed, we're streamlining some of the Fan Kreation forum's stickied threads.

For ease of reference you can still find several direct links below to resource topics:

- Fan Kreations Hub Main
- #FanArtFriday Selections Archive
- Created Character Archives
- Armageddon Kreate-a-Kharacter Thread
- The Official Artist Advice Thread
- Xna Lara: Program used to Make my Renders
- The Official Cutout Resource/Request Thread (Improved)
- Official Sprite/Background Resource Thread
- MKM: Sub Zero Sprites
- MK Sprite Comic Tutorial

Be sure to continue sharing interesting tutorials and resourches with the kommunity by posting new and updated threads to the Fan Kreation forum. Help everyone keep track by sharing a link to useful MK Online threads in the replies below.

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RE: Fan Kreations Artist Resource & Tutorials Thread
09/02/2019 09:23 AM EST

Nice job the forum looks a lot cleaner and more approachable. The consolidation of related topics here was a good move too.

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