The collision of comic books and Mortal Kombat is pretty much par for the course, at this point! The heroes and villains of Mortal Kombat have battled their counterparts from the DC Universe; had their developers usurped by the same collective; and enjoy a long history of comic book references and appearances.

Comics had their place in the inspiration for the games, lending Mortal Kombat naturally to printed appearances in three official game tie-in books, and multiple series published by the now defunct Malibu Comics. Being acquired by the parent company of DC Comics hasn't brought MK back to the four-color medium just yet, but thanks to 1UP and Rusty Shackles, you can still buy yourself some comic-inspired MK artwork.

Part of 1UP's July Cover Story; Games as the Comics That Inspired Them realized video game icons as comic book superheroes, standing in for some of the biggest names in the most memorable covers of all-time.

While it's not necessarily true to say it was a literal inspiration, the martial-mania of Frank Miller's ninja-packed work on Daredevil is a fair analogy for Mortal Kombat's famous fighters! Hence the battle between Kitana and Mileena, taking the place of Marvel's Bullseye and Elektra in a recreation of 1982's Daredevil #181 [that's the one where a certain femme fatale gets impaled by a certain crackshot - Mick].

Rusty Shackles -- the artist responsible -- is now selling 12x18 poster-stock prints of the image for $15 (plus $5 postage). All of the mock covers created are available, but obviously our hearts lie with the DD/MK mash-up. Orders are only open to paypal purchases, additional information is available on Rusty's Tumblr.

Polygon's Michael McWhertor spotted an unknown Japanese artist's take on Quan Chi during a trip through Akihabra [full story]. Find more Mortal Kombat creations by the MKOmmunity-at-large by hitting up the Fan Submission forum!