Jax MK3 HD Sprites,85 Animations,3d
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Jax MK3 HD Sprites,85 Animations,3d
01/10/2019 05:43 PM EST

Hi, I introduce myself, I am a sprite creator for mugen, I am a fan of mortal kombat and I would like to share them, to give them the option to create Jax MK3, I am not a character programmer for mugen, but I can create any character from 3d, I have ready to Jax MK3 Outfit, already with 86 animations ready, plus a folder that comes two images, the one in the versus mode and another in front of the character, if someone is interested, write in the comments.

Now I will leave you two images, your image in its versus mode and one of the entire character in the game,

I work very fast for the characters, only that I would need collaborators that want to create the character for the mugen, the graphic theme to create the character, I would take care of myself

The sprites of how I work are of the maximum resolution 1024 x 1024, if I use minors are blurred, my idea is to provide programmers who want to create the characters based on sprites 3d​​​​​​​

Jax MK3 Spoiler

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RE: Jax MK3 HD Sprites,85 Animations,3d
01/13/2019 11:25 AM EST

Good work man. I have never dabbled in MUGEN, but I definitely like seeing these sprites and imagining what it would be like to see in game. Did you make this model from scratch, or did you use some resources as a base? If I could make one suggestion it would be to up the color contrast on the textures a little bit to make it look more vibrant. Either way, hope to see more and hopefully see then used in a project someday!

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RE: Jax MK3 HD Sprites,85 Animations,3d
01/13/2019 04:25 PM EST

hello, thanks for commenting, well, I'm using the 3d models, turning them into animations, this jax of mk3 I already have it finished, you just have to create it, I already have facts to Kitana MK3, Mileena with Gold suit, I do not know exactly but the model said Mileena MKG, Sindel MK3, Monster MKD, and now it will start with Skarlet MK9, its normal suit, there are people who are trying to make them, but there are almost no programmers, if you are interested, I could pass them on so that you can create them

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