They have been known to us for quite some time. These so-called "Super Zeros" have waged wars with the denizens of South Korea's Gangnam District, New York City, Street Fighter and Christmas. Mortal Kombat Online hopes you enjoyed your Thanksgiving [where applicable] - because this year they've set their sights on the November holiday. And this time - it's poultryful! Take a look:

Viewer Discretion Advised: May contain scenes of supermarket hostility and poor food hygiene.

If you know more about the events that transpired on the date of November 30, 2014, or have any more information regarding the individuals known as Hanzo Hasashi (alias; Scorpion), or Kuai Liang (alias; Sub-Zero) we urge you to come forward on the forum.

Related evidence can be found in the Fan Submission and Media & Merchandise forums. You can contact authorities anonymously via @MK_Online, Facebook or YouTube.